‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Viewers Support Amara La Negra Following Racism Shocker

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018 by David

The Afro-Latina superstar Amara La Negra has been showered with praise, support and admiration by ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ viewers following the racism shock she faced during its very first episode.

Why she now stands at the heart of a discussion about the way the Hispanic ways treat Afro-Latinos?

Watch below…

Ignorant asf #LHHMIA

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We hope Young Hollywood (the man in the clip above) and Veronica Vega realise that their careers are finished.

Don’t take our word for it. Look below…


Where the problem stems from?



Your thoughts?

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  1. Erica January 2, 2018

    What Veronica do ?

    • Cecilia Thompson March 6, 2018

      Don’t come back B****!! U got your 5 minutes of fame off of Amara and that fake ass hollyfake!! All that weakass thing wants is to ? u.and, your fake ass will love cuz all you do is screw over ppl.

  2. Mami January 2, 2018

    So JUJU (LHHNY) is Afro Cuban, Amara (LHHMIAMI) is Afro Latino, and Joseline is Afro Puerto Rican? I love it.

    • China January 2, 2018

      Girl. Check Jennifer Lopez’s roots when the weave is out. BLACK.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 2, 2018

        Jennifer Lopez is not Afro Latina….People like her, Mark Anthony, and Pitbull are mestizo

      • Tim Brown January 2, 2018

        Do they have African ancestry as well?

  3. Ispeakfacts January 2, 2018

    This woman is drop dead gorgeous! Idk what tha f** he talking about! Hell her looks is what’s going to make her star! Every diva suppose to have a unique look to them & her look is perfect for her! As far as the music she needs to find a sound that can cater to a urban audience as well as a latin audience!

    • Fancy BISH January 2, 2018

      Agreed ✅

    • Jasmine January 2, 2018

      His opinion of her looks is a non-factor. He is a nobody. Now if a record label A&R told her to try on a different lacefront then you just go with the flow for the first album. After all that afro she was rocking was a wig too.

      • tru.tea.ldn January 2, 2018

        exactly she needs to work with people that do rihanna i think thats her sound… but she should sing in spanish have a hit like j balvin despacito just more urban

  4. Fancy BISH January 2, 2018

    She’s beautiful! Amara has star power…skin glowing, everything poppin! She looking like money around some loose change mofos lol…I’m just done ✅
    Amara: You must do good music, huh?
    Young Hollywood: I’m aiiight
    Fancy BISH: Yeah, you just local boo boo…so good luck with that ?

  5. Suicide Blonde January 2, 2018

    But that guy is not white neither, he probably thinks he is though. The thing is that while Latino culture is a blend of different cultures (including African), Spain’s influence predominates, it’s more than the language, so it might be hard for a Latino (regardless of its race, Latinos can be of any race) to identify with Africa, or anything related to Africa, because the culture is very different, in Latin America the movement that Amara is pushing, doesn’t exist, and most Latinos might see her as too “African American” in personality for their taste, that sense of black proudness is nonexistent in Latin America, most Latinos rather identify themselves as a mix of African, European and Native American, all three, rather than one, they take proud of their mixed origins, others wrongly think nationality equals race/ethnicity.

    • Stephy January 2, 2018

      You sure do love talking race.

      • Suicide Blonde January 2, 2018

        I studied Anthropology, race is a very interesting topic.

    • China January 2, 2018


    • Hmmm… January 2, 2018

      What? It sounds to me like you’re trying to suggest that Latinos renounce blackness because they can’t relate to it. That is so unbelievable it’s almost funny. I agree with some of what you said, but not a lot. The culture is not that different. I agree that their attachment to Spain is strong and reinforced everyday by the language but the African influence is huge. Huge enough to a point where the argument that, “it’s hard for them to identify with it”, is pure bullshiitt. They may not acknowledge that certain customs come from Africa but your suggestion that they can’t relate is lost when Latin music, dance, cuisine, religion, literature, and other art forms like capoeira, are heavily, heavily influenced and culturally derived from Africa or Africans.

      It’s difficult to talk about all Latinos because Latinos from Argentina are so different from Latinos from DR, from Mexico, Cuba, and Brazil etc. so this is very general. But by and large, Latinos share more similarities with black people than they do with white people (Non-Latino). All the way down to personality. If you envision the general understanding of what people see to be the stereotypical Latino and the stereotypical black person, they are almost identical. From what I’ve observed, having been to Spain and several Latin American countries, Latinos from South and Central American countries are not like Spanish people from Spain. “Latinos find it hard to identify with Africa”. That is a bold faced, hilarious, lie. This is obviously not directed at the Latinos who do stand in their tri-racial heritage but this is not just a matter of latinos not acknowledging their African heritage, which your comment may explain (though I don’t think it does), your comment does not explain them being actively racist and/or colorist despite their ties to Africa, which is due to self hatred and anti-blackness.

