Oprah Responds To Mo’Nique Jabs / Comedienne Claps Black

Published: Sunday 25th Feb 2018 by Sam

Mo’Nique has been on quite the crusade of late as she tries to rally up the troops for her Netflix boycott.

And while this time she’s campaigning against perceived race and gender bias, the episode has seen her bring up an earlier issue with Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels.

Stressing Hollywood’s bigger with under-compensating, she has been re-treading her time promoting ‘Precious’ as an example.

Indeed, as many will remember, the comedienne demanded to be compensated from the film studio to promote the movie internationally. She would later go on to claim that Daniels (who, together with Winfrey, tried to convince her to participate in promotion) let her know that she had been “blacklisted” due to her lack of compliance.

In a new interview to promote ‘Wrinkle In Time,’ Winfrey was quizzed about it squarely.

See what she had to say, as well as Mo’s response below…

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Global Grind Interview: @Oprah speaks out about the negative comments that she’s been receiving and why she doesn’t entertain negative energy with a response. A MUST SEE. The FULL interview is on GlobalGrind.com right now. Shout-Out to our Entertainment Editor, @blogxilla! • #GlobalGrind #AWrinkleInTime

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To which Mo’Nique quickly responded with…


Kudos to Oprah for offering up a blanket response that was more than sufficient to cover Mo’Nique’s hoopla without saying her name and giving her what she ultimately wants (attention).

Echoing earlier sentiments about her broader argument, Mo’s motives feel more self serving and lack the rationalization that a “resumé” can only carry one so far.

Granted there is a very real issue with Hollywood’s antics when it comes to minorities (that must be addressed), what can Mo’Nique truly respond with when asked “What have you done for me lately?” In most of these interviews, she consistently points to 2016’s ‘Almost Christmas’ (which was a success). But she neglects to remember that only recently did she publicly clash with that film’s producer Will Packer over her antics and pay-games.

At this point with Mo’Nique, she’s peddling the idea that it’s everyone else’s fault all the time and never hers. Thus making it a struggle to take her seriously in any which way.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheOne February 25, 2018

    I believe every word Mo’Nique has spoken

    • Ispeakfacts February 25, 2018


      Me too!!! That is why I support her regardless how things have gone! It’s so crazy to see these black hollywood people turning on her! For so many years Monique highly praised alot of these ppl! It’s so sad to see my ppl bragging her! Monique is speaking nothing but FACTS!

      • Its me Gowrl February 25, 2018

        Then BOTH of you are stupid

    • Jasmine February 25, 2018

      She’s become emotionally blinded and it’s paralyzed her from moving forward regardless of who’s right or wrong. Her husband lacks the strong male leadership to help her move past being “RIGHT” which has become more important than FEEDING the family.

      A mature man is measured, humble and thinks critically when money is on the table regardless of his personal opinions, feelings and level of education. Her husband is a petty, reactionary, fairy queen who’s giving Mo’Nique bad counsel. They’re burning every bridge (black and white) in the entertainment industry and these grandstanding public temper tantrums will not lead to more money. At the end of the day isn’t that what this is all about or are there other unresolved, unspoken agendas? She needs new management/counsel and her husband needs to be reassigned to baby sitter, arm candy and trophy husband. I doubt he’d stick around for that and I think she knows it.

    • Danyboo February 25, 2018

      I agree as well, people take in account that Monique isn’t filling up stadiums. Clearly she is trying to fight off the stigma that has been casted on her from being blackballed. I’m pretty sure white female comedians like Roseanne, Rosey Odonald, Kathy Griffin, Tina Fey would all exceed what Monique is getting paid just because they are white women and that’s the point she’s making but n***** just see it as she boycotting to get more for herself. She exposing the industry racism and n***** don’t even stand behind her. Oprah clearly is being exposed she knew Harvey Weinstein was a sexually predator and yet she did business with all while crying out as a sexual assault victim. She is fake.

  2. ya February 25, 2018

    this ish is funny how people think everyone has to kiss Oprah lying sellout a** it aint about the light is you hiding in the dark so what’s her point and fu** that dude for bringing up Mo’Nique in the same vein as Trump he’s so corny for that and a s*** starter let her promote her movie damn.

  3. Retribution February 25, 2018

    Oprah shut her down without even giving her the time of day. I loved her response and I am sooooo over Monique’s antics. I hope she takes her Oscar and that petty husband of hers and just disappears.

