Omarosa Claims Donald Trump Is Addicted To Fried Chicken

Published: Thursday 30th Aug 2018 by David

Omarosa has shocked the world by revealing that the leader of the Free World is addicted to chicken!

Why she fears his affinity with fried foods may impact the lives of millions?

Her thoughts, feelings and deepest concerns below…

In her new book ‘Unhinged’, Omarosa cites a number of reasons she feels President Donald Trump is unfit to run the United States.

These range from his ties to characters said to have dubious dealings with Russia, his obsession with Barack Obama, his- as far as she sees it- inappropriate relationship with his daughter Ivanka…and the fact that he eats too much.

Now on a book tour, the political titan claims she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw how much fried chicken he consumes each day and fears it has taken a toll on his physical health.

His terrible health habits have caught up with him. His refusal to exercise (except golf). His addiction to Big Macs and fried chicken. His daily tanning bed sessions (he prefers to do it in the morning, so he ‘looks good’ all day).

That wasn’t all.

For, she also says that she didn’t know what to do with herself when she found out that he consumed at least eight cans of Diet Coke a day!

One day, after reading a report which claimed the overconsumption of Coke could impact one’s mental health, she says she mustered the courage to ask him think twice about how his supposed gluttony was affecting his health by showing him evidence from said report.

It was to no avail.

He is yet to respond to her latest accusation.




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  1. Achooo! August 30, 2018

    Everybody loves fried chicken

    • JOHNVIDAL August 30, 2018

      People with not many neurons do. People who love themselves and know better don´t.

      • Rasputia Latimore August 30, 2018

        Shut up old queen. Ur comment ain’t even grammatically correct. Anone with common sense or intelligence would be able to grasp that this article is complete BS. Omorosa is full of sh|t if that b|tch ain’t leaked some damaging visual or audio evidence by now. These are just her sensational accusations to sell her book. I want to believe her but imma need some proof.

  2. Jeans August 30, 2018


  3. ??? August 30, 2018


  4. 4U2SEE August 30, 2018

    ……………………And Money and the Power by Scarface. LOL. It’s too late for Trump to clean up his act. Trump has NO empathy. “No one else to blame, F blame it on the C0loreds.

    • Ghuyrsd August 30, 2018

      You are a moron

  5. Fancy BISH August 30, 2018

    lol ?

  6. I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish August 30, 2018

    This is fake news. … Donald Trump does not eat Big Macs everybody knows Donald Trump does not eat bread, he eats the burger without the bun

  7. Ghuyrsd August 30, 2018

    Why is featuring this moronic woman? The only reason they share these stories is because is run by #snowflake liberals who hate Trump. No substantive political debate, just b******* stories like this. #DoBetter

  8. Shontaka Laquita jackson August 30, 2018

    This stupid B*tch needs to go away. What an angry bitter women she is.

  9. JOHNVIDAL August 30, 2018

    As one of the retarded Americans I wasn´t expecting less LOL

    • Rasputia Latimore August 30, 2018

      If America is so retarded why are all the foreigners begging, lying, and sneaking to get in this country? Because America is the best country in the world. UK is boooooring and the men don’t be brushing their teeth or using deoderant. Africa is lovely for a visit but unless you snag a billionaire ain’t nobody got time for them poor ass people begging for food and money. I’ll be a rich African man’s concubine as long as he pays me lots of money and buys me expensive cars and houses. Australia, Canada, and the other countries don’t matter.

      • Rasputia Latimore August 30, 2018

        Except for the Middle East. It is lovely there and I love me some rich middle eastern men. They know how to wine and dine me. Thus, the only countries that matter are the US, the continent of Africa, and the Middle East. UK is cool for a long visit but I would never live there.

      • JOHNVIDAL August 31, 2018

        It´s sad to spend your life being a troll Jasmine/suicide. Really sad.

  10. thanosoftitans August 30, 2018

    You betta spill that tea!

  11. Its me Gowrl August 30, 2018

    Stepflon Don ft lil Kim! The b**** is BACK!!!!!


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