      • Faf January 2, 2018

        They relate to it but he’s right

        The problem is they know they’re PART black but have difficulty accepting that white is so far removed they’re no different from
        black Americans who speak Spanish

      • Totally January 2, 2018

        ??? Afro-Latinos are so much more than African Americans who speak Spanish. You are so ignorant and uninformed. I can’t.
        Lord, Why are there still people in 2018 who insist on commenting on things they know nothing about. ??‍♀️ And the kicker is that they say it with so much confidence and difinitiveness like they’re making actual sense. Please sit down.

    • RJJ12 January 2, 2018

      Not true. We have the same light skin dark skin issues among Latinos as African Americans do. It’s been a topic of discussion on Latino talk shows, etc.

      • Faf January 2, 2018

        Prior to Beyonce saying formation half these “Afro Latinos” were just “Spanish”

      • Totally January 2, 2018

        @Faf CLEARLY you don’t get out much. Lol, Stick to celebrity gossip.

      • Faf January 2, 2018

        U dumb ass b**** get out these nuts

        All my friends are Hispanic

        Have u ever heard the derogatory terms they have for black ppl???

        They tell me i look “fino” that’s alrwady racist as though black ppl only have one uniform look if they thought they themselves were black why would they have such a closed minded view of black ppl???

      • Totally January 2, 2018

        Did you just admit that you have FRIENDS who use a multitude derogatory terms towards black people??? I’m screaming. Bro. You are retarded. And your racist friends are not the pool from which the people in this comment section are drawing their assumptions from. The fact that you couldn’t think beyond that explains nothing except why your close minded self, attracted the same kind of company. Also, Latinos having negative views towards black people despite them having African heritage is LITERALLY the discussion that’s being had here. “Why would they have those views”? That is literally the question everyone in this comment section is trying to answer and your dumbass is just here, clueless in the midst of all this productive brain power, bringing up Beyonce thinking you actually know what’s going on.

      • Overpaid Consumer January 2, 2018

        Far is wrong. We afro Latinos have always been here catching racism from both black people and Hispanics. Tremendous come pinga ignorante que Tu eres

    • Guest January 2, 2018

      Have you ever been to a Puerto Rico, Cuba, DR, Mexico? Outside of Spain and Argentina most Hispanics look like her. African diaspora permeates the entire culture from the music, dance, art, food, and religious practices. So much of what you stated was wrong and based on your own stereotypes, generalizations and assumptions, but I don’t have time to teach you what you should’ve learned with this “degree” you got from Wikipedia.

      • Overpaid Consumer January 2, 2018

        Thank you. ✊???

    • Ispeakfacts January 2, 2018

      The gag is the most successful latin artist in history in the U.S. & all across Latin America & other foreign countries is a Afro Latina name Celia Cruze… she was also a dark skin black cuban woman… y’all should watch her life’s story on Netflix…

      • Jasmine January 2, 2018

        Celia was not the most successful latin artist. Jennifer Lopez’ net worth far exceeds by over 100x times. Same goes for Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony and even rapper Pitbull.

    • China January 2, 2018

      He’s “NOT” white with that Thin ass damaged Hair and Hair-line.

    • Tim Brown January 2, 2018

      Facts!!! Some African Americans are multi-ethnic as well but don’t identify with those ethnicities.

      • Totally January 2, 2018

        First, all African Americans are multi-ethnic but don’t know where they originate from because their ethnic identities were stolen from them. As were Latinos. Two, Why would African-Americans “identify” with the15-20% white ancestry they have from slavery and r8pe? TBH, its very strange that a Latino would. A lot of them know about colonialism but in the DR for example, there’s a statue honoring Christopher Columbus. Like wtf??? Those people are delusional and brainwashed. But anyways. More interestingly than that, HOW would African-Americans identify with it when race is about how you look?? These blatantly brown Latinos, some darker than African Americans, will swear up and down they’re not black but you think that’s comparable to the brown people in the US not referring to themselves as a fifth British? Not identifying with something because you’ve demonized it and not identifying with something because you haven’t been exposed to it or are so far removed from it are two different things. Latinos are NOT far removed from African culture. That’s the difference. They live it. It’s embedded in the very fibers of their culture. They eat it. They sing it. They dance to it. They worship it. They read it. And they literally go out of their way to discredit it and dilute it. *see the Redemption of Cain painting. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’ll enjoy the African legacy in Latino culture, they love saying the n word, but when it comes to supporting blackness, they can’t relate anymore. Foh.

