Mo’Nique Visits ‘The View’ To Discuss Netflix Boycott / Clashes With Whoopi Goldberg Over ‘Precious’ Drama

Published: Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 by Sam

In the absence of work to promote, Mo’Nique is doing the media rounds to plug her much discussed Netflix boycott.

The latest stop was The View, where things got a little…tense.

See what we mean below…

Mo’ first relayed her issue with the streaming service over what she deemed a combination of gender and race bias.

She then segue-wayed into Hollywood’s bigger issue with under-compensating and used her row over promoting ‘Precious’ as an example.

Indeed, as most will recall, she demanded to be compensated from the film studio to promote the movie internationally. She would later go on to claim that director Lee Daniels (who, along with Oprah Winfrey, tried to convince her to participate in promotion) let her know that she had been “blacklisted” due to her lack of compliance.

When sharing her stance, anchor Whoopi Goldberg interrupted to remind her that such promo is part of her contractual obligation when signing on to any film.

Watch how Mo’ reacted below…

At this point, it legitimately feels as though Mo’Nique is primarily protesting her various career missteps and the ramifications they’ve caused her.

Make no mistake, there is a huge issue with minorities not receiving their due. Indeed, Viola Davis recently spoke up about such.

But with Mo’Nique, her dramas are far too plentiful for it to always be somebody else’s fault. Far too plentiful.

Hence, for that reason, it was warming to see Whoopi check her. Albeit classily.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme February 22, 2018

    Wow this is a tough one. I feel her, I’m so glad she is giving light on exactly what went down. I applaud her for standing up for what she believed and not being bullied by the big dogs. I do however disagree with the Netflix deal. I think she should have take the 500k. This was a great opportunity to get her name back in the public eye. She can just show up after 8yrs and expect to get multi million dollars deals. IMO 500k is actually too much too gamble with Mo’Nique.

    • SMH February 22, 2018

      No. First rule of life is never underestimate your worth or settle for less.

      • Just_blaze February 22, 2018

        Also. 500,000 compared to 13 mill and then the other person isnt as funny as you. But wait mo has a oscar and she had tv shows like know you cant give her 13 mil but they couldve gave her 8 about that? Big amy isnt funny.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

        SMH You should also not overestimate your worth. I notice the people with that kind of mentality always lose in business because they are too stubborn to see that the answer is somewhere in the middle. For example, if Netflix offered Monique 500K then it was up to Monique to shop the conept to other networks to get more money. Monique is doing stand-up comedy right now and not making even 1/8th of 500K per show or selling out shows so she is definitely overestimating her worth here.

    • Superstar! February 22, 2018

      @Meme – I disagree with you on your statement: “IMO 500k is actually too much too gamble with Mo’Nique.” Bare minimally she should have been offered 1 million. Anything less than that would be an insult.

      You want to know who I believe should have been offered $250k (not even $500k) that white guy Gary something.

      • Meme February 22, 2018

        Well now sweety ain’t working at all. I would have taken the 500k. Opportunity over pride. You don’t close doors.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

        Superstar! If Monique wants more than 500K no one is stopping her from filming a stand-up night up, getting a distribution deal, and making the money independently. Netflix’s offer is not an insult because they are just a company. The true insult is Monique deluding herself into thinking she can dictate what a company offers her. She is too busy counting other people’s money instead of making her own money.

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @P. Jasmine….. – $500k is an insult PERIOD. It’s funny how she is advised to do things independently after being insulted with a low salary offer but others aren’t. Nothing about Monique is delusional. She is right on in her points especially about the ILLUMINATI aka a-holes of Hollywood who would sooner blackball you then to work with you.

        As Monique stated she did her part and promoted within the United States what she did not do was promote INTERNATIONALLY as it would be on her own time and her own dime. You sound dumb to think that a person is suppose do such things and that is justifiable to make there lives more difficult they didn’t go above and beyond for something they weren’t contractually obligated to do.

