RHOA: Phaedra Parks Reunites With Nene Leakes / Returning To Show?

Published: Saturday 15th Dec 2018 by Sam

Could Phaedra Parks be gearing up for a return to the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’?

Some feel so. Find out why below…

The attorney and mortician was in attendance at Nene Leakes‘ birthday bash last night and moments ago both ladies took to social media to share the snap above of themselves all smiles.

Viewers of the show will note that the pair have had a rocky relationship to say the least, hence the joint sighting was all sorts of surprising.

But the shock didn’t stop there, because on Leakes’ entry, she seized the moment to explicitly lobby for Parks’ return to the show. She wrote:

I gotta lot of gifts but this 1 takes the cake @phaedraparks #fixitjesus #RHOA #comeonbackP #phaephae #bdayturnup

As widely reported, popular Parks was ousted from the hit Bravo series last year following a drugging allegation scandal surrounding former friend Kandi Burruss.

Now, it’s looking as though her path back to the platform is illuminating the more.

She’s maintained a cordial friendship with Porsha Williams following their televised fall-out and now has Leakes lobbying for her comeback.

Peep the pair being all kinds of pally in the clip below…


Would you be here for Phaedra’s return to the ‘Real Housewives’?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mhmmm December 15, 2018

    Guess the donkey booty workout videos didn’t sell

  2. Bey and Rih lives December 15, 2018

    All that s*** nene was talking ?

    • blondie December 16, 2018

      All the housewives in all the franchises talk-badly about each other then reunite.

  3. Tonie December 15, 2018


  4. Ann December 15, 2018

    Won’t watch RHOA if they let a person that deliberately tried to destroy another’s life and business. Fakedra Parks is not respected in her field of law and is only out for hersel. Bravo will get tons of letters to their sponsors if that disgraceful human ever shows up on RHOA even as a guest! No! Just No!

    • Jasmine December 15, 2018

      Ann educate yourself on the FACTS first darling. Carlos King is the RHOA who was FIRED 1st for feeding Phaedra the lie on Kandi. Phaedra implicated the producers during the reunion, but Bravo sliced that from the final cut to avoid viewers learning how shady behind-the-scenes dealings are. Phaedra was fired for calling out production and NOT for the lie on Kandi. Furthermore, there probably is some truth to the lie! I have been to Kandi’s house many years ago and there used to be a pool in her basement. Now, last year when they had Todd’s birthday there is NO pool and that room is off limits. That very well could be the sexx dungeon Carlos and Phaedra was talking about. Furthermore, the term “drug and r@@pe” is very common in ATL’s party scene so I honestly do not think the phrase was used with malice. I have been roufied a couple times on visits in Atlanta. Men (and especially women) BOLDLY try to pursue me there. I guess it is because I do not look like the every day ATL hoodrats and because two of my girlfriends who live there are gay the lesbians assume I am gay too which I am not. The rumors regarding Kandi and Todd partying have been around since they started dating so really the comment was not off base. Kandi overreacted! Porsha ASKED Kandi if a rumor was true and everything else was just overblown MANUFACTORED DRAMA. NOBODY said Kandi drugged or r@@ped anybody. A simple question was asked!

  5. Leila Murphy December 15, 2018

    Nene is a very mature and understanding person.Thix hilckzh mess about a lie that’s old need to end .Nene you are a forgiving person
    Who is Kandi not to forgive e, she ant God, who forgives all of us when we say and do things out of hurt &
    frustration.Iwill start back watching the show and so will many more.Bravo do the right thing.People gonna believe what they want to a y way.Kandi can quit and Cynthia to people tired of them.This childish mess need to end now!!!!!.Kandi don’t own Bravo same way they let Kenya go Kandi can r replaced to.Time to let the past go.Sick of it.Bring Phadrea back we all repeat gossip.New Year coming in out with the old last year childish mess.Be professional stop dragging up the past.Jesud died for all all sins Kandi Fake herself making childish songs trying to block. Sly and sneaky as evef.Hateful, mean ,and cruel never Satisfied.Fake husband Fake marriage Both .miserable.katie calculating always Hating.

  6. Casual December 15, 2018

    I am totally here for Phaedra returning.

  7. Kandi kane December 16, 2018

    Yea yea yes please bring Phaedra back the show isn’t the same I would differently watch it if she was back on there NeNe thanks for speaking on Phaedra coming back and I hope her and Porsha stay friends I am do happy I been waiting for this moment ???????????????????GO PHAEDRA CANT WAIT TO SEE U BACK ON THE SHOW WOW THANKS NENE

  8. James Brown December 16, 2018


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