  4. I HAte Whytht and. BLaAkc bitczzzz February 25, 2018

    They should not be paying monique less than the other comedians. ….. she should be getting the full salary

    • Ben February 25, 2018

      You’re the comedian now lol . She is no where near the ticket seller , seat filler that Chris Rock , Dave Chappelle , or Amy Schumer is . Those are the 3 she is crying about . She was lucky she offered as much as she was .

    • King February 25, 2018

      when have you paid to see monique perform?

  5. Gee February 25, 2018

    Mo’Nique is sabotaging herself at this point no one is doing it for her by the way she is combative with everyone, everywhere she goes. At some point you have to take some responsibility for yourself and realize that you play a part in what happens in your life. If everyone that has worked with Mo has the same problem chances are, she is the problem. Hopefully she can realize that and salvage what she has left of her reputation and career.

  6. Lisa February 25, 2018

    I think that issues that you have with others does not mean you have to always put another person under the bus i seen this drawing on facebook it was a tree on one side a white person pushing the other person up on the other side a black person grabbing the other person by the waist pulling him down and thats so true with our people presentation is every thing so when you come out the gate yelling people will think you are acting like a kid and ignore your tantrum. Talk to each other as adults and respect the others opinion you dont have to agree just maybe you can meet in the middle.

  7. RCW February 25, 2018

    She needs to have an entire stadium of seats…

    • Jamie February 25, 2018

      Don’t nobody even use that phrase anymore…

  8. cupi Love February 25, 2018

    “don’t nobody”….you made my eyes & brain hurt…

  9. cupi Love February 25, 2018

    I agree with everything above…when you lose support on both sides then the problem is you…itsnot about her telling the truth or lying, its about her actions & behaviors in all these situations…which has immature, confrontational & defensive…she needs to know that the minions who support her poor attitude are just that…minions & there are people who also support Trump….

    • cupi Love February 25, 2018

      sorry was typing quickly…*has been*

      • Guest February 25, 2018

        ‘Have been’

  10. Tru.tea.tales February 25, 2018

    Self serving issue

    Listen Martin Luther king slept with white women himself his fight for civil rights was self serving that self serving statememt is a contradiction

    Whenever black womens issues are raised we are told to bend over and be quiet russell crowe is a woman beater and he did racial abuse azaelia (RZA later admitted it) why must black women be quiet if you are quiet nothing will change!!!!

    Kevin hart refused to promote a film he was in on social media because he was not contractually obligated to do so.

    Oprah is a devil and she shouldn’t dare run for president the amount of dirt they will dig up on her will destroy her legacy. She was best friends with Harry Weinstein she knew what was going on the whole while shes a bad person its obvious power corrupts people

    • Jasmine February 25, 2018

      That simply is not true. When Viola David spoke out people listened and agreed with her. A lot of people just don’t like Monique.

      • King February 25, 2018

        viola is believable because she is hot NOW and has a resume to back it. anddd there is not reputation of viola being difficult to work with. she is currently on a HIT show. so yess she should get paid accordingly. that is just like the blind guy in Get OUt saying i deserve more money because it made 160 million dollars. you didn’t headline the movie MANNNNNNNN danny glover was in it too. smh…..go to sleep so you can wake the hell up

  11. Lavie620 February 25, 2018

    Tru.tea.tales… the difference between Kevin & Mo` is Kevin Hart was contracted to promote his movie, just not on social media and Mo` was contracted to promote but wouldn’t at all.

  12. Ocean February 25, 2018

    But it’s ok for oprah to have Mo family on her show whilst still blackballing her ….

    Yall wrong

    Oprah ain’t god …yall need to stop actin like she is

  13. Yolanda February 25, 2018

    Stop making Oprah wet! If Monique was lying, then why have we seen evident that Oprah will blackball anyone who questions her. Is it coincident that Seal was accused of sexual assault AFTER he spoke against Oprah? Oprah invited Monique’s family to her talk show to discuss Monique’s sexual assault by her brother AFTER Monique shared a long, intimate convo w/Oprah explaining her “not-so-good” relationship with her mother. Oprah crossed Monique in sooooo many ways and the world is horrified that Monique is unafraid to go against Mother God. That’s why LeNard first tweet after their interview was to protect Oprah. Eff Oprah. She doesnt love US for real i stand with Monique, who has always been there for US.

