Barbra Streisand Raises Eyebrows With Questionable Comments On Beyonce, Race, & ‘A Star Is Born’

Published: Tuesday 27th Feb 2018 by Sam

As legends go, few are as legitimate as Barbra Streisand.

However, even superstars of her magnitude aren’t averse to having a foot in mouth moment.

Find out why below…

In a new interview with Variety, Streisand was quizzed about her thoughts on Bradley Cooper‘s remake of ‘A Star Is Born’ with Lady Gaga. After all, it was she who starred in the original over 40 years ago.

Having visited the film’s set last year, she said of the flick:

“It’s good. I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to spook it. I can’t believe that was 40-some years ago. I think he did a wonderful job with her.”

Yet, the arguably controversial comment came when she responded to her initial take on when Beyonce was first linked with the movie (when Clint Eastwood was attached as director). Streisand said:

“I thought when it was going to be done it was going to be very different and have a multiracial cast, and the music was going to be rap. But it’s more like the movie I made.”

Rap? Why, because she’s bl…? You get the point.

We’re willing to give Aunty Babs a pass of sorts, because ill-informed as her words were they didn’t seem deliberately designed to offend. On top of that, she has a well-documented history of supporting racial equality.

That said, folk (legends included) ought to quit confining people to such rigid boxes based on appearance. Because they just end up looking out of touch or worse.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Really February 27, 2018

    I don’t know but sometimes I feel like we have to stop being so sensitive. As black people we do things a lot differently, to be real we’re always saying how white people do things water down or whatever insults black people make throw out, and black people have our own way of putting a spin on it so that it is more relatable to our race so it could have been like a common type of thing which is probably what she was thinking about. I don’t know it would have been awesome to see Beyonce in A Star is Born but you may want to correct it Judy Garland starred in the original A Star is Born not Barbra Streisand

    • IOWNTHEWORLD February 27, 2018

      Uhhhm….Janet Gaynor stars in the original A Star is Born. Look it up.

      • meme February 27, 2018

        exactly true and that original film was based on an even older fim “What Price Hollywood?”.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2018

        Slaysand´s voice in the 60s is one of the most phenomenal things pop music has witnessed.

      • Really February 27, 2018

        Ok cool…good to know

    • Fancy BISH February 27, 2018

      Barbra Slaysand is QUEEN ?? and the Queen has spoken….so deal with it lol ? Barbra told Tiffany Haddish that she was from the ghetto and that she needs to hear Cardi B, so let’s not! Barbra has more street cred than Beyoncé honestly lol ? Barbra should do a song with Jay-Z called Brooklyn!

      • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2018

        My comment was for you Fancy 🙂

      • Fancy BISH February 28, 2018

        Yaaas, I agree JOHN

  2. pat February 27, 2018

    omg…. ninjas are waaaay to sensitive these days. slow news day

    • meme February 27, 2018

      exactly. it’s not that deep.

  3. Meme February 27, 2018

    while you can tell that the intent wasn’t ill, this goes to show exactly how non-minorities are wired to think. This same concept of thinking applies in many different scenarios. It’s sad, weather ill intended or not.

    • CX March 1, 2018

      It’s the tropes of always being so kind of “other.”

  4. boomkat123 February 27, 2018

    She hand-picked Beyonce to tribute her at Kennedy Honors and sing her classic song “the way we were” so I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm with her comment. She knows Bey has range and is a class act. She was probably speaking more about hearsay of the direction, not Bey in particular. Afterall, she didn’t even mention Bey here.

  5. Suicide Blonde February 27, 2018

    She probably know about some ideas that we don’t, Beyoncé is married to one of Hip Hop biggest legends, maybe they were considering Jay-Z on the soundtrack when they were planning to offer Beyoncé the role in the movie, she has access to all these details.

  6. MUSICHEAD February 27, 2018

    No harm here. There very well may have been hip-hop elements intended when Beyonce was attached. Baba may know more than we do.

    • Faf February 27, 2018

      I’m sure she meant how Carmen had a hip hop adaptation

  7. Cherelle Peterson February 27, 2018

    I didn’t find what Babs said as offensive. Considering the remake of The Great Gatsby contained rap from Jay Z, just maybe they were intending to “urbanize” A Star is Born.

  8. meme February 27, 2018

    oh please!! the reach!! bey is the same broad to do Carmen: a hip-hopera, so babs made a safe assumption. 🙂

  9. China February 27, 2018

    Barbara is a ICON in the human rights/gay rights – leave her alone.

