Report: Rihanna, Letitia Wright & Donald Glover Shoot New Movie

Published: Sunday 12th Aug 2018 by David

Letitita Wright, Rihanna & Donald Glover side by side in the same movie?

It would appear so!

An epic report below…

The singer was spotted by fans in Havana, Cuba who took to Facebook to reveal that they saw her shooting scenes for what they have good reason to believe is a movie.


The following report published by the Cuban magazine Vistar…

The movie is called Guava Island,where she shares a cast with American actor and comedian Donald Glover. According to the magazine, the director of this film is in charge of the director Hiro Murai and the actors Nonso Anozie and Letitia Wright also participate.

Exciting times eh?

If true, it would see Rihanna return to the big screen once again following performances in ‘Bring it On: All or Nothing’, ‘Battleship’, ‘Home’, ‘Ocean’s 8’ and ‘Valerian.’

Your thoughts?


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  1. ? + ✈ = ? August 12, 2018


    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 12, 2018

      What’s terrible is yur hideous Name.

      • Tried it August 12, 2018

        Girl bye bad built b****

  2. Perfection is so…mphm! ?? August 12, 2018

    Whatttt!? I’m here for it

  3. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 12, 2018

    rihs interviews are so boring and that laugh is so annoying. Rih is so anti Bey in all the wrong ways. Lol and does rih actually STAR in this movie or is she playing an EXTRA Again??? ?

    • blue August 12, 2018

      It’s a good think Rih is the anti inarticulate-bey
      . probably why she keeps getting booked for actual acting gigs rather than only animation or singing roles

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 12, 2018

        Beys first feature film Austin Powers and Last Film Obsessed were both far from singing roles and even so at least bey played LEAD roles in ALL her movies including very first movie CARMEN where she was THE lead lol. That’s why Beys name will always be bigger. Rih has yet to play a LEAD aside from animation

        Rihs film career is laughable and has YET to be nominated for a golden globe ?. Rih hasn’t even been in any BIG or Classic level movie yet.

        Where is Rihs James Bond? Even Aliyah had a brighter film career ?

      • blue August 12, 2018

        where is bey’s James bond? lol.
        good for bey to be leads in straight to DVD or film’s that cost plastic to make and still manage to flop beyond belief!

  4. Theelusive1 on IG August 12, 2018

    Thought we was gonna get that summer banger from her ….

  5. blue August 12, 2018

    really do hope this is for a film… she was great in oceans8 but Soo underutilized

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 12, 2018

      Xtras don’t get utilizied babe ?

  6. DC August 12, 2018

    She can’t act next

    • blue August 12, 2018

      and yet there she is getting booked for roles. and being the center of attention.

  7. JOHNVIDAL August 12, 2018

    Who are these other people? And also, is it gonna be another stupid role with a secondary girl nobody cares about yet again? Bish it is good to make your income diverse especially when you don´t have talent, but one should always have some self-respect.

    • blue August 12, 2018

      when you are bitter all you can do is hate at another’s hustle or have self-respect…guess we know what you choose

  8. Ocean August 12, 2018

    Them side cornrows need real B.B. Judy

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