  14. drinkmybussyjuice February 25, 2018

    while i disagree with how monique is going about this. You however are wrong. Amy has no where near the pedigree of monique and is arguable way funnier than dave also she started around the same time as chris. say what you will about her acting but there is no denying that she is an incredible stand-up legend. i dont find anything funny about amy NOTHING. shes gotten this far based of of her skin color.

  15. Yolanda February 25, 2018

    Every black person who helped us through freedoms were called difficult, Colin Kaepernick, Harriet Tubman, Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Shirley Chisholm, Butterfly McQueen, Ida B. Wells, Spike Lee, Frederick Douglass, Baldwin, etc.

    Oprah, Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, Barack, Kevin Hart, Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry etc. can’t help black people through freedoms. They’re the COMPROMISERS. They’re goal is to tell us to OBEY. They are the OVERSEERS, i.e., look at what blacks can accomplish if they followed our plan. See how much money we have? Just get along.

    I stand with Monique, who is standing in a very difficult but liberating position.

  16. carlenciaga February 25, 2018

    the more and more i hear monique’s arguement in combination with so many others commentary, the more i see monique’s point. i just think she is losing people because she is speaking to oppression within the black community and how misogny can even be women against women. and the world doesn’t really see the way that oppressed people can even oppress each other

    • Jasmine February 25, 2018

      It’s not that at all. Monique I’d petty. When Lee Daniels and Oprah asked her to promote Precious overseas to places like Cannes Monique said no. Most sane / reasonable people look at that issue as Monique being stupid / insubordinate because if she had gone there she would not just have been promoting the movie but meeting potential producers and directors for her next film gig. Places like Cannes have half of all the big budget film producers in the industry in one room. What actress worth their salt would not want to be networking there?

      • SvenMahdi February 25, 2018

        Why didn’t Lee Daniels, Oprah, or Tyler Perry give her those gigs? Her people. Black people, just like her. She doesn’t need to go shuck and jive when she did a damn good job in her friend Lee Daniels’ movie.

      • Jasmine February 25, 2018

        No one, including Oprah, wants Monique to “shuck and jive.” Lee Daniels hired Monique because he believed in her talent and only a negative small-minded person like Monique would think him asking her to promote the film internationally was unpaid work to only benefit the movie. If your boss asks you to go overseas to promote a project you go because it will benefit your career and the project. Monique could not see the bigger picture and Lee Daniels does not have an obligation to work with an insubordinate former employee again when there are hundreds of black actresses that would understand the bigger scope of things.

    • The Truth Hurts February 25, 2018

      It’s because people in America idolize successful and powerful people even if their actions in this case are despicable. Just like pop stars who will s*** on others to get ahead, the general public will not care about that. Oprah is so powerful and has so much influence that her wrongdoing against Monique will probably not hurt her. These powerful celebrities (Harvey Weinstein/Oprah) step on other individual’s livelihood because they don’t believe it will come back to bite them. Monique is the first to come out and is starting the movement to burn the bridge against the most powerful black individuals in Hollywood. Sadly, the general public will not care..

      • Jasmine February 25, 2018

        The Truth Hurts What “despicable” action did Oprah do to Monique other than refusing to hire Monique again? Any employer that had an insubordinate employee has the right to not re-hire that employee again.

      • The Truth Hurts February 25, 2018

        @Jasmine Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Lionsgate all had a hand in not only refusing to hire her again, but also to prevent her from getting other jobs in the industry. She had NO legal obligation to go promote this film. They asked her to go overseas to promote WITHOUT even paying for her hotel, flight, etc. Now what idiot actor/actress would want to go promote a movie at their own expense. Come on now.. It’s called exploitation at its finest, and when Monique did not want to submit to them for FREE, she gets blackballed..

      • Jasmine February 25, 2018

        Thousands of actors would love to go to Cannes and other international markets because they get to network with other producers. There is no real proof that Lee Daniels would not pay her travel expenses but regardless the trip itself is free. Any actor going overseas to promote a film and boost their career can write off ALL of those expenses (airfare, hotel, limo, clothes, meals, gifts, etc) as part of promoting the movie and building the actor’s brand.

  17. RJJ12 February 25, 2018

    Oprah never said she lied, she said she doesn’t respond to negativity. What Monique didn’t catch was its all in her approach. There is truth in what she says, but her delivery is negative. It makes it easy to believe she’s difficult to work with.

