Donald Trump Fans Seethe As Omarosa Lifts The Lid On More Secrets

Published: Thursday 23rd Aug 2018 by David

Omarosa‘s mission to expose Donald Trump for being the racist she says he is intensified this week as news of Michael Cohen‘s legal woes dominates the mainstream news cycle.

Who she shared fresh thoughts with? Jamal Simmons.

In their conversation, she lifted the lid on his plot to birth a race war, why she isn’t afraid of being harmed by Trump or his powerful supporters and how her book ‘Unhinged’ takes her fans to a journey into her very dark & painful past.

A past, that saw her father murdered and her mother rise above the odds to elevate her children to greatness.

Her inspiring thoughts below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ??? August 23, 2018

    lmaoooo Omarosa for the win!! she has ALWAYS been That B**** ever since she dragged wendell williams to the death on his own show lmfaoooooo!

  2. DC3 FOREVER August 23, 2018


  3. Ghuyrsd August 23, 2018

    Only morons believe a word she says, she is a disgruntled former employee and nothing more. Also, if Trump was so terrible why did she work with him for over 15 years, she was on apprentice several times, his campaign, and the white house…. she is a liar

    • SMH August 23, 2018

      And only morons would defend the liar-in-chief despite all the evidence of his lies & crimes being put right in front of your delusional faces. She would know exactly what type of lying a**hole he is because she worked with him. Don’t kill the messenger, kill the orange liar & criminal.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 23, 2018

      She obviously says truths regarding Trump. He is a despicable retarrded racist. What I don´t like about her is that she is a Republican (I assume, because I don´t pfucking know her except for this news about her “telling it all”). Why are teher so many ignorant Americans? Thankfully there are tons of open minded ones too. But like half of that population is awfully ignorant.

    • erica August 23, 2018

      I have work with terrible people who I know were races, but I had to do what I had to in order to secure my bag. From the looks of it omarosa bag is full. She played the game and now she is winning

    • Casual August 24, 2018

      Ghuyrsd: Right, right . . . She went hard for Trump and said everybody would “bow down to President Trump.” Her problems started the day she was fired.

      Donald Trump isn’t an angel, but I don’t believe a word this woman says.

  4. i hate whytee and blacck bitchezzz August 23, 2018

    what a b****……

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