Social Media Star Celebrates Straight “Conversion”: “I’m Not Gay Anymore!”

Published: Monday 1st Jan 2018 by David

In 2015, the young man above rose to fame when he uploaded this video of himself online.

Now, after identifying as a gay man for years, JDollaz finds himself in the middle of an intense debate on human sexuality after revealing that he is now heterosexual.

His big reveal below…

If one more person tag me in this!? YES ITS TRUE. I’m not gay no more.✌?

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Dollaz surprised his followers days ago when he took to Twitter to a respond to the arrival of a meme which claimed that he was no longer interested in men.



His bewildered fans had this to say about his transition…


With this in mind, we ask…

If society accepts and embraces transitions made by members of the transgender community, isn’t it hypocritical to mock and condemn Dollaz for making transition of his own?


Weigh in below!

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  1. Rih Rih Bangz January 1, 2018

    So yall can understand a whole man deciding that he is actually a whole woman but can’t wrap your heads around this? Double standards. If you accept Caitlyn and Laverne you have to accept this. After all, what makes their decision any less valid than his.

    • Bardi bronx 98 January 1, 2018

      Yes. It would be a Rihanna fan to spew such nonsense!! Once a man gets the chop he is no longer a man but a woman and that is the difference. What change does a gay fella undergo to become straight? Better go and figure out why Anti has only sold 600k before you talk about serious topics like this.

      • Kezzie Blanco (Kim and Rih Are Queens) January 1, 2018

        Just look at the state of this swine! A Cardi roach coming for the Queen? It must be April Fool’s. A person can go from gay to straight and I know this because my older sister was bi before she met her husband and now they’re happily married with two kids. Why don’t you send some money to Atlantic so that they can buy your fav another number one you dirty scoundrel!

      • ShuggaBabeJay January 2, 2018

        Kezzie Blanco….you do know you can get married and still be bi, right?

        You do know that she’s still attracted to females, right?

    • keepit100 January 1, 2018

      because nobody wakes up and just stops liking a s** and being attracted. the fact of the matter is, either he was begging for internet attention with the gay s***, or he just wants attention now. period. maybe he was even confused, but for him to say im not gay “anymore” nah my n**** you just disrespected the millions that didnt make a choice, and im not buying he was ever really gay. straight people love stuff like this because it reaffirms their belief that we can choose which is bull.

      • Jasmine January 1, 2018

        @Keepit what about gay men like Ricky Martin and numerous other celebrities that came out of the closet. They essentially woke up one day and said they are gay after living straight lives. If gay people dont have a problem with that then they should not have a problem with this man announcing he us straight. He is an adult and can do what he wants.

  2. Loose January 1, 2018

    Stuff like this proves how hypocritical some people are. You say you want equality for all but then drag anyone who doesn’t fit your idea of equality. None of us know what happened in his life to make him make this change so none of us should judge. In the same way, none of us should judge Laverne C** or any other trans person for their choice because that is between them and God. Leave this brother alone and stop trying to force your narrow ideas on him. He has the right to identify as whatever he wants.

  3. Mariah’s Hot Tea January 1, 2018

    He’s in denial. He’s still gay.

    • Wavy Boy Philly ❤️ January 1, 2018

      Janet Mock is in denial. He’s still a man.

    • Jasmine January 1, 2018

      If he is in “denial” then Caitlyn and Lavern are in “denial” too. Lets be fair here and not attack this man simply for not fitting in your agenda.

    • DS January 1, 2018

      I think this is probably due to pressure from either someone in his community, family, or social environment. It’s actually sad b/c it sounds like ppl are either encouraging him to be “something” he may not really be or are calling him names. At this age and in the position he’s in, he should get off social media until he can find himself without so many others judging and influencing.

    • Ispeakfacts January 1, 2018

      No, he’s right… he’s not gay he’s bisexual! Gay is if u only like the same genders as you & bisexual is when u like both men & women…

  4. Mike January 1, 2018

    The difference between members of the transgendered community is innately they feel that their outer appearance doesn’t match who and how they feel inside. Regarding homosexuality to this degree, it’s a feeling innately with someone. It’s not a choice one can say “turn off and turn on”, as this post and the individual associated with it suggests. As a result of this, it puts the debate back into question if one is born that way or if one can be “turned”. As opposed to being born as.

    • Wavy Boy Philly ❤️ January 1, 2018

      Excuse me. That is YOUR view but it clearly isn’t it. YOU think that sexuality can’t be turned on and off but what makes your view point any more valid than someone who’d argue that trans women are nothing more than cis men with breast implants and hormones. If you don’t want someone trying to tell trans people that they’d reasons for changing are invalid you can’t tell this dude that his reasons are invalid. Are you for self identification or aren’t you?

