Report: Rihanna Readies Colin Kaepernick Collaboration

Published: Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018 by David

Efforts to sabotage Colin Kaepernick‘s quest to end brutality against black people have fallen flat once again.

Powered by the people, the athlete’s efforts were amplified by Nike who joined him on his journey and have now been backed by the Pop megastar Rihanna who rejected an offer to perform at the ‘Super Bowl’ to send a message to his enemies at the National Football League.

Today, fans have learned that the ‘Stand Up’ singer is in it for the long-run.

Cool news below…

‘The Metro‘ newspaper reports that Rihanna, inspired by Colin’s bravery and commitment to fairness, is planning to honour his work with some kind of collaboration.

Their source revealed…

Colin was overwhelmed when he found out Rihanna turned down the Super Bowl to stand with him in his protest against anti-black violence and injustices. He’d heard a little while before the rest of the world did and since then they’ve been speaking regularly and have decided to work on something related to social justice reform. ‘They’re both leaders in their lanes and believe they have the power to inspire positive change in a fun and powerful way.

Rihanna’s decision to step away from the Super Bowl slot brought on calls for her peers to do the same in support of Kaepernick.

Set to rock out at next year’s show? Maroon 5 and their ‘Girls Like You’ collaborator Cardi B who is said to be working with the NFL to nab a solo set for herself.


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  1. Meme October 23, 2018

    Unlike Rihanna, Cardi B needs the half time show. There is not a single new fan the half time show can expose Rihanna to so at this point in her career she can turn them down. It cardi is still developing her star power and the show would be a good look for her.

    • Whoops ??‍♀️??? October 23, 2018

      I get the point you were trying to make but if a performance on the most watched televised event in the country wouldn’t give her just one more fan, that literally means she’s peaked musically. Because what you said basically says that she has all the fans she can get. Her first week sales that have never surpassed the 300k mark, her tour gross that’s never been bragged about tbh, all of that, is the absolute best she can do. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing if she’s content where she is though. I’m just saying that if the biggest stage in the country wouldn’t result in just one more sale, this comment was an unintentional drag.

      • Meme October 23, 2018

        Take however you want to take it. I’m not here to argue.

      • Whoops ??‍♀️??? October 23, 2018

        I took it the way you said it sis. If she can’t make new fans she has no room for growth anymore. According to you, where Rihanna is right now, is where she will stay. And we’ve seen all she has to offer. It was a self drag through and through. And because it was a “self” drag, the only person you could possible have to argue with is yourself. Therefore I’m not here to argue either. That’s the point. I only repeated back to you what you said, in more words. Thank you for coming to my ted talk this morning. Wonderful day.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 23, 2018

      Bish Rihanna didn´t accept because SHE KNOWS she cannot perform and would be instantly compared to the amazing previous Halftime shows like Lady Gaga´s or Bruno Mar´s. Someone who cannot perform on that level like a Mariah or something crazy like that would have the excuse because they have never been performers, it would be extrictly about the legendary songs. But Rihanna is supposed to be a visual artist, a performer, something which she is very bad at. At this point of her career at least she knows better and knows what she shouldn´t do. She would get trashed. It´s like Beyonce, who at this point, at least knows better than not embarking herself in a film as a leading actress in a difficult role like Gaga. She is smarter now and engages herself in save projects like The Lion King, where she doesn´t have to act.

      • ??? October 23, 2018

        lmaooo girl shut up, u just mad cuz rihanna proved shes the real deal by turning them down while your roach fave shucks and jives just to keep white folks happy lmfaooooo

  2. Barb-wire October 23, 2018

    Of course the non-black, money hungry and nasty ho Hepatitis B would agree to shuck and jive for the Massas cos that’s what an industry plant does. They care not about social injustices as long as they are getting their chump change from the oppressors. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this obvious fad.

    • Fancy BISH October 23, 2018

      You still talking? Why hasn’t your Queen addressed Quavo Huncho hunnie? ? Cardi is STILL #1 in the United States and the WORLD with Maroon 5, so the Super Bowl is the right move for her like Meme said! Quavo busted your Queen wide open, so who’s the nasty ho? ?

  3. SMH October 23, 2018

    Go Rihanna, props for using your platform to stand for what is right, while dummies like cardi fall for anything just to be famous for a few minutes.

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