Black Twitter Blasts Kevin Hart With “Coon” Claims After Starbucks Tweet

Published: Monday 16th Apr 2018 by David

Starbucks is in the middle of an enormous crisis.

Last week, the company was forced to assess the way in which it treats its African-American customers after two African-American men were forcefully removed from one of its stores by police.

Their supposed crime? Waiting for a friend.

For some reason, the comedian Kevin Hart decided to stand in the way of criticism the business was facing for not firing the store’s manager.

How Black Twitter has responded?

Find out below…

Confused by his reluctance to hold the company accountable for not holding its employee accountable, some Twitter users had this to say about him…


Do you agree with Kevin’s critics?

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  1. Ughhh April 16, 2018

    I’m over Twitter.

    • SMH April 16, 2018

      And I’m over America and their constant excuses for justifiable racism.

  2. tisha April 16, 2018

    Middle finger to Black Twitter!, Most of them dont have jobs anyways! Im here for Kevin! Hes right. S*** happens you cant be mad. Let the company make changes! people are ignorant as f***.

    He lives in the hills and black twitter lives in projects thats why they mad! they in project buying starbucks dummmys!

    • SMH April 16, 2018

      That’s the whole point, dummy. Kevin is in the hills detached from the situation so he’s running his mouth about a situation he knows nothing about.

      • tisha April 16, 2018

        How is he Detached Dummy! He is very aware! Just because you are smart and move up in life doesnt mean your detached it actually means your doing the right thing and using your danm common scenes! he just has a different/smarter opinion then you!

        DOnt be mad your Still living in the project buying startbucks! when you should be roasting it at home!

    • SZA Slayz April 16, 2018

      Most of them don’t have jobs? Proof please.

  3. madbrax April 16, 2018

    black twitter. lol so pathetic

  4. Truuteaaaas April 16, 2018

    He obviosuly holds significant starbucks stock hence his comments ?? foooll

  5. Olusheyi April 16, 2018

    He’s out touch. People be careful who you look up to and spend your money supporting

    • kenny April 16, 2018

      your outta touch also it seems! I bet you watch all his shows and stuff to. and buy frapachinos all day long!

  6. SZA Slayz April 16, 2018

    Kevin is going to down in history as one of the biggest coons of all time. Even Sony execs called him a w**** in those leaked emails because he’s known to take any role that pays…no matter how cheap and demeaning. The people defending him will feel foolish when they realise he has stocks in Starbucks and is only trying to save his own pockets.

    • kenny April 16, 2018

      Cheap and demeaning! wow your delusional. I wont feel like a fool. Hes helps the community is so many other ways and put $ right back into the BLK community not l;ike you that gets mad cuz your dont have s*** to give back but a pointless negative comment thats a LIE!!

      • Cassius Clay 4Ever April 16, 2018

        No good in giving money if the movies you make perpetuate harmful stereoptoes. History will not be kind to this fool. #ACOONamatata. By the way, I’m currently sitting in the house I just purchased so you can take your distorted views on black people where you’ll find Kevin’s credibility….the toilet.

      • kenny April 16, 2018

        Harmful whats has been harmfull in Kevin movies the last 5 years, Hes funny, does he offend you when he makes blk jokes? please! yet Love and Hip hop is on season 14 and has like 10 spin offs and celebrity like k-michell! so hush! hes not it its Black people that buy this stuff and watch it liek yourself and your Family and friends! Your life is a toilet not his!

        You sound bumb dude

  7. eric April 16, 2018

    I’ve never been discriminated against on the rare occasion I’ve gone to Starbucks, but I know personally of a group of blacks who were forced to leave a Starbucks because an employee thought they were gathering for black lives matter. It was a church meeting of maybe 10 people and they had bought food and drinks. A white woman stood up for them and posted the story on social media. I just think some businesses operate in a shady way known only to the people who are a part of those closed door conversations. I’ll keep my money and Starbucks can keep their lousy product–that works for me.

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