        As I stated to someone else Karma is a “B” and Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry have ALL felt her wrath. Don’t believe me? Oprah and the Weight Watchers stock PLUMMET that made headlines. Tyler Perry whom? No one cares about him or hi minstrel shows. Lee Daniels what? No one is watching that ridiculous show nor are they even talking about it. Karma at it’s best and it’s not done. Monique will get her rewards because I truly believe that she is doing what is right and that WILL BE rewarded by the most high.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

        @Superstar! You claim “It’s funny how she (Monique) is advised to do things independently after being insulted with a low salary offer but others aren’t” but you clearly overlook the FACT that Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, etc all of have their own independent production companies and are managed by reputable agencies. Thus, it was not Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, or Amy Schumer negotiating with Netflix one on one like Monique said she and her husband did but rather the management companies those acts are signed to handled the negotiations. You could have all the talent in the world but if you do not know how to market, negotiate, and understand the entertainment business correctly then you will only get low-ball offers. You say the offer was an insult. I say Netflix spotted weakness with Monique and her husband and offerred them a low-ball number based on the low-ball amounts Monique signed on for in the past. Do you not comprehend that emotions are irrelevant in business transactions????????? Thinking an offer is an insult an emotional response. Having an experienced management agency bring you higher paying gigs in exchange for 15% of the profits is a business response. Monique is a tremendous talent but nobody has been properly managing her for well over 10 years which is why her career tumbled. Sidney has zero experience to be managing Monique and he is the reason why that offer was so low. Netflix thought they smelled weakness / desperation in the Sidney / Monique management capabilities so they did the same as any other entertainment business would do…offer low. It is all about the profits. Nothing to do with emotions.

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @P. Jasmine.. – Nothing about my posting was emotional. My postings were based on this interview and another interview that she did on a radio show shedding further light on the issue. You say that an offer is contingent upon past accepted earnings/salary and that is one of the reasons that Monique DECLINED the offer. So your attempt to try to diminish my point was a colossal failure.

        In regards to Chris Rock, Amy Shumer etc. starting their own production companies has no impact on negotiations nor the negotiations of Monique, her attorney and her husband/manager. Every actor/actress just about has a production company and that really doesn’t mean a lot especially when it comes to salaries. (ex. Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have a production company and that company isn’t doing anything for either of their careers or salaries as they are offered monies based on criteria like you listed and is common knowledge: past salaries, marketability/draw etc.) I’ll put it to you another way, you shouldn’t have to start your own business in order to get a fair and/or equitable salary for a position or in a field when you have the KSA’s – knowledge, skills, abilities and even experience, and education to do the job.

        In addition, you keep citing emotionalism as emotionalism has zero percentage of a factor in this subject. Again, had you listened to the interview you would have in fact realized that yes, the offer is and was an insult. She was offered the number because yes, they thought they could get away with it and quite frankly it’s standard business. But what you won’t say is that she was offered low solely based on past offers. Monique has worked on an independent film, Precious, and major films with varying salaries in addition to doing stand up. It’s not one factor that makes an offer as as explained, partly in this interview, but also in the interview at a radio station.

        You sound like a complete idiot. You remind of a person who is TRYING to sound smart when they really aren’t. I suggest you take your own advise and take the emotionalism out of this posting because it’s evident that you are upset that my points are valid and that I won’t concede. (???????) aren’t necessary. As I stated in short to another poster. Monique is fighting for fairness and equality. She fighting for what all women want. It’s the classic case of seniority and experience being seen as less a factor in salaries in the private sector vs a college degree, youth and an attractive face. Monique has made her position quite clear as well as the rationale for her position. Perhaps you should listen to her other interviews detailing the exchange between the attorney, her manager/husband and Monique.

        By the way, Monique’s husband has done a pretty good job guiding her. He’s been in her life since the television THE PARKERS and she’s down a ton of work in these years. It wasn’t until her refusal to promote a film international on her own dime and time that she encounter a dry spell in her public work life. (At least being less mainstream visible.)

    • Superstar! February 22, 2018

      @Meme – She’s not working because of being “blackballed.” Sorry not sorry but pride has ZERO to do with it. $500k was and is an insult. In regards to her employment status, I do believe that she is working “sweety.”

      • Retribution February 22, 2018

        Her blackballing is her own doing. She was nasty with BET over money. Got her show cancelled and they want nothing else to do with her. She was nasty with Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry and now they want nothing to do with her. Her difficult reputation quickly swarmed around Hollywood and now no one wants anything to do with her. SHE is her problem. I’m not here for the false pity party and false injustice that she brewed up. She wants to know what happened to her career? Tell her to look in the mirror.

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @Retribution – Her blackballing was the result of the nastiness that humanity when it can’t control another human being. And just like these three tried to cause hurt and harm to Monique, karma has made sure to bring to them what they did to her. They took away her ability to provide for her family aka a loss and guess what Karma did to ALL THREE of her adversaries? TOOK FROM THEM.