    • SZA’s Baby January 1, 2018

      I see your point but someone who was once gay and is now straight could say that they no longer feel attracted to the same s** innately. I don’t see why you’re having a hard time accepting that anything you use to defend trans girls and guys can be used to defend people who change sexualities?

      • keepit100 January 1, 2018

        because you cant change sexuality. it’s not the same as sexual identity. you obviously don’t understand that so ill assume your straight or just dumb. a person can say they whatever makes the internet shake, but if he was gay he will always have feelings for me, that won’t change and i have about 3million real gay men who can attest to that. This dude obviously wants attention, to be accepted by the straight community, or he’s geuinly confused. If changing sexualities was possible why are so many people still gay. despite being bashed, beaten up, having their rights taken away etc?

      • Jasmine January 1, 2018

        @keepit You can certainly change your sexuality. Thousands of men have successfully done it. You are just bitter because this man does not fit in with your agenda.

    • #TheTruth January 2, 2018

      Pause! Don’t just debate this on the surface. The truth of it all is… how in the hell can a person born a male say his body doesn’t match how he feels? A biological male will never, no matter what surgery he gets, know what it physically feels like to be a female. And vice versa. That’s the major conflict with transgender… our society has decided to not challenge the concept enough. Caitlyn and Laverne both have *hunches* about what it feels like to be women not a female.

      I’m hoping you all know the difference between gender and s**, right?

      As a matter of fact, those two have subscribed to the American concept of what a female should look and act like. American/ westernized construction of female behavior. Only a natural female knows what it physically feels like to be a femal. Only natural male knows what it feels like to be a male. Transgender people only know what they think it feel like.. because tho don’t have the biological make to know and confirm! This is why many theorist believe being transgender is a decidcision and or mental disorder.

      Secobdlt, as of now there is NO HARD SCIENCE that proves what determines a person’s sexuality. So until that happens we can’t say whether someone is born this way or if they’re socially influenced. I think both options are real! Which is why it’s best to let those people live their best truth.

      Lastly, women experiment and live through long sexuality phases and switch freely, often . Why don’t our society allow men to have that fluidity?

      Open your mind and like previously stated state looking for convenient equality. Share it in all applicable places. That man can say he’s straight, gay or whtever he wants. If he believes and walk in it, that’s his perception thus becoming his reality.

      Put some respect on its name = his life!

    • Meme January 2, 2018

      @mike Thank you the most educated answer in this whole post. I was about to post my response I see you’ve said exactly what I came here to say. And this is 100% accurate.

      • Jasmine January 3, 2018

        Meme are you transgender?

  5. Yonce Yonce Yonce! January 1, 2018

    What in the world is happening. How can you say you’re gay one day and straight the next?

    • Danity Slain January 1, 2018

      Fair point. But then how can a biological male turn around and decide that he is a biological female?

      • Ropeburn January 1, 2018

        Trans people don’t roll out of bed one day, flip a switch and decide to be the opposite gender. They’ve known they were trans since they were little girls/boys and it’s not until later in life that they’re able to do something about it.

  6. Belladonna January 1, 2018

    This made me really F*cking mad but you know what after reading about all the injustices in the world and how f*cked up 90% of all disenfranchised people are – Women,People Of Color & Lgbt People & how it will take at lest 3 more decades to undo the hurt done by the White Man. I’m going in to 2018 like this …………when I see a disenfranchised person doing some f*cked up sh*t like this guy is doing I’m going to live by this quote from the Monique Christmas movie. TRY TO ALWAYS GIVE BACK AND HELP PEOPLE, BUT IF YOU CANT HELP THEM TRY NOT TO HURT THEM.

    • Jose January 1, 2018

      You’re mad because he made a choice about his life? You’re no better than a homophobe?

      • keepit100 January 1, 2018

        if he wants to make a change he is welcome to do so, but he doesnt need to announce it like he isnt gay anymore because he flipped a switch, any real gay person knows that not possible so dont be confused and looking stupid because the gays are mad. this stuff right here discredits everything the lgbt community stands for

      • Don’t Be Rude January 1, 2018

        “Any real gay person knows that is not possible. “ in the same way any straight man knows it’s not possible for a man to become a woman? See how flawed that argument is now?

  7. Budz January 1, 2018

    I dont really see the big deal here. I dated men and women and ended up settling down with a woman who Ive been with for over 9 years. I do believe there is no on/off switch for our sexuality but saying he cant identify as straight is the equivalent of saying someone who used to identify as straight can’t change and identify as gay. Every humans sexuality is innately different, some more fluid than others. Acceptance is acceptance. Its a two way straight regardless of which side of the street you’re on. If we should accept gays and transgendered people why cant we accept this?

