‘Real Housewives’: Sheree Whitfield’s Prison Lover Faces More Jail Time

Published: Tuesday 27th Mar 2018 by David

Sheree Whitfield has learned that her plans to start a life with her new lover may be in danger.

Good news for those of her friends who are against her coupling with a convict below…

Whitfield surprised her ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ co-stars when she revealed that she was in love with a man named Tyrone Gilliams who is serving serious time for the part he played in a large wire fraud scam!

Sheree had hoped that he would return to her this year. Alas, much to the delight of those who fear that he is after her millions, his request to be released in 2018 has been rejected.

BET reports…

To his disappointment, however, U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts declined his latest attempts in a March 20 filing, with her reasoning being he offered no new evidence.

With this new information, Gilliams is now set to be released from prison on November 14, 2022, making his remaining sentence just more than four years.


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  1. Jasmine March 27, 2018

    ??‍♀️??‍♀️ It’s alright RaeRae, I know prison CœCK??? is da best, but there are plenty of eligible bachelors in Da ATL. Bachelorettes too, you bi right? Just Like me ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Except your not Asian tho! Let’s me for creme brûlée and cigarettes ? at my place ??‍♀️

    • IWISHABITCHWOULD March 28, 2018

      LMAO yes! this cracked me up you’re stupid.

      Sheree is a dumbie though,,, it so many eligible bachelors in ATL prison bae is not the right thing to do. Especially if he is locked up for fraud.

      You would think after it took her over a decade to be her chateau that she would be more selective with her coin and who’s close to it.

      Oh well I hope he can get conjugal visits LMAO


    I like how you bitchezxxxx judge another. …when most of you date deadbeats drug addicts ex-convicts or men who were constantly cheating on you…. but you point fingers at other females a woman will never be president of the United States

    • TC March 27, 2018

      Damn you just described my ex to the T (politely removes wig and hands it over)!

    • Cinnamon (Jasmine OG) March 27, 2018

      It is OK to hate on this situation. Sheree is near 50 and still very immature. She should grow. Dating a dangerous man might be appealing in your 20s but not when you are knocking on 50.

  3. Achooo! March 27, 2018

    Sheree is pathetic. She is a typical uneducated hood rat who got pregnant in her teens. Im not surprise she chose a felon for her storyline but she serves no purpose on RHOA. She is fake, can not formulate a complete sentence and she is loyal to know one. C***!


      just because a man is in prison does not mean he is guilty

      • Cinnamon (Jasmine OG) March 27, 2018

        He guilty. He committed wire fraud and their is evidence against him that got him in jail. How did he get the money in his account? How did he get busted with the money? His asss is guilty and Sheree is stupid for this storyline.

  4. Queenshade March 27, 2018


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