        As I stated to someone else Karma is a “B” and Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry have ALL felt her wrath. Don’t believe me? Oprah and the Weight Watchers stock PLUMMET that made headlines. Tyler Perry whom? No one cares about him or hi minstrel shows. Lee Daniels what? No one is watching that ridiculous show nor are they even talking about it. Karma at it’s best and it’s not done. Monique will get her rewards because I truly believe that she is doing what is right and that WILL BE rewarded by the most high.

        She is fighting for what is right will CONTINUING to work. Thanks be to the most high.

    • SdotB February 22, 2018

      That’s typical negro behavior to say “she should’ve taken the 500K”. That’s exactly why Netflix offered it, because they know negroes will continue take bottom dollar.

      By the way, she never stopped “working”. Remember she is a stand up comedian and she does shows pretty much on a daily basis. That’s part of why Netflix came to her in the first place, after sitting in on 2 of her shows, which both had a standing ovation.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

        Monique has been in the game way too long to not be her own boss by now. She is whining and counting other people’s money instead of making her own money independently. Monique does not need Netflix and vice versa.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

      I agree with you Meme.

  2. stan February 22, 2018

    if monique were smart, she would’ve done what wanda sykes did. get a deal somewhere else.

    all this huffing and puffing is not doing her any good

    • SdotB February 22, 2018

      She clearly stated on multiple platforms that she has been going to other places for deals, but in the meantime wants to fight for justice and put Netflix on blast, as she should.

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 22, 2018

        SdotB. That is not what Wanda did though. Wanda owns Push It Productions and gets money from her own deals and the deals she gets for other comedians. Wanda gets money from the top and bottom of her deals as the star and producer of her work. At Monique’s age it is time for her to start giving back while getting money for the younger acts she helps manage / get deals for.

  3. Chasin Time February 22, 2018

    I feel the real issue is that she has her husband managing her career. None of these other acts, including Wanda are doing that. This man is in her head and persuading her to make the bad moves. This is a tricky subject, but like some others have said, button line, Mo’Nique hasn’t been doing anything mainstream in almost a decade and she didn’t see the bigger picture that this would have catapulted her back to the masses and also a generation that isn’t familiar with her work. This could have been her “Tiffany haddish” moment. And once Netflix sees the numbers she can pull today, she could renegotiate her contract for a second special. But again, I feel her husband was probably gassing her up to the point where she didn’t consider the other benefits.

    • SMH February 22, 2018

      People need to stop using Tiffany Haddish as an example. Tiffany Haddish is a new act; the opportunities she’s getting now are the same opportunities Monique was receiving 15, 20 years ago when she was new & the in-demand black female comic. How about we wait 20 years from now and see if Tiffany is still in-demand and /or wins an Oscar before folks start using her as an example. She’s not even that funny.

      • Superstar! February 22, 2018

        @SMH – I TOTALLY agree with you. Especially this part: ” She’s not even that funny.”

      • Tori February 22, 2018

        My guy, Tiffany had been around for YEARS, just because you didn’t know her doesn’t mean she’s new. Tiffany is at her peak and enjoying it to the fullest. Stop hating, you don’t think she funny but her bank account does!

    • Superstar! February 22, 2018

      @Tori – Who cares that her “bank account does” when she’s only what’s TRENDING NOW. The fact that the poster DIDN’T KNOW who she was until yesterday speaks VOLUMES about her talent and possibly even her longevity.

      A prostitute or stripper’s BANK ACCOUNT speaks too but who wants the crap that comes along with it. No one wants to be the STEREOTYPE comic but as you said, HER (Tiffany’s) BANK ACCOUNT doesn’t mind.

  4. Bich February 22, 2018

    If it’s so important that she receives equal pay, she needs to start her own production company and produce films, shows, etc and build up other black women who also need pay equality and build wealth for herself at the same time. They are not going to give you just. You have to take it for yourself.

    • SMH February 22, 2018

      Agreed, that’s exactly what she needs to do.

