Wendy Williams Cancels Entire Week Of Shows Due To Sickness

Published: Wednesday 14th Feb 2018 by Sam

Wendy Williams is not taking any risks with her health.

For, four months after fainting live on her talkshow, she’s scrapped an entire week of shows due to illness.


Full story below…

The 53-year-old has suspended production due to suffering from the “flu.”

In a statement issued to day, a rep for the former shock-jock wrote:

“Wendy is still experiencing flu-like symptoms, and so she can rest up and get better, we have decided to cancel tapings the rest of the week.”

Though it’s a move we applaud (health first always), it’ll no doubt be crushing for the media maven who has long prided herself on embodying “the show must go on.”

We wish her a speedy recovery.

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  1. Sean February 14, 2018

    Good. She can sit her as$ at home instead of throwing low blow shade at Mariah and the others names she’s bringing up 🙄

  2. China February 14, 2018

    Wendy is Old. She and her team love Mariah — She wants Mariah to stop making new music and not promoting it and it not being the QUALITY of old school Mariah. Mariah had You Don’t Know What to do and FADED and she could have sang snippets on Snap or IG and promoted them but SHE LET THEM FAIL. Wendy has valid points — if your a “singer” you need to sing and stop playing games. Stop singing the same 10 songs for the last 8 years and bring ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND or IF ITS OVER or VANISHING or ALONE IN LOVE. SING FOR GOD’S SAKE.

  3. IG : mixedboy February 14, 2018

    This flu isn’t a joke. It’s taking people out all over.

    • SMH February 15, 2018

      Very true.

  4. Jasmine February 14, 2018

    Many older stars like Mariah benefit from Wendy bad-mouthing her. Wendy keeps their names in the media while other media sources disregard their importance. If a celeb is not being talked about it means they are not relevant. Wendy helps keep the relevancy alilve for older artists.

    • Theman February 14, 2018

      Mariah is relevant without Wendy. So that is irrelevant. She’s one of the few that garners attention regardless. So Wendy does nothing for Mariah.

      • Jasmine February 14, 2018

        My comment clearly states “older stars”. Do you really believe that Mariah is the only “older star” in the world? Besides, any artist that releases 3 FLOP albums in a row is a star of yester-year. We love Mariah but let’s not be delusional dahling LOL!

      • Theman February 15, 2018

        Three flops? What flops? And if so by who’s standards. With this music climate & being around for quite a bit getting gold albums & platinum/multi platinum singles is amazing. MC’s only uncertified project was her last one. And ‘Beautiful’ still went 2x platinum. How many women that have her sort of longevity can say that they have gold/platinum anything? Oh… Furthermore, she brings the material. The powers that be just gotta do what shall be done.

      • Jasmine February 15, 2018

        Me. I am Mariah only sold 122K copies in the US and the two albums before that certainly did not go platinum in the US. I’m not here for the petty back and forth. If you want to PRETEND like Mariah is the hot new 20 year old artist everyone is talking about daily then carry on with your delusions. If you want to face reality that she is a legendary artist of yester-year that is not talked about daily then come to me with reality.

        You still can’t even answer my original question of: “Do you really believe that Mariah is the only “older star” in the world?” Obviously, you are suffering with Mariah stan obsession and I’m sorry but I only converse with realistic people, not those suffering stan delusions.

    • SMH February 15, 2018

      Thats just dumb. You’re giving Wendy WAAAAY too much credit. She’s not that relevant to the mainstream her damn self.

      • Jasmine February 15, 2018

        Wendell’s show has been on the air 10 years now and before that she was the queen of gossip radio. Her ratings alone validate everything I said about her. She may not appeal to you or me but I am not going to pretend like she does not have a certain market that has kept her ratings high and on the air for 10 years:


    • Marcel February 15, 2018

      Lmao Wendy can’t even book A list actors or artists like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon do and so what makes you think she has the power to keep certain celebs relevant with her constant spewing of hogwash.
      She can’t even book Mariah for an interview even though you claim she makes her relevant

      • Jasmine February 15, 2018

        Are you really pretending like Mariah is the only has-been star Wendell talks about? I know a lot of Mariah stans are delusional but I never knew some of yall really believe everything in the world is about Mariah. Get real. Based on ratings alone, Wendell is certainly mainstream and she taps into a certain older / ratchet female / gay market.


  5. Achooo! February 14, 2018

    Wendy don’t have the flu she is fainting from taking high blood pressure medications and combination of menopause with hint of stress from her husband Kevin and starving.

  6. Mariah Carey February 14, 2018

    She’s the b*tch that’s fragile! Rest up Wendy dahhling! 😘

  7. Truth February 14, 2018

    Child please we all know she out there looking for her husband…you not fooling me William…

  8. Jason February 14, 2018

    People are so rude! I don’t care if you don’t like her, don’t make fun of someone’s sickness! Get well Wendy!!

    • Jasmine February 14, 2018

      Relax. I read the comments and the people are making fun of Wendell in jest. She is going to be fine. Please do not pretend like this is some serious illness. It is just the flu and besides Wendell deserves some vacation time. She is a hard worker just like me.

      • Jason February 14, 2018

        Ok, Jasper. Keep working hard.

  9. kushknight February 14, 2018

    get well soon Wendell 😉

  10. Ropeburn February 15, 2018

    The strain of the flu that’s going around this year aint no joke. Lots of “healthy” people are dropping like flies. Anybody who feels like they’re coming down with it needs to take it seriously.

  11. PatienceHoney February 15, 2018

    Girl you know that queen is allegedly doing that white stuff again or something worse. Allegedly.

  12. LB February 15, 2018

    She looks unhealthy and she’s been stuttering a lot lately. I think she’s either seriously sick or she’s taking something.

  13. Jasmine February 15, 2018

    In Asia where I come from Wendy is massive.

    • Jasmine February 15, 2018

      STOP impersonating me you ugly jigaboo B|TCH! I know you wish you were me but enough is enough with impersonating me.

      • Jasmine February 16, 2018


      • Jasmine February 16, 2018

        Make me!

  14. Bitchpleeeeaaaasssezzzzzzzz February 15, 2018

    I thought something wasn’t right with Wendy during yesterday’s show as she seemed so strange and disoriented.
    Get well soon hunty and comeback stronger with whole lotta shades🙏🏽😂🙌🏽

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