Roseanne Slams Cast Mates & Fellow Celebs For ‘Throwing Her Under the Bus’

Published: Wednesday 30th May 2018 by Rashad

The L’s just keep getting handed to comedienne Roseanne Barr.

Just two days after learning the hit reboot of her classic 90’s self-titled comedy had gotten the boot due to her racist jokes on Twitter, the star learned it would also be snatched from syndication via platforms like TV Land (click here to read more on that).

Despite weigh ins from commentators of every walk flooding the net, Barr was particularly stunned to see some of her own cast mates not only lend their opinions about the matter but also slam the controversial comedienne and distance themselves from the hoop-la.

Needless to say, Roseanne wasn’t too pleased with the action.  Look inside for her responses:



Her co-stars weren’t the only celebs who spoke their piece.  Look below for more celebrity reactions:


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  1. WRTW? May 30, 2018

    When Charlie Sheen becomes so moral, something seems fishy

  2. JasmineIsTrash May 30, 2018

    Yawn…. the only reason people are attacking Roseanne is because she is a Trump supporter. People call each other worse names than “Ape” on Twitter all day… Black folks were just slamming Kanye saying he wasn’t black anymore, and calling him a c*** because he “loves” Trump. Selective outrage from the Snowflakes. P.S. – Valerie Jarrett does look like the ape from Planet of the Apes… Roseanne was right…

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 30, 2018

      Everyone look at Suicide Blonde hiding behind one of his troll accounts to race bait. That white trash is making excuses for Roseanne. I’ll break it down for everyone, including DL Hugly’s coooon ugly ass for defending her too. Black people hold different weight to racist terms. There are some words we are sensitive too and others that cut us deeper so we are super sensitive to them because the person who said it meant to cut us. For example, white people using words / phrases like niqqa, b|tch, homie, black man, etc my black brotha might cause black sensitivity but does not cut deep. However words / phrases like monkey, the N word that ends in er, gorilla, uncle tom, or ape cuts deep, very deep. Ape was a racist slang word used by Roseanne’s generation which is the equivalent of the N word but worse. Oprah was called an ape by this same generation and even on her shown once in the late 80s by white trash. It refers to a period of time when blacks were treated and looked at as less than human and some white person’s property.

      The only reason the word is not as popular now is because black people have transcended the world of beauty and made us recognize our beauty and envy it. For the first time in history, black womwn are now a little threat when it comes to the chase for wealthy husbands (that royal wedding proved that and im so happy about that).

      How dare Suicide come on here race baiting on such a sensitive topic he is clueless about just to defend that white trash monster with deep knives named Roseanne. She might have said a word this new generation is too assimilated to know the extent of but trust me when I say it is worse than the N word. That b|tch meant to cut deep because as white trash ages they get more bitter and ruthless and evil.

    • Casual May 31, 2018

      You had me in your corner right up to the postscript. There was no need to insult the outstanding Ms. Jarrett.

      I think political correctness has now gone overboard. Paula Deen, Kim Burrell, Kathy Griffin, Joy Reid, Roseanne — give somebody a fvcking break. We ALL say things we shouldn’t at times.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 31, 2018

        Regular people get fired from their jobs for saying racist comments if another employee snitches on them to HR. Why should celebs be exempt?

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan May 30, 2018

    Im going to give them my views now by leaving my tv on the ABC network.

  4. Hmmm May 30, 2018

    Is that you Roseanne??? Be careful boo, you don’t want Sam or Rashad to cancel you from TGJ!!

  5. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 30, 2018

    That monster Trump in the white house quietly supports this racist b|tch from yester year who blew a white priveleged break in a reboot. None of the black show hasbeens have gotten a reboot effort funded and on the air.

    Receipts on CNN and several news sources showing what Trump had to say. He quietly supporting this racist white trash because birds of a feather see themselves in each other.

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