    • Ropeburn January 1, 2018

      What you just described would make you bisexual, not straight. And if this kid just discovered that he also likes puss, good for him. But it means he’s bisexual. Ya’ll people out here trying to erase bisexuals because y’all think you have to “choose” a side. SMDH

      • Don’t Be Rude January 1, 2018

        Sorry? Who are you to tell him what he is? How can you tell him what he is?! Are you in his mind? Don’t you know that anti Trans people could argue that trans people are just as confused?

      • Justice January 2, 2018

        Round of applause

  8. GrapeJuice Fan January 1, 2018

    Queen stop it,you and me know that it don’t work like that.

    • Jose January 1, 2018

      Who are you to tell him how his mind works?

  9. Jose January 1, 2018

    The reason people accept that women can experiment with other women and still be straight is because most of view sexuality from the straight male gaze. Straight men don’t care if women played with other women in the past as long as those women “accept it was a phase “ and fall into line when it’s time for marriage and children. Some men even find it appealing. Meanwhile, straight men who experimented with dudes are told that they HAVE to identify as gay forever even when they decide to sleep with women exclusively. If that isn’t hypocrisy I don’t know what is. Please believe that half of these IG girls who say they’re lesbian now will be married to men within the next ten years. Story is always the same.

    • Tori January 1, 2018

      Funny you say, i always thought the same thing! To go deeper, it’s not just men that think that, it’s almost society. A lot of people think that bisexual or gay women are accepted, and if she has children they say “well, a man did this to her”! The only place a bisexual or gay woman is not acceptable is the church, which is hypocritical because they accepted bisexual or gay men, to a certain extent.

  10. Jose January 1, 2018

    And no offence but you DO realise that some of our parents dabbled in the same s** pond before having us right? Like, you do understand that if 1 in 3 of us is gay or bi then most of us have parents who have been in the same position as homeboy. Jay Z’s Mom identifies as lesbian now but had to have been attracted to men at some point to conceive him. Would you say that she is a liar? No, because she isn’t. Different strokes for different folks.

  11. Davii January 1, 2018

    By conversion y’all mean giving up his hole DL from now on?

    • Special Delivery January 1, 2018

      It means that he isn’t sleeping with men anymore. What about that is so hard to understand? Let’s keep it real today. Most out guys prefer sleeping with men who identify as hetero and accept that he is hetero because they are masculine. You don’t want to accept that Rice and Cabbage can change because he was a bottom and you think taking the D is gayer than giving it. Most of the DL guys I went to school with are settled with kids now so how can I say that they are still gay or bi when as far as I know they no longer lay with men?

  12. Stephy January 1, 2018

    What a creep. Boy just keep it funky and say you’s a bi sexual.

  13. Lala January 1, 2018

    Why are you posting this, he is just doing it for attention.

  14. G7Pat January 1, 2018

    Guess he’s goin straight in phases. He had just transitioned to a “masc top” on jackd a few weeks ago

  15. Jamie January 1, 2018

    I applaud him. He doesn’t owe any explanation to anyone. People like to see others act a fool, but as soon as they get their heads straight, they don’t wany to be bothered with them. They’re no longer fun or easy to make fun of. He should exit social media for a while and focus on his new life and New found freedom!

  16. Bravo!! January 1, 2018

    Bed intruder Antione Dodson had ya saving his 15 minutes of fame, with the same s***.. Ya foo done bit the b.s again! *Save JDOLLAZ Campaign*

  17. Don’t Be Rude January 1, 2018

    I’m astounded by the hypocrisy in this post. On one hand it’s “yay everyone can be what they want” and then on the other it’s “no he can’t be what he wants.” Anti LGBT folks genuinely don’t understand why a man would want to cut off his penis and dress as a woman. So if you want people to understand and be more tolerant you too must be more tolerant of things you don’t get. If Laverne can say that she is a woman even though she is a man why can’t this young man say he is now straight.

  18. discooo January 1, 2018


  19. John L. Anderson V January 1, 2018

    Well if this man truly has converted to being straight more power to him. Like others said before, I would hope it’s not because of family, social or cultural pressure or for n***** on twitter to not call him gay anymore lol

  20. Fancy BISH January 1, 2018

    Kim Burrell is somewhere trying hard not to make a video about this…she trying HARD lol

  21. Brando January 1, 2018

    I seen him in every gay club i went to just a few weeks ago dancing and kissing on n*****….this was LESS than 60 days ago

  22. Abel January 1, 2018

    Yeah, he is right. So ugly to engage in a headlock mo relationship. He would never get that.

    Anyway…if Caitlin Jenner can be on the covers of the magazines because of her transition, so can he.

    • Abel January 1, 2018


  23. Chris January 1, 2018

    You cannot change your sexuality, but your sexuality can change. Just as simple as one liking to do something three years ago that they no longer do now. How about those who are sexually curious and go through a time that they are only sexually active with men? What about myself who used to not have attraction towards black men, and today been with one for over 3 years? Change happens. Period. Teansexuality isn’t even to compare in my opinion.