  18. RoyalKev February 25, 2018

    I love Oprah and admire her for not fueling the fire, which only leads to nonsensical bickering! You can’t always meet people where they’re at without facing some repercussions! That is a wonderful lesson to learn in life! That said, I also feel like Monique isn’t necessarily in the wrong for speaking her truth! As far as I’m concerned this is not about pitting two strong women against each other, it’s all mainly about persecution! Where our concentration should be directed lies underneath all the hoopla! The fact that there isn’t any momentum gained in the plight of African Americans facing inequality in Hollywood! People are unfairly making this more of a personal matter!

  19. Casual-T February 25, 2018

    Lady O handled that question perfectly.

    Sometimes, the WAY you handle a situation is as informative as the facts themselves. Mo’Nique didn’t like the way her family’s appearance went down on the OWS. She said she attempted to talk to Oprah about that AT THE LEGEND’S BALL. Talk about poor timing.

    We get it. Mo’Nique took a part in a low budget film as a favor to a friend, but the film ended up smashing all expectations and attracting attention from Hollywood heavy hitters and a major studio, who probably had no idea of her salary issues — and they might not have cared, since she signed the contract to play the part. As one of the leads, she was expected to promote said film. Studios do NOT pay extra for that, though they cover accommodations. Ultimately, she wouldn’t budge when it came to attending the Cannes Film Festival.

    Huge strategic mistake. Any competent manager would have told her to get her a** on a plane to the festival. Her absence was conspicuous, AND she gave the power to explain her absence to a group of powerful people she had just pissed off.

    Mo’Nique said on V-103 in Atlanta that when Oprah called to ask her to go to Cannes, “I told Oprah that I was in bed with my husband and kids watching cartoons.” When other producers asked Oprah/Lee/Tyler why the star of the film wasn’t at the festival, what do you think they said?

  20. eric February 25, 2018

    I’m a teacher. My contract does not require me to purchase books, supplies, etc. for my classroom, but I know it’s part of the job in being an effective teacher. Likewise, Whoopi tried to explain to Mo’Nique that a promotional tour is part of the acting job. Being that blacks generally have to work twice as hard as whites to enjoy some of the same benefits and rewards, promotion was critical to the success of Precious. Tyler, Oprah, and Lee Daniels didn’t get to the place they are now by complaining and not going the extra mile. They treated every situation as an opportunity and found a way to use it to their advantage. Mo’Niqu’e co-star in Precious did what she was asked and has been working good for years on Empire. Most people who are successful have learned that sometimes you have to do more than what you feel like to get the results you seek.

    • Blessid Angel February 25, 2018

      Its unfortunate that the hollywood machine uses other blacks to dismiss Moniques claims of racial disparities in hollywood. Even when they “other blacks know it is the truth and reality”. If we all supported eachother and stood together we would all benefit. This isnt about Oprah vs Monique. This is about black women not being paid and down played for their history of success in an industry that refuses to pay them proportionately to their counterparts. Even when they have proven themselves to be funny/entertaining, bring crowds, win oscars, etc. And when you stand up for yourself and use your platform to speak out against this racial disaparity that has always from the begining of hollywood been obvious the media and their black recruits dismiss you as ghetto, difficult, stupid, money hungry, negative, fat, etc. Regardless that you are explaining yourself, providing documents, articulate and humble in your speech and attitude. But all anyone can talk about is Oprah, and how she is some kind of God. Please. Oprah got to where she is at by walkn the walk and talkn the talk of hollywood. She was besties with The Weinstein Character. Shes just like him. Their are many famous blacks that in music and hollywood that feel like they were treated badly by Oprah. Shes no saint. But shes very powerful in that world.

  21. Blessid Angel February 25, 2018

    Oprah talks like a true lucifarian. Oprah the lightbearer. Mo keep walkn in truth baby. God bless u sistah. And to the children of light. When u play with fire u get burnt. Everything that glitters isnt gold

  22. just sayin February 25, 2018

    Oprah’s body language was telling in that clip. The fact that she kept tugging at shirt while talking indicated, at least in my opinion, jitters. She’s hiding something/ not telling the whole truth.

  23. RealNegro March 1, 2018

    Mo’nique may be right but she’s focused on it for too long. Wasting too much energy on it. Oprah, on the other hand, is only being attacked now because of her possible presidential run. They are ensuring that she doesn’t run(which she could win) by attacking her and knowing that she won’t respond back. Part of politics is countering attacks and allegations by changing the narrative, but not responding makes you come off as guilty and doing wrong which we all know is a lie. Human nature; we all make mistakes.

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