Is ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Racist? Social Media Weighs In

Published: Monday 15th Jan 2018 by David

Unwilling to bash H&M for the racism scandal it is currently facing? Tyra Banks.

Soaring high on the wings of her ‘America’s Next Top Model’ reboot Banks sat down for an interview with the ‘BUILD Series’ to promote the series.

What happened when a member of the audience quizzed the former model on the drama?

Fresh insight into the situation.

Banks’ estimation, and the heat ‘Top Model’ is facing for its treatment of women of colour in the past, below…

Unfortunately, Banks’ opinion is unlikely to sway those who are rightfully enraged with the brand…or ‘Top Model’s problematic history with race.





YaYa DaCosta, a former contestant, had this to say about her harrowing time on the series…

Do you agree?

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  1. Bish in Africa January 15, 2018

    I’ve always love Yaya

  2. Bish in Africa January 15, 2018

    I wish Tyra wouldn have stood up for her… African root is beautiful, if you think it has to bè diluted to make it look cool den your totally wrong

  3. madbrax January 15, 2018


  4. Lester January 15, 2018

    Sometimes the internet makes me so sad, give me so much anger, actually makes me want to just saw eff it! Guys being black is not bad, and being black does not mean african, why can’t the black community stop crying over every little thing and start building a community that shows love, compassion and happiness. Why is it everyday I go on social media there’s a race about black peoples this Afro this racist comments towards blacks etc, it’s annoying. When we will learn that ok people are racist, ok I’m black, that does not make me who they want to be! I can be ANYTHING AND REPRESENT ANYTHING. People are using this trend as a money maker and a fame gainer. Blacks are the only ones I see on social media, reality tv, etc making ourselves look bad, instead of showcasing things in a positive light we are so damn focused on negativity and anger. It saddens me because while we can be building one of the strongest communities we are focused on every little negative thing possible. I’m so over all of these black owned outlets always talking about the same thing! Use your platform better! And bring the community together not only to debate about negativity or when a black lives matter trend pops up.

    • Minaj Mania January 15, 2018

      Here’s why. People who called out racism could be silenced easily so the people guilty of it could continue unchallenged. That’s why people like you are triggered when you see black people unifying to call out racism because you are used to us being quiet about it. Dunce.

      • Lester January 15, 2018

        Maybe, maybe everyone has a story but not all black people experienced racism, maybe Americans a different but I refuse to be a victim just because of my colour and I refuse to live every single day of my life thinking that just a colour justify who I am. I’m not trying to sound bitter, rude, mad towards you but just like the Asians, Muslims, Jews and Pacific Islanders built a community not based off of what happened but what can happen if we actually work together, lift each other up and actually work as a team.

      • Caleb January 15, 2018

        @Lester none of those minority communities have faced the same kind of intense oppression over generations in this country that Black people have. In the case of Jews, Italians, Irish, etc. they got where they are by essentially becoming white and by sometimes taking part in anti black racism.

    • Shaka January 15, 2018

      Thats why i can’t tell an ignorant white person is behind that comment… When we encourage each other, celebrate each other (Issa Rae saying she’s “rooting for everybody black” by exemple), or celebrate black Love, black success there’s always whit people to complaint and call us racist, when all this is, is BLACK APPRECIATION…
      Here’s the thing, when you white peeps aren’t busy being petty ignorant and racist, we live our happy lives building each other up, businesses, empires…We don’t care about whatever your doing. You guys consume our art and culture (even though you never been invited) on the daily but can’t handle hearing our struggles. Take or leave all.

      • Lester January 15, 2018

        LOL ? I’m darker than you probably and ignorant isn’t a definition to describe me love a masters at 23 and a world traveler like I said your experience is different from mine and we do not have to agree I don’t know your past or your story but what I do know is I a black man will not have the internet tell me my colour is just my colour and my whole life I’ll be considered lower than anyone else just because of it! Life is great and I serve an awesome God, I’m black and successful and I don’t have to say anything negative just because you disagree. Stay woke though!

      • Hmmm… January 15, 2018

        @Lester Where on this post or in this article did anyone tell you you’d be considered lower than anyone else all your life because of your color?? You seem to be injecting a lot of irrelevant rhetoric into this discussion but you really don’t have any answers. The actual topic: Is this tv show racist for accomodating racism? You: “why can’t we work together and lift each other up”. What does that have to do with anything? Who here said being black was bad? Who said being black meant African?? Is this some standard rant you made and just decided to post it on the first race related article you saw? Don’t confuse vocalizing the issues with whining about the circumstances.

        And the fact that black people are the ONLY people you see on social media and tv making themselves look bad is just unbelievable.

      • Lester January 15, 2018

        @hmmm you made a good point girl, maybe it got lost in translation after the other rant lol but shorty started saying something else so I did too, long story short I said why do they keep posting thing s like this, like we are always complaining about race, we are always looking for something from people just because we felt a certain way! Those tweets are from 2017 in the Latino community how many times had these girls heard of this until now until someone wants a check from a reality TV show? I don’t like racism and I don’t like the fact that we are the vocal point of it and I don’t like everyday seeing blacks this blacks.

  5. Janette January 15, 2018

    Yes, ANTM did have many racist girls but none of them won. I love ANTM and will never stop watching it. Tyra’s back… love you girl.

  6. Caleb January 15, 2018

    And don’t forget how she yelled at that girl Tiffany and took pleasure in embarrassing her in front of the whole world simply because she didn’t show emotion when she was being kicked off, holding her to a completely different standard.

  7. Oana Radu January 15, 2018

    can you people stop taking this racism thing too far already?
    looks like we re living times in which being offended by everything is the new thing. just grow up

  8. Maddie January 15, 2018

    okay but the title of this article was “is americas next top model racist?” and instead of researching actual problematic/racist things that have taken place on the show (there’s MANY) you just posted a bunch of tweets all saying the same thing? journalism is f***** y’all just want an eye catching headline to get people to click. this article would have been so much more educational and actually address what has happened if you found actual examples and even some of tyra’s responses to the controversies. oh antm is racist? let’s prove this by inserting a couple tweets of people saying so!

  9. Noelito January 16, 2018

    They where the ones offending. The moment yaya said something. Then she was defencive. Wich she wasn’t.

  10. Naomi is January 20, 2018

    That video was so shitty to watch. And then Yaya had to apologise?! This would not run nowadays.

  11. cherryblueberry March 6, 2018

    Oh my God, I’m watching cycle 22 and they made this beautiful girl named Ava get all her hair cut off…then she was booted out a few shows later! Racist? Oh, please. Ava is white. I thought it was so unfair. Then…to top it all off…one of the judges (I forget who) had the nerve to tell this poor girl, “I don’t think your hair is working for you)!!!!! Really pissed me off.

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