‘Roots’ Actor On Kanye West Slavery Comments: “He Has Brain Chemistry Issues”

Published: Friday 4th May 2018 by David

LeVar Burton, the star of Alex Haley‘s ‘Roots’, has revealed that he believes Kanye West‘s views on African-American chattel slavery are fuelled by a chemical imbalance.

West surprised his fans (and pleased Far Right groups) when he argued that enslaved Africans must have chosen to remain in the horrific conditions they were forced into by Europeans for 400 years.

Of course, this struck Burton who has fought to educate the masses on the true nature of chattel slavery through art and activism.

His thoughts on West below…

I think someone is his camp needs to put their arms around him and have him sit the hell down. It’s a brain chemistry thing. Mr. Trump has seized this opportunity.

Your thoughts?

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  1. God May 4, 2018

    This is simply what happens when American do NOT know their history. There’s a WHOLE network (FOX) pushing this topic, all while not knowing the knowledge OF proper American history.

    The base of this Kanye thing started with “Blacks are brainwashed and democrats didn’t want slavery to end. Republicans freed slaves.”

    That is NOT entirely true. If you see that comment, it is NOT true.

    Southern and Northern democrats went to war over slavery, though, initially slavery wasn’t the root behind the civil war. They (republican controlled executive party) wanted the 13 colonies turned into the united states and needed men to fight. Thus, they started promoting “we need men, we’ll take care of your family’ approach to get men signed up for war. Of course, black men signed up. They were poor, uneducated, and kidnapped from an entire Continent.

    Northern democrats wanted slavery to end, while southern democrats didn’t want black people free. Even after 300+ years of free labor from black people. They went to war.

    The democratic party became the part of the colored people during the war, because Northern democrats started to include “discrimination and civil rights” topics into their campaigns, thus; creating the modern day democratic system we see today.

    • SMH May 4, 2018

      Thank you for this comment. I think you need to send this to Kanye and all the rest of his uneducated supporters who agree with his nonsense.

    • Jasmine May 4, 2018

      Just to add to that black soldiers fought on both sides of the war (North and South). The war lasted from 1861 to 1865. The true reason why slavery was ended was because of industrialization (s**** labor was more expensive to maintain than machine labor and paid indentured servants).

    • Caleb May 4, 2018

      You’ve got it very right, although I would argue that history shows the Democratic Party didn’t become the party supported by most poc until the 1930s during the Roosevelt era, and the party was still championed by white supremacists all the way into the 1940s when there was a giant split in the party due to Truman’s support for desegregation of the military. Southern democrats revolted and formed the Dixiecrats, and by the 1960s when LBJ signed Civil Rights legislation into law they left the party in droves when Barry Goldwater, who was anti-civil rights, won the Republican Party nomination. The switch was very gradual but was all but complete by the 1970s.

  2. Shaquiiii May 5, 2018

    Not a psychiatrist, and not a psychologist…then why are you speaking about Mental health issues?!?

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