Tiffany Haddish Covers THR’s First Ever Comedy Issue / Finally Reveals #WhoBitBeyonce

Published: Wednesday 13th Jun 2018 by Sam

Tiffany Haddish is crowned ‘Comedy’s New Queen’ a-front of the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

And with understandable reason. Several, in fact.

Since her breakout success in last summer’s surprise smash ‘Girls Trip,’ the star – who, at 38, is redefining the rules surrounding the age of “making it” – has been on a hot streak like no other.

In one year alone, she’s nabbed blockbuster deals with Netflix and HBO, hosted SNL, starred in a major Super Bowl commercial, released a book, and landed a slew of new roles – with ‘Night School’ co-starring Kevin Hart being one of her most anticipated.

And if that made for a compelling read, her interview feature is even more magnetic.

Doing away with the stuffy political correctness which pervades Hollywood, Haddish is refreshingly candid about…well…everything.

During the chat, she opens up about the business drawbacks of blowing up suddenly, love interests having ulterior motives, and rumored conflicts with ‘The Last OG’ co-star Tracy Morgan.

Perhaps most titillating is her long-awaited reveal of #WhoBitBeyonce. 

What are you waiting for? Pics and excerpts await after the jump…

On Sanaa Lathan Indeed Being Who Bit Beyonce:

“I’m super good friends with her stepmom and her dad [Stan, a producer-director], and they were mad at me. They were like, ‘Why would you do this to the family? You know, black actresses, you guys have to stick together, it’s so hard for you guys to get work as it is, why would you try to ruin her career?’ But I didn’t try to ruin her career. I never said her name! I was just trying to say how Beyonce kept me from goin’ to jail that night. I coulda just shut my whole career down.”

On If She Worried About The Affect The Drama Might Have On Her Career:

“The other day, someone was saying, like, ‘Oh my God, you should keep your mouth shut ’cause now you’re never gonna be invited to parties,’ but I got invited to way more parties after that,” she tells me. “It’s ridiculous how many parties. ‘Can you come to my party?’ ‘Can you come to my thing?’ They want me to talk about something at their thing ’cause they think, like, ‘This is gonna put me back on if Tiffany says something.'”

On How Suddenness Of Her Success Has Its Drawbacks:

“I could’ve been paid $80K, probably $90K, a (comedy) show, but because we booked those before Girls Trip came out, I was getting paid like $20K, $15K, and it fucking sucked,” she says, polishing off her second vodka somewhere over Colorado. “I said to my manager, ‘I think we should just cancel them all, and then if they want to reinstate them, they gotta pay us this much money.’ He’s like, ‘Tiffany, that’s not a good way to do business.’ He said that’s like being a scoundrel, and I was like, ‘No, I’m being a pirate. I want all the booty.'”

On Tension With Tracy Morgan:

Haddish says the network tried a few times to go back in and make her (‘Last OG’) character — (initially) conceived as a kind of serious, straight-woman — more like Girls Trip‘s Dina, and each time she resisted. She suggests her relationship with Morgan changed, too: “When the Jimmy Kimmel thing came out, he’s like (in Morgan’s voice), ‘I saw you on Jimmy Kimmel, you was nervous as f*ck, huh?’ I’m like, ‘No …’ ‘Haddish, come on, I could see it in your eyes, you were scared.’ … But you don’t argue with Tracy, you just say, ‘OK, yeah, you’re right.'”

A few days before we meet, Haddish’s former Carmichael co-star Lil Rel Howery tweeted a link to an interview Morgan had just given, in which he shut down a question about Haddish. Rel included a message to Morgan: “Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!” Haddish says she tried to get her friend to take down the post, but he flat-out refused. “That motherf*cker’s a hater,” Rel told her. Other comics reached out, too, and she says she told them all the same thing: “You guys, chill. He’s probably just tired of hearing my name. It’s exhausting. I’m tired of hearing my name. I could see how that could be irritating, like, ‘Hello, I died, people. I’m back from the dead. Tiffany’s cool, but it’s me sitting here now.’ So, I get it, I’m not mad about it, I love me some Tracy.”

On Not Having Time For A Relationship After Recent Break-Up:

“Her most recent one ended in August, when she realized her boyfriend was trying to take control of her career. The last straw? When she arrived at what she thought would be an intimate dinner to discover he had invited a record executive to discuss a business opportunity. She called it quits that night, and, she tells me, her “coochie’s been closed ever since.”

On Her Goals & Sticking With Her Current Team:

She says she’d like to make at least 50 movies by the time she turns 50, which, if you’re counting, is only 12 years away. “And I want to get $10 million a movie,” she says, “$100 million, eventually.” Predictably, Haddish has plenty of new “friends,” eager to poach her from her longtime reps at APA and Artists First — some of them have even lavished her with gifts, including a custom pair of “She Ready” Gucci slippers. Her response is usually a version of, “Thanks, and I’d love to work with any of your clients, but until my agents mess up and do something really destructive to my career, I’m not goin’ anywhere.”


Got to love some Tiffany!

While it’s safe to say that she’ll be inescapable for the rest of the year, in the more immediate folk can check her out when she hosts the MTV Movie & TV Awards on June 18th. Thereafter, ‘Night School’ hits theaters on September 28th.

Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: THR /Miller Mobley]

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  1. Ashanti June 13, 2018

    I suspected either Saaana or Nia Long. Old news tho IDC anymore

  2. Nicky June 13, 2018

    A ghetto broad with a platform. Why?

    Shut the f** up and grow the f** up!

    • MariahsHoney June 13, 2018

      Shut up cracker, tiffany is doing it, amy and y’all’s boring white comedians have nothing on her, tiffany is a movie star baby, with a hot tv show, getting deals left and right is adored by the world and the industry. She is black excellence.
      And she is ain’t afraid to be herself ??

  3. king z June 13, 2018

    for as much as i hate to say this about a black up-and-coming actress, i’m ready for tiffany to be over. she is annoying, loud, obnoxious, and honestly not that funny

    • Kelly June 13, 2018

      Shut your negative king Zesty ass up ?

  4. SMH June 13, 2018

    Sorry I dont see the appeal of this girl. She is not funny AT ALL. And nobody gives a sh*t who bit beyonce except her dumb ass roaches, so i wish they would stop bringing it up like its some worldwide current event.

    • Guest June 13, 2018

      You see no appeal in Tiffany Haddish and don’t care about Who Bit Beyonce but intentionally clicked on a post titled Tiffany Haddish… finally reveals who bit Beyonce?? Give it up sis. You’re commitment to these things you dramatically swear you don’t care about is pathetic. I swear, you’re always complaining about something. Every time you comment, guaranteed. No matter what the topic is. Shut up already.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. June 13, 2018

      @SMH – I agree on all points.

  5. Section8DaGreat June 13, 2018


  6. pat June 13, 2018

    all that free publicity she gave the carters and they’re still giving away free tickets in random parking lots to fill seats..

    • ??? June 13, 2018

      lmaooooo SCREEEAAAAMMMMMING!!!

    • 4U2SEE June 14, 2018

      Now that is funny as hellz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then all this contradictory, Beyunke fans-base is low-head birds trying to call Tiffany loud ghetto. Ohhhh! the irony.

  7. Retribution June 14, 2018

    I can’t stand this b***h. Like can you SHUT THE **** UP PLEASE!!!!? Why does she keep talking about this? I can’t stand bird, ghetto women like Tiffany Haddish. I know Beyonce hate she ever laid eyes on her. I hope she just goes away now.

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