Explosive Trailer: ‘Married To Medicine’ Season 6 Reunion [Part 2]

Published: Saturday 22nd Dec 2018 by Sam

Bravo‘s ‘Married To Medicine’ has been praised for being the best reality offering on the network. So, it’s only fitting that the show is bringing an avalanche of drama for its season six reunion.

And if folk thought the first part brought the flames, previews of the next instalment makes clear that matters boil to dizzying degrees. .

Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunsford clash in a colossal showdown – with accusations of drug use and sleeping with married men levied.

In the said episode Miss Quad comes face to face with estranged husband Gregg for the first time since filing for divorce months prior. Their segment looks to be the most heated of all.

During their exchange, the former couple accuse each other of abuse – including shoving and a knife attack.

Elsewhere, Toya Bush-Harris and Contessa Metcalfe are still at odds, while Simone Whitmore and Jackie Walters offer updates on their marriages.

Check out the newest teasers below…

Part two of the ‘Married To Medicine’ season six reunion broadcast on Sunday January 6th and part three screens Sunday January 13th.

After the dynamite first part, we’ll most definitely be watching the rest. Will you?

Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]

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  1. 2bad2bme December 22, 2018

    Can we see part 1 first ?

    • Jasmine December 22, 2018

      It aired on Friday and airs again on Sunday. Just google mrworldpremier and I’m sure he has it on there.

  2. Darline December 22, 2018

    Quad needs to go tired of her playing the victim. She’s a liar, manipulative b…ch

    • Jasmine December 22, 2018

      I agree. That dark vader looking b|tch spews evil. I can see it through the tv screen and that is why I stopped watching that show. I cannot stand an evil b|tch that is just pure evil getting a tv platform to spew their evil. She is a bald witch who takes advantage of everyone around her for her own little gain. She still ain’t got sh|t. A rented townhouse, a free bed her ex used to sleep on, some cheap ass jewelry her ex bought her, and a bunch of wigs with no value.

      • Jasmine December 22, 2018

        Actually, the only people on that show with real wealth was Kari Wells but the cast teamed up and got rid of her because they were jealous of her wealth. The rest of them are just married to low paid doctors that make a fraction of what notable doctors make who have specialties. Heavenly, Quad, and Mariah live in the GHETTO.

  3. Angela Turner December 22, 2018

    I think it’s time for Ms.Quad to leave the show. She’s not married to medicine and she should take her friend Heavenly with her.


  4. Elaine logan December 23, 2018

    If Quad has done all these things that Mariah said then why would you help her? Why would you give her a job? To me if a person helps another person but then talks about it that shows your true character (Mariah & Aydin).
    To me no one on that show has the right to judge anybody because they all have done wrong. And none of them can consider themselves a true friend.

    • Jasmine December 23, 2018

      Quad brought it up at the reunion and not Mariah.

  5. Karter December 23, 2018

    Ugh, I’m sick of “Ms. Quad”…always a victim. She never loved Greg and I could see that from the first season they stepped on to the scene. Heavenly and her fake “journey to a better me” storyline that she’s been grasping onto for the past 3 seasons, can go as well. Contessa is also annoying but she’s at least tolerable.

  6. Bamasweet45 December 23, 2018

    Mariah is right. Check out the police report. Lake did confront Quad for sleeping with her husband. Quad is a nasty back woods w****. She only married Dr.Greg for money and shelter. They need me on that show I would reek havoc on Quadd phony behind with receipts.

  7. Mildred Alexander December 23, 2018

    Everyone is so quick to judge Quad. Mariah is a snake. I’ve watched the show from the beginning, and I remember when Kari said Mariah told her all of Quads business.( but that’s your best friend). (Mariah was fine when she thought Quad was beneath her. Remember the I made you comment. How the hell are you best friends with someone who you know slept with your brother in law? She treated Toya the same way like she was beneath her, oh now Toya is the bestie. GTFOH.

  8. Brachellem December 23, 2018

    I can’t wait. Let the truth come out. Here is the question to be answered? Will Quadd be back? What will be her storyline. She has been pretty silent this season…boring.

  9. Gregg December 24, 2018

    I watched the first reunion, I didn’t see anything Mariah did to Quad to warrant her attack. Quad brought up something out of the blue about the cheating, and she feels like she’s got a team mate in Heavenly that makes her more bold now. Aydin is mad though lol…I really do miss Mariah and Quad’s friendship, but there is some deep hurt on both of their sides that they can’t get past.

  10. Jeanne February 16, 2019

    Does any decent, intelligent, and self-respecting woman really watch this crap ?

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