Lewis Hamilton Rocks Skirt On British GQ Cover / Expresses Regret For Teasing Nephew For Wearing A Dress

Published: Saturday 30th Jun 2018 by Sam

Lewis Hamilton wants to make amends and expresses exactly this on the August cover of British GQ.

The F1 superstar made headlines last December when he poked fun at his young nephew for wearing a dress. Sharing the clip on social media, he wrote at the time:  “boys don’t wear princess dresses.”

Social media lit him all the way up and he later apologised.

Now, he takes it a step further, by covering the magazine in a skirt – a Scottish kilt.

Inside the issue, the 33-year-old addressed the matter head on. His words below…

 “I still hold regret for it today, but ultimately I think it’s important in life for people to be held accountable for their actions and particularly their words, and I was.

‘I’ve been through quite a lot [of criticism], although there are things I regret in my life, I wouldn’t go back and change them, because if I did I wouldn’t be the man I am today, I wouldn’t have the mindset I have today.

I wouldn’t have grown if I hadn’t fallen and stumbled and gotten back up. A lot of the getting back up from the things I have experienced has been so tough that I didn’t think I would make it through, particularly with [what happened recently].”

Beyond rocking tartan Tommy Hilfiger skirts, Hamilton is also flexing his musical muscles. He appears on Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Liberation’ track ‘Pipe’ under the mysterious alias XNDA.

Listen here:

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  1. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 30, 2018

    Theres nothing wrong with being homophobic or racist

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 30, 2018

      Yes there is. To be homophobic or racist means you have hate in your heart against the way God made another human being. We are all animals at the end of the day so no human is better than another human being.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 30, 2018

        this world is BACKWARDS and EVIL. ppl choose the Sin of being homosexual tho most homosexuals are full gendered, not crossed gendered. and no ppl are NOT CREATED EQUAL, I am literally better than every midget and retarded person walking this planet, you also cause men in general are better stronger and smater than woman.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 30, 2018

        Lol everyone has a gift and purpose in life, even the people who u think u are better than. Gay people have always existed but there are more people now who claim to be gay because the population has grown and it is more acceptable to be gay by society now.

        Trust me I see your point of view. I am guiltY of having disdain and dislike for men that act like b|tches and those trannies who think they are women but ready to fight real women which is unfair because they are physically men. I have learned to just stay focused on my own family and making money. People gonna be who they are and as long as they don’t come for me I don’t have an issue with them. I also am guilty of being racist towards mexicans because I dislike how they have destroyed many formerly nice neighborhoods and school districts with their poverty and ghetto ways. Again, as long as they stay away from my neighborhood I have no issues with them on the living situation. It is the ones who move to my neighborhood and sleep in vans or homeless shelters so they can send their kids to the public school my tax dollars pay for and the ones who drain the system causing income tax and property tax to continually rise. My disdain towards poor mexicans is justified because I and everyone else who works has to pay to support these bums and their litter. It is so unfair. I don’t think I’m racist. I’m just a conservative. Every poor person around the world thinks they are entitled to live in the US. We are overpopulated here! There is no more jobs or room so all they bring here is financial and criminal trouble!!!!

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 30, 2018

        Amen. I was actually thinking about mentioning Mexicans. I live next door to Mexicans and they live in a rat infested home, One of the filthiest houses on our street too lol, can’t stand their cars, loud music, or the Live Chickens they have in their backyard. Trump needs to make them build that WALL (from the other end of it) lol.

      • StarXavi July 2, 2018

        Two trash individuals finding common ground.

  2. Caleb June 30, 2018

    Oh wow this is the same guy who embarrassed his poor nephew all over the Internet? That’s why he’s wearing a skirt now. This just made him less s***.

    • Caleb June 30, 2018

      Why can’t I write the word s*xy?

  3. Caleb June 30, 2018

    And I feel so bad for Christina. Her album is predicted to have a 95% decline in the 2nd week with 3,000 in sales. I realize it’s the streaming era but even if the charts were based on only traditional sales this would be an unheard of decline.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 30, 2018

      Lmfaooooooooooooo ? #FAIL WOW ?

    • Fancy BISH June 30, 2018

      Perspiration lol ?

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 30, 2018

        #SCREAMING!!!! ????️

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 30, 2018

      I think this is expected. She delivered a boring album so it is not going to be re-streamed too often by her fans and the album does not offer hot singles to bring in curious listeners. Simply put, Christina works better with one solid producer like she did on Stripped (Scott STorch) and then once she has nailed down 10 solid tracks with that one producer doing her and expirimenting with other producers / sounds. Liberation was more of an expirimental album with various writers / producers none of which were well fitted to make a hit single. If she really wanted a comeback album she should have called up Scott Storch (made up with him and used him again because he aint doing anything substantial lately and people like that who are not sought after can use Christina to make a comeback at the same time as a producer).

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 30, 2018


      • Caleb July 1, 2018

        I just believed she had a bigger fanbase that would have kept her a little more afloat than this.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 1, 2018

        Well Everything is a FLOP suffered a 73% sales decline this week and that album comes from two current megastars whereas Christina has not been a current artist in a decade.

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