  24. Imanibrown9 January 1, 2018

    No he is bysexual just like most people
    Gay lifestyle is tough because a lot of Gay men are overly sexual so it is so difficult to have a meaningful long lasting gay relationship… not gay bashing the heterosexual community too is fraught with issues. Some people wake up & decide that it may be easier to stick to one sexual group but if your gay your gay this man was likely always bisexual

  25. Bad_B January 1, 2018

    He would do the lgbt community a favor if he revealed how he did it. It might not be impossible but its not as easy as just waking up one morning and saying im strait! You probably have to undergo serious psychometric therapies which might be really traumatising both physically and psychologically. Problem is the human brain is way more sophisticated, and we are only aware of probably a tenth of it. So gay conversion therapy to be effective means rewiring your brain including the 90% you are not aware of. So its not a question of just telling yourself ‘im now strait’ coz you only have power over 10% of your brain capacity, but the other 90% is beyond reach. And thats were most of the gayness thrives. Its that other 90% that controls all your spontaneous gestures and mannerisms which you dont have to think of in order to do, your instinctive behavior is controlled by that faculty of the brain. And sexual attraction is a function of instinctive behavior. Sexuality however is a choice, because its a lifestyle.

    • Caleb January 2, 2018

      Sexual attraction and sexuality aren’t as different as you say.

  26. Drinking make tears January 2, 2018

    Human sexuality is fluid. Maybe he was never gay. Maybe he is bi.
    Many people mistake be manly with “no longer been gay” or get stuck in the ideia that since i once identifid as gay i cant identify with nothing else. Bottom line. No one really knows what the f*** is hapoening in his life. Let him breathe. Let him be.

  27. SayWhaaat January 2, 2018

    Well he is simply bi and he found out about his attraction for women later on. There’s is nothing wrong with that. Nobody should judge him.

    BUT the words he chose are not very appropriate. It makes people think that gays do have the choice when it’s not the case at all.
    From that perspective, I can see why people are mad.

    • Caleb January 2, 2018

      the way he shared that trash meme about him shows there’s clearly issues of self-hate here.

  28. Cbeylive January 2, 2018

    Y’all basically gave him the attention he wanted

  29. Caleb January 2, 2018

    “If society accepts and embraces transitions made by members of the transgender community, isn’t it hypocritical to mock and condemn Dollaz for making transition of his own transition?”

    No it’s not the same at all. It’s not a transition because no matter what clueless female he convinces to be his piece, he’s going to be getting some d*** on the side eventually. There’s no such thing as praying away the gay and people like the guy who wrote “leave the gay s*** in 2017” are the reason he feels he has to play straight.

    • Zachery Coltrane-Woodard July 7, 2018


  30. Fero Moon January 2, 2018

    Nothing wrong with what he declares.
    .But don’t call yourself gay, if you mean you’re bisexual.

  31. Tray2 January 2, 2018

    If society accepts and embraces transitions made by members of the transgender community, isn’t it hypocritical to mock and condemn Dollaz for making transition of his own?

    No, because sexuality is not comparable to gender. One is a biological fact, the other is a societal construct. If he experiences same s** attraction in the capacity of gayness or bisexuality I don’t know, so I can’t say anything about what’s helping him pull this facade. This young man can pretend he’s delivert, fine, but don’t pretend like this is anything but symptomatic of the homophobic society he’s been surrounded by and that’s now using him as a mascot to beat up a marginal sector of the black community who they should stand by the same way they stand for them.

    Look at the comments, you’ll see the bigotry that’s making him convinced he has to do this. It’s sad and will lead him to self destruction. When that happens know that you’re hatred and ignorance is the cause & f*** this website for even daring to pose this question. Like black gay men and women aren’t the the biggest victims of s****** and homelessness because of a homophobic black society hiding behind the banner of religion. Or that trans black people are leading the chart in murder victim rates. Last I checked you’ve got about three kinds of synthetic material in your wigs and the smell of last nights community dump on yalls d***. If you’re not going to stand with your brothers and sisters then we’ll look forward to watching you fall.

    • Jasmine January 3, 2018

      “If you’re not going to stand with your brothers and sisters then we’ll look forward to watching you fall. You are a hypocrite. If this “brother” feels he is straight then support him and stop condemming him for not fitting in YOUR agenda! Adults can be whomever they want to be and hypocrites like you are the evil ones! What makes you qualified to brand anyone as gay for life or straight for life?????? If you want support then you must give support, even if you cannot comprehend why you are supporting. I don’t understand everything there is to being gay or trans but I certainly support gay and trans people but I do notice that many of the same people gay and trans people I have helped do not support me in a rare moment that I need support. #Selfish

  32. A mad man January 10, 2018

    This n**** grab my girl ass in a pic.. he better be still gay! ??

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