    • Why Though? February 22, 2018

      She could do that, however, Netflix and other entertainment companies could simply offer black women comedians a fair rate. Wanda Sykes had the same issue. The solution shouldn’t always be to “start your own” or “go somewhere else.” Why should she have to go somewhere else or start a company when that may not be her calling? If there is a wage/pay discrepancy at Netflix, they should be called out and should strive to pay everyone a fair amount, with room for pay negotiations. Amy Schumer was allowed to negotiate her pay, but Monique wasn’t – which is grossly unfair. If people continue to say nothing and let companies get away with unequal pay practices, they’ll continue to low ball those that they think they can.

      • RoyalKev February 22, 2018

        @ Why Though?

        I totally agree! There’s no reason Monique’s voice should be silenced! If she feels that she’s not being dealt with justly, it’s nothing wrong with pointing it out! Monique has some self-respect obviously! Yes, it may be difficult to be the the first person to stand up for “the cause”, especially if it could create backlash, but some people have integrity! There’s probably many people cheering her on (that’s just afraid to join her publicly)! Not everyone is fine with quietly being backed into a corner, while being grateful to take scraps! Too many folks are willing to sacrifice their pride to remain in folks good graces! Mo’s been around too long to still be kissing everyone’s ass!

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

        Why Though? It is PERFECTLY LEGAL for a company to pay contractors WHATEVER THEY F U C K I NG WANT! If you don’t like it make your own company and pay your employees whatever you want. Every woman at the table of the View makes a different salary. This is certainly not a racial issue issue (ie Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock’s contracts). This is not a gender issue (Amy Schumer’s contract). This is a Monique issue. The FACT is that those who earn high money on their own are going to get high money contracts from productions companies. Those who earn low money (ie Monique’s current and former stand-up gigs) will get low money contracts. Thus, the nonsense you wrote about Monique should not start her own company production company is RUBBISH because Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sikes all have their own production companies and they are represented by proper management who specialize in higher paying contracts. You assuming Monique’s husband has the skills to negotiate when he has no experience at all to be managing (ie destroying) Monique’s career.

  5. pon_de February 22, 2018

    This woman is so damn delusional it makes me sick. You had an entertainment dream story and murked it up by being stupid and having a stupid husband/manager that filled your head with garbage. Who the hell goes from The Parkers on UPN to winning an Oscar??? But, she thought that was it and she didn’t need to doing anymore hustle.

    • Superstar! February 22, 2018

      @pon_de – You obviously didn’t listen to the interview because you come across as a colossal moron. You even addressed your OWN stupidity when you stated “Who the hell goes from The Parkers on UPN to winning an Oscar???” Monique did that’s who. And guess who was there WITH HER? HER HUSBAND you MORON.

      She went without work for a period of time because of WHAT SHE SAID IN THE INTERVIEW. (Hint: (Because I know you aren’t going to LISTEN to the interview which is ONLY 8 minutes long. She didn’t PLAY THE GAME.) Had you listened you wouldn’t come across as such a hateful idiot.

      • pon_de February 22, 2018

        You are an idiot who does not know how to read properly. The question I asked was rhetorical…as in OBVIOUSLY Monique went from a niche, urban focused show on one of the smallest broadcast networks to winning an Oscar.
        That. Does. Not. Happen. To. Basically. Anyone.
        Instead of LISTENING to the advice of a Tyler Perry, an Oprah Winfrey, a Lee Daniels, A Whoppi Goldberg…..entertainers who have been around much longer and have can give wisdom on how to sacrifice for greater success… Monique thought she had arrived. And now the check she wrote to her ego years ago is bouncing when she’s trying to redeem it for cash years later. So you can stay foolish with dirty d*ck breath just like her, whining about being DEEP in struggle. Ciao!

      • Superstar! February 22, 2018

        @pon_de – I know how to read but that was a nice job backtracking. You got called out on your stupidity and CLEARLY you are upset, hahaha, good! Again, had you listened to the interview you would have learned that she did EVERYTHING SHE WAS CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO DO. When it came to her FREE TIME she was not interested in promoting a movie at the expense of: HER TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY. Because as she stated in the video, she was NOT getting paid for any of those extra appearances/unofficial work assignments.

        The other thing that was made very clear here is that there is a lot of ugliness in Hollywood. Especially among those so-called ELITE who think that people OWE THEM more than they actually do. The only karma check that was written was done so by the people Monique pointed out in her interview. And it’s very real and it does not forget. Don’t believe me dear? Hmmm, who’s talking about ANY of Lee Daniel’s shows or ANY Tyler Perry show? NO ONE. Oprah is trying to keep her head and her channel above water but even she is NOT immune from karma’s wrath. Que the Weight Watchers STOCK PLUMMET.

