Omarosa Talks White House Axe On ‘GMA’ / Insists She Wasn’t Binned

Published: Thursday 14th Dec 2017 by Sam

Omarosa made headlines yesterday when it was revealed that she had “resigned” from her role in the White House.

The news resonated with many because of how avid a supporter ‘The Apprentice’ star was of President Trump. Even at the expense of how she was perceived by fellow Afro-Americans.

Quite quickly after word of her departure hit the wire, various sources alleged that not only was she fired – she left kicking and screaming. Literally.

Needless to say, in trademark fashion, it was never going to be long before Omarosa hit the media trail to tell her tale.

Moments ago, she sat down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America to relay her side of the narrative. She also hinted that she’ll soon be shedding light on the many concerning things that she observed….“as an African American woman.”

Peep the interview below…

Omarosa certainly makes for an entertaining watch. It’s clear she’ll be milking this for the longest and is already plotting and planning how she’ll spin it in her favor.

That said…

We imagine many will co-sign with the sentiments of Robin Roberts, who said the following immediately after the segment aired:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Achooo! December 14, 2017

    What’s binned?

    • SMH December 14, 2017


  2. steve December 14, 2017

    Trashed. I love the bye felicia

    • Bam December 14, 2017

      Robin just won the year!

  3. Donkeybooty December 14, 2017

    I’d like to watch her on a talk show

    • ??? December 14, 2017

      lmao just search omarosa on wendy williams show on youtube. trust me youll thank me lmfaooo

  4. Da December 14, 2017

    I’m sorry! I have to buy her book! She’s insinuating she witnessed racism in the White House.

    • ??? December 14, 2017

      lmao oh please, this is the same c*** that said we’d all be kneeling at trumps feet by the end of the year. save your money, coons only cry racism when their massas kick them to the curb lmao

  5. Andrea Conley December 14, 2017

    I always thoughtzzzRpbim Robertss was a less than feminine female
    You can sometime judge a book by its covef

  6. milli December 14, 2017

    shes already milking it! after all she did to back this man during the campaign and while he was president. NOW she was uncomfortable at the WH! This woman is TRASH and willing to sell her own people for a book deal and $ which im sure she has already started and will come out around when her last day of work is! PURE BLACK TRASH! EMBARRASSING

  7. SMH December 14, 2017

    Sorry, Omarosa, you don’t get your black sympathy card back once you sell your soul. Robin Roberts summed it up the best.

  8. TAMMAH December 15, 2017

    Ohhhhhh Lord Are New Reporters And Journalists Gonna Do These Shady/Classy Responses/Faces/Ratchet Stuff On Fox News & Local News To Get Our Attention?? Sharon Reed Was Valid, Simone Sanders Was Valid, Those Two Black Ppl Side Eyein’ The Two White Reporters About The Most Desireable Woman Story Was Valid, But Chiiiiile, Robin Roberts Sayin’ Bye Felicia? She Tried It!! Let’s Not Force Anything And Make This A Business Tactic To Get Our Attention.

    • KING B!! December 18, 2017

      C***!! STFU B**** !!

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