Gabrielle Union’s ‘Breaking In’ To Earn $17 Million In Its Opening Weekend

Gabrielle Union‘s ‘Breaking In’ is off to a positive start!

Good news below…

Impacting theatres today, the movie opened for previews on Thursday and swept up over half a million dollars from only 2,150 locations!

With this in mind, industry experts now believe that the action thriller can expect to earn $17 million in its opening weekend much to the delight of its producer Will Packer who is also thank for Beyonce‘s box office booming movie ‘Obsessed.’

Union’s lucrative union with Packer on the movie comes after they collaborated on the TV show ‘Being Mary Jane’ which impacted fans via Will Packer Productions.

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    Obsessed was screened at 2,514 theaters and grossed $11,209,297 on its opening day of April 24, 2009;[40] it ended its opening weekend at the top of the box office, with gross revenue of $28,612,730 in those three days,[41][42] and became the second-biggest opening weekend for a Screen Gems film ever. It grossed $78 million worldwide. Also sold over 1 million copies in DVDS domesticly which adds up to $22 million gross from DVD gross. That’s over $100 million worldwide gross

    • G7Pat May 11, 2018

      Girl that movie had the worst lead female acting of all time

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED May 11, 2018

        Beyonce and Gabby did Cadillac Records this time 10 years ago. Beys acting was Equal to Gabby’s. In obsessed beys acting was atrocious but her performance in AUSTIN POWERS AND CADILLAC RECORDS proves she’s at least good at playing a B****.

      • gina May 11, 2018

        That movie did well because both Idris Elba and Ali Larter were already major box office draws. lets keep the beyonce asskissing out of this please.

    • ??? May 11, 2018

      lmao obsessed did well only because of IDRIS ELBA, no other reason. definitely not because of that non-acting roach that played his wife lmfaoooooo

      • Jasmine May 11, 2018

        If Obsessed did well because of him then this movie should have done well because of Gabrielle. Don’t diss her like she has not been acting for 25 plus years. Given the budget this movie is still making a good profit. It is only Friday so the numbers could go up too.

      • gina May 11, 2018

        This movie just came out, and the producers are already considering it a success just by the first day numbers. Nobody is dissing Gabby, dear. Relax.


    Simply put, this Movie… BROKE INN is a major FLOP in progress. Poor Gabby can’t carry a thriller or any movie for that matter

    • ??? May 11, 2018

      lmao sit yo fat ass down, this movie is already more successful than any flop roach was in. why? because gabby is AN ACTRESS, not a place holder like roach’s non acting ass lmfaoooooo

    • StarXavi May 11, 2018

      How is it a flop Precious? At the end of the day I bet the budget for this movie was $5-10 million. The movie has already surpassed that therefore it is no flop. Secondly, Gabrielle’s performance has been praised and has proven that she should be cast lead more often, but with better material.

  3. eric May 11, 2018

    If things work out for good, it’ll build momentum for Gabby in the Bad Boys spinoff.

  4. Meteorite May 11, 2018

    Well lets just be real here, no movie is going to pull in any serious bank while Mickey Thanos is grabbing all the loot. Black Panther is still showing in theaters, Infinity War is still dominating and then you have Ant-Man & The Wasp coming out in few weeks and in between that they that Han Solo Star Wars movies. Its really over now since Disney bought out Fox.

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