NeNe Leakes Accused Of Cheating On Husband?

Published: Monday 22nd Jan 2018 by David

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ took a surprising turn yesterday evening when an imprisoned man with romantic ties to cast member Sheree Whitfield insinuated her co-star NeNe Leakes may be an adulterer.

Find out what happened when Whitfield called Tyrone below…

In the clip above Whitfield and Leakes clash over claims that the latter had gone out of her way to sabotage business moves made by the former. At the heart of it?

A man named Tyrone who Leakes called a con-artist.

Fast forward to 2017 and Tyrone, who is now serving time behind bars for the part he allegedly played in a major scam, finds himself in the middle of the ladies’ latest feud after he started dating Sheree.

Now, after learning that a concerned NeNe called him a con artist again, he has countered her diss by suggesting that she may have stepped out on her marriage to pursue him before he was locked up.


The happily married Leakes is yet to respond to Tyrone’s allegation.


Do you believe him?

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  1. Donna Troy, The OG Wonder Girl January 22, 2018

    Something about this pic reminds me of Tamar no shade…

  2. Fancy BISH January 22, 2018

    Close yo legs to married MENZ lol

  3. KodakRedd! January 22, 2018

    This is all speculation!… I do not believe it for 1 second. It’s not like he actually said they had something going on…

    • Jasmine January 22, 2018

      I agree. How can you trust a convicted felon in the first place? Obviously this man lies through his teeth. Sheree is being a chicken head here. What 50 year old woman would be wasting their time talking to a convicted felon in the first place unless they are very immature and ghetto? Even when he gets out what sane woman wants to behind a man with loose booty and doo doo stains on his piece?

      • Katie January 23, 2018

        They all sleep with each other’s men. Big surprise!

  4. James Hayden January 23, 2018

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  5. Katie January 23, 2018

    What is it with all the plastic surgery Kim has gotten. Nice body but plastic surgery on her face looks awful!

  6. June 30, 2020

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