Amber Rose Claps Back Over Homophobic Jabs Aimed At Her 5-Year-Old Son

Published: Wednesday 21st Mar 2018 by Sam

Amber Rose plays no games when it comes to her son Sebastian.

The youngster, whose father is rapper Wiz Khalifa, was elated to learn that his favorite artist Taylor Swift had gifted he and mom VIP tickets to her show – something Rose shared on social media yesterday.

However, trolls responded by slamming the youngster with homophobic jabs for liking the Pop star.

Infuriated, Amber took to Snapchat moments ago with an emotionally charged message.

Her words below…

Well said!

Peep the original video below….

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Thank you @taylorswift! 🙏🏽❤️😍

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Thank you @taylorswift Part 2 ❤️😍🎃

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  1. Jay Jay March 21, 2018

    Well said Amber!

    • TY March 21, 2018

      The state of the urban community is disgusting. LEAVE PEOPLES KIDS ALONE

    • Suicide Blonde March 21, 2018

      Who cares about Amber? I want some of that fat long Wiz D.I.C.K. I just love thug D.I.C.K. I hope he don’t mind that I have lice in my hair and no walls.

      • Pat March 23, 2018

        Lmaoooo. I love your way of boycotting that troll!

  2. Curt March 21, 2018

    Why is a 5year old even listening to Taylor Swift new era? Regardless, trolls need to leave people’s children alone!

  3. Jasmine March 21, 2018

    So Amber is pimping her kid for likes on social media and it back fired. Amber is wrong here and the hater trolls are more wrong / evil for attacking a young child.

    • StarXavi March 21, 2018

      In what way is Amber wrong for wanting to share a reaction moment of HER son,,,,receiving a gift from HIS fave artist? How is she pimping him?

      • Jasmine March 21, 2018

        Any celeb that is constantly posting photos and videos of their kid on social media for the world to see is pimping their kid indeed. Don’t try to twist my words and act like I was talking about only one post!

    • Meme March 21, 2018

      What makes her any different than any other mother that proud to share their Littleones? Seriously? This is something abt proud parent would post.

      • Jasmine March 21, 2018

        Everyday mom’s are not celebs so nobody is really checking their instas. I would never exploit my kid like that. Unless you are a parent you would not understand or relate to what I am saying.

    • Jasmine March 21, 2018

      Shaniqua you’re baron/sterilized so you can’t eveh have kids. Stfu little miss hip hop. Was your chitterlings circuit coloring book tour successful, Shaniqua?

      • Guest March 21, 2018

        It’s barren you dummy. Whatever book she was plugging I doubt you could read it.

      • Jasmine March 21, 2018

        @Guest you don’t read coloring books, Beloved. Well maybe you do, I heard you were at one her book signings at the piggly wiggly. Hope you had a blast!!!

      • Guest March 21, 2018

        @Jasmine you don’t understand sarcasm but that’s ok.

      • Jasmine March 21, 2018

        @Fake Jasmine. The only thing “baren” is your limp peniis you disgusting, diseased, piece of rock bottom trash that nobody wants. Stop impersonating me you vile POS! All of your comments are racist! All of your comments are racist stereotypes of black women! You are a disgusting piece of work.

  4. XYZ March 21, 2018

    I remember that I did not like Amber when she first came up as Kanye’s side chick, because I thought she is just another fame w****. But this chick has balls and I applaud her for it. I really like her personality and that she stands for an open society.

  5. Fancy BISH March 21, 2018

    Amber won lol

  6. Olusheyi March 21, 2018

    WTF! Folks need to stop being idiots. So what that her likes Taylor. You need to watch your bad add kids and stop worrying about other people’s kids

  7. Jasmine March 21, 2018

    Amber and I just spoke, my company will be donating to her next słüt walk. As a dark skinne, bisexual, Asian from the Wakanda (housing projects) I know all about being a słüt.

    • Jasmine March 21, 2018

      Stop impersonating me you vile piece of trash! All of your comments are racist! All of your comments are racist stereotypes of black women! You sir are a disgusting piece of work.

      • Jasmine March 21, 2018

        Hey Shaniqua ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️How’s your side ponytail(yacky #6) and Jordan ensemble today?

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