        So spare me the crap about MONIQUE being the problem because she’s anything but. If anything she is the light that shines in dark spaces.
        #Keep Whining
        #When You Get Humiliated Use Profanity – Too bad that ain’t helpin’ ya babe.

    • Casual February 22, 2018

      @pon_de: I agree with you. Mo’Nique just doesn’t get it. Actresses are expected to promote movies in which they star. She did not violate her contract, so they didn’t sue, but when presented her hind parts to kiss, word began to spread through the industry that she was difficult. Hence, her career suffered. I hope those few days sitting at home (instead of appearing at Cannes) were worth it. Well, I guess we now know they weren’t.

      Mo’Nique is also TRYING to compare apples to oranges. Selling out the Apollo (1,500 seats) is NOT the same as selling out Madison Square Garden (20,700).

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @Casual – What I think is absurd is a person being labeled “difficult” when they promote a film domestically but opted NOT to promote the film at internationally. (She wasn’t under contract to do so and it is, quite frankly, a CHOSE for all actors/actresses.)

        She was blackballed for not promoting the film internationally and of course ANYONE would be upset when your livelihood is taken away because of an innocent choice. (In essence, someone choosing to make your life harder because you choose not to make the choice that they wish you to make. ) No one has the right to play God over anyone else’s life.

        Lastly, in regards to the venues that Monique vs Amy have played in I find it ridiculous that you are saying that it is perfectly reasonable for a person to accept an offer in which (2) years of their life is given to one business for $500k when they have successfully rose to the top of their profession as a woman. Please note that the offer was $500k for 2 years and prohibited her from gaining income from other appearances in that time period. 2 years of time? $500k? Yup, this sounds JUST LIKE the Wanda Sykes offer only SLIGHTLY supersized.

        This woman should have been offered at least 1 million dollars for a (2) year deal that prohibited her from gaining income from other sources. It was and is an insult to demand that much time with that type of restriction for such little pay.
        #Get Real

    • Superstar! February 22, 2018

      @causual – No what they did was “BLACKBALL” her as alluded to in the video. What is worth it, clearly, is her time and talent which is what she is fighting for.

    • Retribution February 22, 2018


      She is very delusional. Whoopi tried to tell her how it works and she just doesn’t get it. She seems like she never will.

      • SdotB February 23, 2018

        Whoopi didn’t tell her a damn thing that Mo’ didn’t ALREADY KNOW. She schooled Whoopi and told her that SHE DID EVERYTHING she contracted to do. What she was asked for was EXTRA TIME AND WORK, FOR FREE, OUTSIDE OF HER DEAL with Lee Daniels.

      • Superstar! February 23, 2018

        @SDot – Exactly. They expected her to promote a film internationally when she wasn’t obligated to do so. They wanted her on her personal time and at her personal expense to do this but not compensate her. Fair is fair and what Monique said, a respectful decline, was not only in her rights but also more than professional. THEY were the a-holes, THEY were the “difficult” people to work with not Monique It’s ridiculous that people choose to be blind when it’s convenient.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      I agree pon_de 100%

  6. ICONIC February 22, 2018

    I feel her on certain points. I also feel that if she would have taken a different approach to this her outcome would have been different.

    • SdotB February 23, 2018

      Meaning, the only other “approach” she could’ve taken was to submit in some type of way, in which she obviously didn’t believe in doing, as it would’ve compromised her integrity. Fighting for blacks, and black women especially, to receive fair offers sounds like the better option as it can potentially benefit those very women of color in the future.

  7. Ryan February 22, 2018

    Mo’Nique does get it, she just chooses not to be a robot follower who rolls over just to cash in. I applaud her for not being that drone who is kissing ass and doing whatever others say. Tiffany Hadish is ok she basically is a stereotypical black girl. She doesn’t do anything that is groundbreaking as of yet. Sure loved her in girls trip but wasn’t too far fetched for her.

  8. RoyalKev February 22, 2018

    I can’t help but to feel like Monique’s getting a bad rap, provide that, what she’s saying is all true (about the contract details)! Monique was making a solid case for herself here! She wasn’t rude and she appeared, to my surprise, fair and level-headed! I know there’s always two sides to a story, but Monique is well within her rights to feel the way that she does about this matter!

