Joseline Hernandez Mocks ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Ratings Slump

Published: Monday 26th Mar 2018 by David

Joseline Hernandez wants VH1 and the minds behind ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ to know that she is keeping an eye on its ratings following her departure from the series.

Clashes with the show’s producers inspired her decision to leave the platform at the end of its last season and said feud is set to intensify this week after the Puerto Rican princess took to Instagram to mock the numbers its first episode without her pulled in last week.


Over 1 million viewers opted not to tune in.

What she had to say about the substantial ratings slide awaits below…

When 1.2 million won’t even cut they Tv on! #joselinehernandez

A post shared by Joseline Hernandez (@joseline) on

The opening episode of the show’s sixth season, which was fronted by Joseline, Jessica Dime and the charismatic Tommie, opened with 3.2 million viewers to its name when it aired on March 6th 2017.

On March 19th 2018, the series’ season seven premiere episode swept up 2.21 million, the lowest premiere episode number the show has seen since its first season.

Do you think things will pick up as the season continues?


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  1. to ny March 26, 2018

    Girl its not because of you! danmm shes dumb! the SHOW SUCKS PERIOD!

  2. Jasmine March 26, 2018

    Jose is sumb. No one is checking for him or lhh anymore. The ratings did not fall because he got fired.

    • Cherelle Peterson March 26, 2018

      What is sumb? A dumb spelling?

      • Jasmine March 26, 2018

        SUMB stands for Stupid Ugly Manly B|tch.

  3. Faf March 26, 2018

    It may be for her but not entirely
    Tommie is more than enough drama
    The problem is people are tired of the same storyline with rasheda and Kirk
    And i feel like they need a new girl there’s no one new on the show this season

    • Faf March 26, 2018

      Also Erica mena needs to go back to ny her in Atlanta is random af


    Puerto Rican joke……. there are no princesses in Puerto Rico….. you just want to tell everybody that she’s not black even though she is a black woman

    • Jasmine March 26, 2018

      Shanellica stay telling lies. He knows he was born a man and is pushing 40. Lol

      • Jasmine March 26, 2018

        Exactly sister4Life she thinks she’s Puerto Rican but she is BLACK. I like honesty which is why I admire your honesty about being a dark Asian and not black. Takes a lot of courage sis. Love u

  5. Your Name March 26, 2018

    LHH just isn’t good anymore, even though 2.1 million viewers is still a decent viewership…

  6. Ricki March 26, 2018

    Producer Mona Scott Young blew it. You can’t expect to have a successful show without the star. It’s like trying to still do “Dallas” without JR.

  7. SMH March 27, 2018

    Does she actually think that her “show” will do any better? Lmao.

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