Erykah Badu Roasted On Twitter For Making Jussie Smollett Attack About…Her

Published: Tuesday 29th Jan 2019 by Rashad

‘On & On’ takes on new meaning as neo-soulstress Erykah Badu‘s involved in yet another Twitter tussle thanks to her recent feather-ruffling comments on actor/singer Jussie Smollett.

As we reported here, Smollett was hospitalized after a heinous homophobic attack in Chicago recently.  When fellow celebs and fans alike took to Twitter to voice their support for Smollett and outrage against the perpetrators, Badu used her social media platform to say:

Needless to say, just a week after being slammed for her support of R. Kelly (click here to read more), her comments on Smollett incited Twitter attack…

After the hoopla she came back to offer clarification:


Your thoughts?


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  1. Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

    Erykah said what she said?

    • SMH January 29, 2019

      But she really didn’t say anything. All she said was get all the facts before going off. Like she said, people love to take stuff and run with it without checking it out first.

      • Chica January 29, 2019

        Jessie has already given the facts. What is she talking about.

  2. MX January 29, 2019

    typical. how about you all handle the massive amount of homophobia in the black community before you all self victimize. and someone hand her a dictionary. dumb b****

  3. Edward Norton January 29, 2019

    Covington kids attack indian =Fake. Mike Brown had his hands up=Fake Kavanaugh r**** some chick 30 years ago=Fake Muslim girl’s Hijab pulled off=Fake Fake Fake Right now black people just manipulated as emotional puppets with fake stories. I am very wary, has Fake written all over it.

    • SMH January 29, 2019

      Sorry to burst your ignorant racist bubble, but it’s not. Nobody ever said the Covington b*tches attacked the Native American, Mike Brown’s hands were up-according to the autopsy report, Kavanaugh is a piece of sh*t r*****-according to the arrest reports, the Muslim girl’s hijab was pulled off-according to eyewitness reports and video, and Chicago PD released a statement on Jussie Smollets incident a few hours ago. Only thing fake here is your intelligence.

      • Edward Norton January 30, 2019

        Fir brevity I said attack in the vein of a verbal and emotional assault which the catholic boys did not do but were incredibly polite in the truth that is was they who were taunted racially and called cracker etc. no outcry from black people that four grown black men calling .underage white kids p**** etc. Witnesses and forensics proved that Mike Brown tried to grab the officers gun and eyewitnesses who testified to a grand jury some of whom were black testified that Brown tried to rush the officer Darren Wilson who was acquitted of all charges so yes Mike Brown was fake, if Eric “Ill let black people get away with everything agreed ” Holder had to side with the Grand Jury so Fake. Kavanaugh was innocent and proven so in investigation and home-girl, lying doctor whoever had no proof and was just a liberal puppet to attack a potential conservative judge , a sham and fake, don;’t be used for fakenes s black people. Sorry to burst your racist bubble and lack of truth as to all juries after investigation agree with me on all I mentioned and news site had to apologize to Covington boys and Native America is now branded a liar, so you can join him as you are one too.

      • hohum January 31, 2019

        And yes, the Muslim college student (a couple towns over from where I live in Louisiana) who filed a police report stating that two white Trump supporters attacked her and pulled off her hijab… she confessed to the police a few days later that she fabricated the whole story and it never happened. It was all over local news. ABSOLUTELY VERIFIED FAKE

    • Caleb January 29, 2019

      Most of the stuff you posted was not fake though.

  4. Robert L Wysinger January 30, 2019

    How do any of you idiots know if this “attack” was real or if he just made this s*** up to get in the news! Remember the Smith woman and her “attack” on her children by the mysterious black guy? I’m just saying, no witness, no real injuries judging by the picture and a “unknown substance”… (maybe it was pee) hurled upon him. He was in the hospital! They couldn’t identify it? While all the self righteous defenders of the gay community rush to condemn be sure the facts support the outrage!

  5. K February 19, 2019

    All you better apologize to the queen.

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