  9. Jared February 22, 2018

    Anyone who has Netflix knows that the company gives standup comedy specials to plenty of comedians who are of all races and genders. The issue here is that Monique, who is actually hilarious, hasn’t had much work lately to piggy back off of to ask for such a huge amount for the special plain and simple. If her and her team were smart that 500k from Netflix would have been some great exposure to get Monique in front of her fans again and gain more work in the future. That’s how this industry works.

    • SdotB February 23, 2018

      You completely missed the point. For blacks, it’s always “what have you done lately?”, for whites, it’s “your as good as your last project”. That’s what she stated over and over in different interviews. Besides, with your argument, Chris & Dave both haven’t done much of anything lately either (especially Dave, being that he left for like 8+ years).

      Secondly, you say “to ask for such a large amount”, but she’s never put a number on any amount b/c they didn’t even allow her to negotiate. Regardless, it still doesn’t add up as to why she should be offered 12.5 million less than Amy Shumer. Amy Shumer def ain’t bringing in 12.5 million more worth of viewers.

  10. J-WIGG February 22, 2018

    I feel Mo I wouldn’t lower my standards for anyone after I’ve pay my dues with she is saying is when are you going to get your worth after all these years you keep hearing next f*** that next time was 10 to 15 years ago she’s been dealing with this for years when you stand up for yourself your are hard to work with BS every time she come to my city she do her Thang you ask me she is better than Amy and Chris

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      Where Monique went wrong was having her husband manage her career. These other comedians making more money have real management companies getting them deals. When she won the Oscar she should have immediately signed with one of these big time managements companies. Yes, they take 15% of your income but they also are the ones getting you high paying gigs. Monique is / was using her husband to get her deals / negotiate for her, all while she was getting older. She is wrong for mixing her business with personal. She married a guy that destroyed her career.

  11. Decadent February 22, 2018

    Monique, has pride and not be helping her self but, will help the next female comic and I believe she can sell out Madison square garden especially with all the hype. Eve. If she could not the difference in pay is too great if Amt is that much funnier than Monique then Monique must not be funny at all. If a man goes in to a white house and prostitute is 2,600.00 and the other is 100.0p the one worth a 100.00 should not even be considered to sleep with. Monique said she received 50k for making the film she probably was thinking ok I will accept orc This is a good movie. They wanted her to go out of the countr. Whoopi had no right to treat her guess like that just because she doesn’t agree with her. Monique if you die penniless that is ok. Do not be bullied. Whoopi said that is what you are expected to do. Sou d’s like all that talk about standing together with women against gender pay gap just went out the window. I am done with the view.

    • Decadent February 22, 2018

      Forget it too many typos. I was going to try to clarify but, too much work. This thing auto corrects profanity as well lol I tried to say W**** house.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      Nothing is stopping Monique from booking Madison Square Garden and showing the world what she can do. Talk is cheap. Amy Schumer sold out Madison Square Garden twice. MoNique needs to show the world what kind of audience she can bring. Also, Monique does not Netflix to make 1 million or more from a stand-up special. Monique can film her stand-up routine and sell it independently. Whatever happened to being a true BOSS?

  12. Jasmine February 23, 2018

    Why is this girl in here acting like me?

  13. J.T. February 23, 2018

    We all have to go above and beyond for work. You can’t just do the bare minimum. Monique should have gone and promoted the movie. She would have kept a good relationship with Lee Daniels, Oprah, Tyler, etc., and she could have met more filmmakers and producers at Cannes Film Festival. I think she hurt herself. If I were her, I would try my best to fix those bridges that she burned. I would see if Netflix will still work with me and do an amazing special that makes a lot of money.

    • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 23, 2018

      Netflix is not going to work with her now. Neither will Amazon. Monique is a huge liability for any company now. The only route for her to go is independent production now. I do agree that she should hae gone to Cannes. That is like an open pandora box for any actor or actress to meet the who’s who of hollywood producers. That was a stupid decision on Monique’s part. If she wanted to “spend some family time” then take the family to Cannes.

  14. February 23, 2018

    Seems like she is being blackballed.

  15. Rafe P. February 23, 2018

    Wait. So Monique is asking me and others to give up watching “Stranger Things” and “Breaking Bad” so she can get more money in her pockets? Girrrrlll you are outta yo mind! $500,000? and you want more? Netflix subscribers likely have never seen that much money in their lives. Get a clue.

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