DL Hughley Believes The Gay Community Is Oppressive?

Published: Wednesday 19th Dec 2018 by David

DL Hughley is tired of what he believes is the gay community’s oppressive nature and has urged it to think twice about the way it treats those who dare to mock or criticise it.

His thoughts come in defence of comedian Kevin Hart lost his job as Oscar host following the unearthing of tweets some deemed homophobic and as Hart supporters take to social media to cry foul.

For, they believe that if Oscar organisers were really offended by offensive remarks they wouldn’t have hired him in the first place considering tweets he has published about African-American women in the past.

Hit the play button to watch DL explain why he believes the LGBT community is treating Kevin unfairly…and used celebrities to propel its causes into the mainstream.

The Oscars is yet to replace Hart and was praised for giving him the boot by those who feel Kevin’s comments are indefensible.

Do you agree with DL?

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  1. Mhmmm December 19, 2018

    Down low Hughley

    • Jasmine December 19, 2018


  2. truthteller December 19, 2018

    I’m not excusing Kevin Hart’s comments but Hollywood has double standards. They are happy for the likes of Seth MacFarlane to host the Oscars and be incredibly misogynistic on the night, but give Kevin the boot for old tweets

    • Whoops ????‍♀️? December 19, 2018

      That’s it. Kevin is an overrated mediocre comedian that has never said or done anything funny as far as I’m concerned, but Hollywood is so inconsistent with who they punish. And we’re not just talking about homophobia. This is the way with everything. Homophobia, sexual assault, domestic violence, you name it. Oddly enough, the white offenders are RARELY, if EVER, vilified and their careers almost untouched.

  3. pat December 19, 2018

    his “jokes” had no punchline…..it was just a bash and not funny

    • JCP December 19, 2018

      This! Kevin Hart and Hughley can both keep all that noise. I never really cared for DL and Kevin has reached the apex of his career anyway…only downhill from here.

  4. Keegan December 19, 2018

    I just don’t know what to do with this black community that i am apart of sometimes I just don’t know

    • Jasmine December 19, 2018

      Whining is not the answer, If you are unhappy do something about that.

    • Trentaye December 20, 2018

      I KNOW WHAT TO DO! Put my GAY first! F*** these bum hateful niggahz! ????

  5. sdfdf December 19, 2018

    he must dont know that gay people have always march when black men get killed its the straight black man who dont want to march with us

    • SuxMyCockiness ? December 19, 2018

      Right! It’s mostly always gay people fighting for everyone’s rights. Yet we are still seen as Villains and perverts.

      • Whoops ????‍♀️? December 19, 2018

        Lmao, PLEASE!!! Have we all forgotten so quickly how the lgbt community is primarily headed by self serving white men and that the racism is as blatant and brutal as it is in any other place??? The black community, especially the men, have bad reputations of homophobia, but let’s not act like the gay community as a whole really walks the walk when it comes to inclusivity and acceptance on all levels. That is a bold faced lie.

    • Rasputia Latimore December 19, 2018

      That is COMPLETE BULL SH|T. WHITE GAYS are some of the most racist vile people on this planet!

    • BGATOFB December 19, 2018

      That’s b*******. It’s not mostly always gay people fighting for everyone’s rights. If they are fighting they are selfishly hoping to gain something in return.
      Let’s not forget that gay people, especially a lot of white gay men, are PREJUDICE. If you don’t believe me GOOGLE all the discrimination claims against bars, clubs, and other businesses (gay owned) in the Castro (San Fransisco) and Chelsea (New York). Read the claims from the black gay men who were discriminated against. I know this first hand because as a black gay man who lived in both cities – I SAW/LIVED it. That’s not even mentioning how gay men and lesbians discriminate against transgenders.
      I hear what DL is saying and I agree. The gay community is oppressive within its own. They should remember that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Jasmine December 19, 2018

      Who cares if gays join in a “march when black men get killed.” The gays that do that are agenda gays and are doing it for publicity not because they give a damn about the dead black man. If they truly cared, they would do something to stop unfair police brutality towards black men, hire more black men, and fix the internal racism in the LGBT community that is very strong and prevalent.

      Anyone that is Black, Asian, or Middle Eastern AND gay is doomed. You are a DOUBLE minority. There is no support system for you. The LGBT does not care about you unless you are white and those same white people have their hands out for any kind of benefits that might trickle down to minorities. I’m glad some of these minorities (especially blacks and latinos) have cliqued up and formed their own internal support systems to support each other because most (NOT ALL) of the white gays don’t care about you no matter how nice they pretend to be. A couple years ago I worked a fashion model gig in Atlanta and I was so happy to see all of the black gays there supporting each other.

      Here is a RECEIPT with numerous links in it to all the racism that goes on in the LGBQ:


      • Paulo December 19, 2018

        Shut the f*** up bum b****. The participation of LGBT folk of color in movements such as the Women’s March and the wake of BLM is known. Keep your fake receipts. You have a lotta nerve to dare pat them in the back while spewing the hateful homophobic crap you do here on a daily.

      • Jasmine December 19, 2018

        Women’s March don’t have sh|t to do with BLACK MEN and white gays NEVER SUPPORTED BLM so FOH with your LIES. You are the bum b|tch you t***** peasant. You need to BOW DOWN and thank me for schooling your dumb ass and don’t you ever try to come for me AGAIN you c** guzzl|ng nasty ass peasant!

  6. Paulo December 19, 2018

    Pitiful men scared of women and LGBT always hold each other’s hands. No clue who this dude is but f*** him. Stay pressed

    • Jasmine December 19, 2018

      Keep seething and staying mad Paulo…aka…the Mean T*****.

      • Paulo December 19, 2018

        And self-loathing b****** always dying to defend these losers! I knew you’d say something Jizzmine. My biggest fan! Hope you have a merry xmas. Mwah ?

      • Jasmine December 19, 2018


      • Jasmine December 20, 2018

        You are the jizzmine you nasty creep. You are my fan not the other way around. Happy Kwanzaa meany. I hope you get some compassion and kindness for Christmas.

  7. Bey and Rih lives December 20, 2018

    I just don’t like how black gay ppl get pulled into what white gay ppl do…. I’m like why is everybody so scared to come for white gay ppl when they cause the most s*** but love putting down black gay ppl who are just trying to live.

  8. DL af hughley December 20, 2018

    fu<k this ni99a!



  9. MX December 20, 2018

    how about black people start taking f****** responsibility for their actions? so quick to act a fool and say and do offensive and stupid s*** but act like victims and blame everyone else. it’s always the white man’s fault. racism will never die because black people will never let it die. own your stupid s*** and start taking responsibility

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