Rebel Wilson Issues Apology Over “Plus-Sized” Blocking Fiasco

Published: Tuesday 6th Nov 2018 by David

Rebel Wilson has issued an apology to those she blocked on Twitter after they quizzed her on comments she made about being a plus-sized woman in Hollywood.

Full story below…

Overlooking cinematic releases launched by the likes of Queen Latifah & MoNique, Rebel claimed  that she was the first plus-sized woman to star as the lead in a Romantic Comedy.

After reading tweets published by fans who pointed out her error, the actress stunned the world by blocking them which inspired the #RebelWilsonBlockedMe Twitter hashtag.

She has now asked for forgiveness and apologised for suggesting that movies launched by Latifah and co weren’t really rom-coms.

With the help of some very compassionate and well-thought out responses from others on social media, I now realize what I said was not only wrong but also incredibly hurtful. To be part of a problem I was hoping I was helping makes it that much more embarrassing & hard to acknowledge. I blocked people on Twitter because I was hurting from the criticism, but those are the people I actually need to hear from more, not less. Again, I am deeply sorry.


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  1. 2BAD2BME November 6, 2018

    Everybody sorry these days. Just stop responding to random idiots on twitter and you won’t be out here embarrassing yourselves.

    • Klorie November 6, 2018

      Thank you….. #iamtheproblemnow

    • Precious1 November 8, 2018

      What do you mean? Unfortunately this article does not depict the whole story…. She started this mess with a bias and comment without fact checking! Then when she was politely corrected online, she ignored all the black profression and film critics, decided to response to the one white women quoted above…. Then she further made matters worse by blocking black people Even though some were fans and most of them were just politely pointing out the facts to her…. before Mo’nique stepped in…. Her behaviour and the way she conducted herself was awful and spoke volumes. She should had issued this apology the moment people corrected her over the weekend, not a week later after she said some indirect racist comments and blocked half of black Twitter!

      Her career is officially tainted.

  2. The Empress November 6, 2018

    femnism = white female privilege (luring dumb Black women to be leaders in the “struggle” only to dump them when convenient)


      They use black women to fight the power……but white bitzhczz had to fight ffor thoer rightstoo…………….white men discriminate against them as well so where is the privilege

  3. Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 6, 2018

    Mm mmm mm. White girl, white girl.. I love how Monique kindly put her back in her lane

  4. MariahsHoney November 6, 2018

    I love MoNique response and I accept her apology 😂😂
    We have bigger things to worry about.
    The election, Mariahs new album, and getting trump impeached.
    Ps: Caution Out nov 16, pre order now and get 4 new songs 😍

  5. eric November 6, 2018

    That “technical” “gray area” excuse was laughable! She tried so hard. I think her apology is sincere though. She won’t try it a second time.

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