Winnie Harlow: “America’s Next Top Model Does Nothing For Anyone’s Career”

Published: Thursday 10th May 2018 by David

The supermodel Winnie Harlow has revealed that she believes ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is a waste of time for any aspiring model hoping to follow in her footsteps.

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Keith Carlos was crowned the winner of the season Winnie (who went by the name Chantelle at the time) competed in back in 2014.

Since then, with no help from the series, she has risen to become one of the fashion’s most celebrated faces.

How she feels about the show?

Watch below…

She isn’t first ‘Top Model’ contestant to slam the show’s inability to produce top models and the way they are treated by producers when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chasin Time May 10, 2018

    Winnie, girl… had you not been on that reality show, you wouldn’t have gotten the Followers you have which means that photographer wouldn’t have seen your work. If it wasn’t for her condition she would be very regular, not model material. Her attitude is awful as well.

    • SMH May 10, 2018


    • Meme May 10, 2018

      Exactly. She has a horrible attitude and she’s a try hard.

    • Jasmine May 10, 2018

      I agree with her and you. I think she is small-minded to think that winning a reality show is going to make you a star overnight, especially when you win a reality show that has sufferred serious ratings decline from being on too long. Being on a reality show means exposure. You have to find a manager who will get you gigs. That is how you have a career. Look at Eva the Diva. She won and was the most memorable contestant. However, Eva had to work hard to find acting and modeling gigs because she still had not experience as an actress and is too short for a lot of runway fashion gigs. No one is given a career but everyone has a shot at 15 minutes of fame. What you do with that 15 minutes is on you (and your manager if you have one). Look how far Cardi B took her 15 minutes of fame? Look how far Nene Leakes took her 15 minutes of fame? Look how long Teyanna Taylor is stretching out her 15 minutes of fame? See, its on Winnie now. Do the work ma.

  2. Jasmine (The Original Princess) May 10, 2018

    Her vertiligo looks way too symmetrical to be real

  3. Ashanti May 10, 2018

    IF ANYTHING IT GAVE YOU EXPOSURE. I’m gonna leave all my other ignorant comments to myself. Cuz i could go in. This girl has a TERRIBLE attitude.

  4. pat May 10, 2018

    ungrateful bih.

  5. Jacob May 10, 2018

    Well she right, look at eva pigford

  6. Meme May 10, 2018

    Girl bye, yet it put you on. Girls who go on this show are celebrity seeking. They want a shortcut to fame. It works for some.

  7. XYZ May 10, 2018

    They still get PR and have a better opportunity to make a name. I believe her that the show does nothing for you career wise, but you def get a push for yourself out of it, which you can use

  8. starsncoffe November 5, 2019

    She doesn’t have a bad attitude. Just look more into how antm is actually doing the business. How they are treating the models just for a case of drama. Winnie is just not saying the details but you can tell that she holds grudge.

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