    • Danzou is back! February 27, 2018

      I knew you was a f** lol

  10. JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2018

    Seriously people (some people) always wanting to find drama where there´s none. This post is not about TGJ felling offended about the black thing, it is about nobody being able to say a word about Beyonce without behaving like crazy buthurt stans. It´s hilarious everytime it happens.
    Beyonce doesn´t fit the role and type of movie Barbra played back in the day. taht´s why she probably thought it was going to be different. Would have been a disaster otherwise.

  11. Tutorial February 27, 2018

    Now mind you the one she made is a 2nd remake of the original. I’ve never seen it nor will I see this 3rd remake. The first was enough. Why watch 4 versions of the same damn story. I like Barbara but that was an ignorant ass comment. And in 2018 she shld know better.

    • Bon Bon February 27, 2018

      There’s a story that Aretha Franklin said to Barbara we should tour or do a show together Barbara was insulted telling a friend she didn’t think Aretha was on her level. Really Bish.. you did a song with Donna Summer when you were on the disco bandwagon.

      • XYZ February 27, 2018

        „There‘s a story…“ most of the times is fake news

      • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2018

        Bish please “a story”? People always doing the most. Keep the invented rumours to yourself and appreciate their inmense talent.

  12. ??? February 27, 2018

    lmaooo, the delusional reach is real. the roach nest saw their bug queen’s name and decided to try and start some mess. lmao not today roaches, you don’t want it from Babs. that roach you bugs worship will never be worthy of even being mentioned in the same sentence as Legend Babs lmfaoooo.

  13. SMH February 27, 2018

    Must be a very slow news day. Get a life, bugs nest. Folks are not put on this earth to kiss that girl’s ass 24/7/365 like you idiots do.

  14. Theman February 27, 2018

    Sam you act like a kid. Beyoncé is grown. You are a man. If you don’t stop kissing this women’s a**. Most of her music is influenced by hiphop. So Babs meant nothing by it. Y’all want everyone to praise this chick. Super overrated. Get a grip. Also, it’s not out of touch because it’s Beyoncé. Jay is hiphop & Beyonce uses elements of it often in her music. She was probably thinking that they’d change some things up because of their style of music.

  15. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez February 27, 2018

    You’re making something out of nothing. Next story.

  16. M February 27, 2018

    Quite possibly the DUMBEST post I’ve ever read. How is this racial? How do you know that the remake that Clint had planned for Beyonce didn’t have a more hip-hop slant to it? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Barbara was privy to information that TGJ wasn’t and that’s how they were propositioning it when it was being conceived. Ya’ll need to stop making mountains out of molehills, cause this is the damn reach of the century.

  17. Slick February 27, 2018

    Fake news. Nothing to see here folks. Reaching.

  18. Ropeburn February 27, 2018

    I don’t see the problem here. It’s a well known fact that in recent years Beyonce has been singing in the style of trap rappers. It also wouldn’t be the first time someone has done a “hip-hop” remake of a well known play or movie. The hive needs to stop looking for offense.

  19. Abel February 28, 2018

    She is able to have her opinion on this. I also wouldn’t like to see Beyonce act in this movie. The star that is born is white. And I’m really tired to see Beyonce getting acting roles. Girl, stop.

    • meme February 28, 2018

      you doing to much racist!! beyonce’s color has nothing to do with her talent. you need to sit back down (preferably, on a diseased d***). #loser

  20. Fact Checker February 28, 2018

    First off her comment doesn’t say a damn thing about Beyoncé and that correlation is ASSUMED. Barb is very familiar with Beyoncé and her work as she was tributes by her at the Kennedy Honors Center and Bey wasn’t rapping on that stage. She may have thought the movie was being taken the Hip-Hopera route similar to ‘Carmen’ as well as the fact that you have no idea the concept that Clint Eastwood had for the project. Let’s not reach to incite false indignation over assumed messages.

    • Slick February 28, 2018

      Fact Checker. Nicely put bruh.

      • rpsabq April 28, 2018

        Neither women are that interested in being #2 in any project. Beyonce’s tribute to Barbra at the Kennedy Center Honors is as far as it needed to go. Total class and total gold – both of them.

  21. rpsabq April 28, 2018

    Yes it was an unconscious slight. Barbra is very, very passionate and creative about her work and doesn’t get the need to “remake” something she feels has been done to perfection already. It would be like someone saying, “I’m going to repaint the Mona Lisa, you know, create a modern day rendition of the piece.” That’s not what you do to artist’s masterpieces and Beyonce totally gets it and was smart not to be involved. I think Beyonce and Barbra are very similar in their approach to their craft and to their brand, etc. Like when Beyonce wasn’t available to be on a Barbra duets album…. not unless Barbra would like to also be on a Beyonce album…… ya know?

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