    • tru.tea.ldn January 2, 2018

      Hi i dont agree with the whole Spanish so reounce blacknes…im black british i speak english every day does that make me english yes…but i am also African….and proud…LATINOS the majority are uneducated and POOR and UNTRAVELLED same issue even in places like Jamaica people equate whiteness with SUCCCESS…its called white supremacy….BLACK SELFLOVE= ARROGANCE & DELUSION …if your black how can u love yourself…they are left confused thats the issue that is always the issue…if your black and you love yourself in the face of white suppremacy…you are a threat to the system..as u think outside the box or the paradigm with which we are programmed to think daily…meaning you are a threat alll black threats get murdered. CC Martin Luther king, Nina Simone Malcolm X Bob Marley…2pac…i could go on & on …

  6. January 2, 2018

    she is beautiful.

    • China January 2, 2018

      Dominicans, Ricans etc…. all have no CLUE about there African history. They think they better than most African Americans but truth be told.

      • Jasmine January 2, 2018

        That is not true at all. Please stop generalizing! Me and my family would be offended by your racist comment. Many of us consider ourselves to be black too. Yes, there are some that act like they are better but they do not represent us as a whole. Make a trip to NYC and go to Washington Heights and the Bronx. You will quickly see that there are more of us marrying and dating black people than mexicans.

  7. Joel January 2, 2018

    Now she is GORGEOUS, however the Afro just ain’t cute. Girl give us some body to the big hair. The circular round ball on her head just isn’t cute. Giving me complete Party City Halloween wig teas. ?

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 2, 2018

      At least she’s embracing her natural hair texture. Despite all of the hatred she gets for it.

  8. Jasmine January 2, 2018

    I think this girl has an agenda and it is too blatant for me to support her yet. Anyone that says they are “latina” 19 times in a one hour show is operating with an agenda. I think she goes out of her way to say she is latina because she does not want to be mistaken for black. That staged scene with Young Hollywood should have been replaced with her in the studio recording so the audience can see if she has any talent. Young Hollywood should be fired. I don’t think he brings anything to the show but ignorance and stupidity.

    • tru.tea.ldn January 2, 2018

      i fully agree… because she move’s unprofessionally. Who brings their mum to an audiiton…on her insta she’s already talking about being the face of COVERGIRL after one episode on love & hip hop…also…ALL her songs on YOUTUBE are straight trash…so lets hear some actual music…allow the smoke n mirrors.

  9. Sanchez January 2, 2018

    This is an HONEST post. I had the pleasure being Ms. Amara’s (I will not divulge her real name) Junior High School teacher in ‘rough’ Liberty City Miami during my first year as a teacher. In the same way that this young lady stands out now as a BRIGHT star on LHHM, she also stood out then when she was only in the 8th grade. Not because of her color, but because of her BRILLANCE. At 14 yrs old, she was by far one of the most interesting human souls that I had ever encountered. She spoke English and Spanish like a mature adult and everyone in the school knew this. Sadly, because she was so UNIQUE (a PRODIGY who could never identify with her peers in a poor public Junior High School), she was constantly bullied (from everything from her race, to her super intelligence, to her bilingual attitude) and I immediately took her under my wing. I stood up for her so much that I was even approached by administration for being accused (by other students) of showing her favortism. This administrator (an African-American woman) told me (a mixed black and Mexican woman) that there was nothing wrong with mentoring students, so long as it could be done quietly. I remained her mentor for the four years that I lived in Miami but lost contact once I moved to Los Angeles. I KNEW then that this girl was special. I often told her and her teachers that she did not belong in that school and should have been skipped right over into college (even at that age). However, in the racist world that we are so used to living in, we have all come to accept that the word ‘GENIUS’ can only be attributed to children with white skin. I never forgot about this young lady and I often wondered if she ever made it in the music industry (because I knew she was a singer and did some television work in D.R.). However, now that I see how far she has come, and to WITNESS once again (on national television) the harsh treatment that she has had to endure all of her life because of something as ‘trivial’ as her skin color, I have to say that she is STILL the STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, SMART and NO NONSENSE human being I met so many years ago. If nothing else, I would like to THANK that IGNORANT Young Hollywood for his stupidity in addressing Amara on camera like this (as if she was some stranger on the street who walked into his office and NOT the self-made young woman who fought hard to work her way to the TOP just the way she is). Not only did this encounter instantly BLOW her UP as a topic in social media (putting the SPOTLIGHT directly on her against others who are also on the show), it brought a tear of joy to my eye that I was able to see what a REMARKABLE young lady she has grown up to be. Congrats to her!

