J.K Rowling Condems Racist Serena Williams Depiction

‘Harry Potter’ mastermind JK Rowling has condemned an artist who created a racist depiction of Serena Williams in response to her decision to blast sexism within tennis over the weekend.

Full story below… Williams played against the Haitian-Japanese athlete Naomi Osaka over the weekend and faced drama when the game’s umpire accused her of cheating. Hurt by the accusation, the African-American sportswoman blasted said umpire resulting in the deduction of her points and a hefty fine.

Within hours, a Jim Crowe era style image of Williams was unleashed by the “artist” Mark Knight.                                

We’ve opted not to share the disgusting image as it is terrible. Agreeing with that sentiment? Ms.Rowling.

She wrote:

“Well done on reducing one of the greatest sportswomen alive to racist and sexist tropes and turning a second great sportswoman into a faceless prop.”  

What do you make of the hate Serena is receiving? Is it fuelled by racism?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Keith September 10, 2018

    Of course it is fueled by a cocktail of isms…

  2. Achooo! September 10, 2018

    A beautiful educated woman of color will always bring out the worst in whites. Blacks need to realize they are the originals and every race come from the dark skinned. Black Girls Rock!

  3. Shontaka Laquita jackson September 10, 2018

    Has anyone ever checked her testosterone levels? Why all the rage all of her sudden.

  4. SMH September 10, 2018

    Ive really fkin had it with white people smh.

    • Rasputia Lattimore September 10, 2018

      Bless go and see a psychiatrist and cry about it some more.

      • Rasputia Latimore September 10, 2018

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      • Rasputia Lattimore is TIRED of white trash demon Danzou BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating her September 12, 2018

        @SMH you are like the TRASH I used to be, I’ll prey to Allah in the name of Islam that you see the light of your devil ways.

  5. i hate whyte and blakk b****** they not ish September 10, 2018

    we know she is black …

  6. eric September 10, 2018

    The cartoon is completely unacceptable. If you’re going to exaggerate something for laughs, make sure that what you’re exaggerating is not already a well known and offensive stereotype. The cartoonist crossed a line and feels justified doing so. It’s that white entitlement that is showing itself again and again in this era of Trump.

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