    • Fancy BISH January 2, 2018

      Yaaaaas, thank you ☕️

    • tru.tea.ldn January 2, 2018

      lol n**** u didn’t teach nobody stop lying lol

  10. tru.tea.ldn January 2, 2018

    MONA IS A STAR MAKER REMEMBER SHE WORKED WITH ONE OF THE BEST black music managers of all time Chris Lighty…this girl has superstar written all over her….DAMN joesline may commit suicide GOD FORBID I love her & im so ready for her to blow up

  11. TITO January 3, 2018

    By mistake, I posted this comment in another posting on this blog for something that it was said in this comment section, so here we go again.

    I’ve never written a comment on this, or any other blog because I am against participating in this general foolishness called social media where people looking for their 15 seconds of fame always try to offer their two cents about something they don’t know s*** about. But reading this entire b******* about “Latin’s” and racism, and trying to see racism in the “Latin” community through the lens of the United States black history and experience makes me vomit this comment.
    First, I AGREE 100 % that the little p**** in the video is RACIST. You don’t tell a person that he/she won’t be successful because he/she doesn’t look a certain way, especially when if compared to the euro white centrist model of beauty hyped by an overwhelming majority in the visual arts world, and in society in general. And you know what’s really sad about this? That he’s right. The visual art world is RACIST because the ones calling the shots have the aforementioned model of beauty as the only and exclusive paragon for portraying beauty. And the other sad part, that most of the people crying foul every time this happens always try to omit intentionally, is that the racists seating at the decision making table know that those same people will be buying all the crap sanctioned by the them because that euro centrist model SELLS! So before you start pointing fingers, please, stand in front of the mirror, take a deep look at yourself, and ask when was the last time you purchase a product, or make a choice, that was sold or presented to you using that same paradigm that you are so quick to criticize.
    And, let’s now delve into racism in the Latin community.

  12. TITO January 3, 2018

    I am a white Cuban male, and I am almost certain that I have black in me. Why? Because although all my great grandparents on my mother side were born in Spain, on my father side, I don’t know, and my father looks white but he has a darker skin tone, so I will gladly say that scientifically speaking probably I am mixed. I choose to identify myself as white because that’s what I see in the mirror, and that’s what other Cubans will use to describe me. “Latin” is a word that acquired a racist tint in the US. First of all, Latin is a culture not a race. Spaniards, the French, Italians, even Romanians, are Latin. Try telling them that they are not white, European or any other race, or ethnicity because they are “Latin”, and see how their laughter will knock you out dead! Latin is used in this country so as to say “the other not like me,” Anglo-Saxon whites invented that new connotation to say that we are not like them, and, from them, almost everybody else bit the hook. And then comes the confusion, and the sheer stupidity of saying that a Mexican is Latin, and that a Cuban is Latin and, therefore, a Mexican, like a Cuban that has a relevant African component in his history and culture, should identify himself with anything African! That’s an ABSURDITY of epic ignorance. Now, if you see that a Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Colombian, or any other person in some of the countries that had Africans being enslaved as a horrible and sad fact of their history, denying the African influence in every aspect of their life, then you have the right to call them racist fools! Let me be clear, anyone, not matter where you were born, telling other person that he/she is inferior because of the color of the skin, is a motherfucking racist. But to deny what is in your blood, or culture, is also stupidity, plain and simple! So, please, stop telling every “Latin” that he/she has to identify himself/herself with African culture or race because of you deciding, out of ignorance or racism, to group us all under that term! And call out people for being racist no matter what culture they come from, whether or not they have African roots.

  13. TITO January 3, 2018

    Black Cuban will call themselves Cubans. None of them will identify themselves as AFROCUBAN. I am pretty sure most of other black “Latin” people will identify themselves also by their nationality, and not by their ancestry. In Latin-American countries where Africans were brought as slaves, the plantation system was as brutal, and even more cruel and murderous, than here in the US. I am no historian but I am an educated man, and I could tell you for sure that, at some point, in our common history we diverged. While in the United States black people needed, and rightfully so, to identify themselves as African American, or Afro-American, in the previously mentioned Latin-American countries, racial divide and racism, because there was and still there is blatant racism, never hindered the creation of a melting pot, and a sense of belonging to a specific culture or nationality, not related or identified specifically with a particular race, or ancestry. Cubans are Cubans no matter their race, there is flagrant racism in Cuba but that is not forcing black Cubans to say that they are Afro-Cubans. The artist in the video says that she is Afro-Latina, and that term should only be understood in the context of US culture, or society. She probably needs to say that because she probably have more in common with Afro-Americans regarding racial issues here in the United States than a similar woman back in the Latin-American countries. Probably she would have been discriminated back in our countries for being black, but I am sure that she will never use that term to fight racism. She would have said that she is Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian, etc., and would have demanded the same respect shown to other people of different races. So, my final words are, racism is universal, every country has racist people but the historic or social elements of that awful reality could be slightly different in each case. Don’t extrapolate your experience to others because it is not that simple, and it would only show how ignorant and stupid you could be.

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