Nick Cannon Exposes Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon Blackface Videos

Published: Tuesday 12th Feb 2019 by David

Nick Cannon is taking on Hollywood’s habit of overlooking problematic behaviour when carried out by its leading stars.

First on his list? Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, both of whom sported Blackface in the formative stages of their careers.


Watch below…

Nick stunned his followers with this video and message…


Are these your Kings of Late Night??? @JimmyFallon @JimmyKimmelyou know I’m always on the side of the comedian and never pander to the sensitive, but I feel there needs to be some “truth & reconciliation” discussions and teachable moments amongst our communities. I’m ready and willing for the discourse, so who wants to step up to the table first? In the meantime, I’ll just leave this right here. Tell the Jimmys to holla at me!✊🏾

They are yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kool Kid February 12, 2019

    Agree with his sentiment, but this is strange timing considering that he is being prepped for a late night show!

  2. Destiny February 12, 2019

    🙄 bye Nick

    • SMH February 12, 2019

      What’s wrong? Can’t take seeing the truth?🙄

  3. SMH February 12, 2019

    And the typical c00n comments defending the Jimmy’s and trashing Nick Cannon will start in 5, 4, 3, 2,….

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan February 12, 2019

    Black ppl always find something to be MAD about every day…

    • Mark Jones February 12, 2019

      White people always find a way to not see their problematic behaviour and continue to act as if most of the gun violence, mass shooting, mass murders, and mass murders are white male and female. But yet have the audacity to say, people of African descent, complain too much or find something to complain about. You damn right you people r*** countries of riches, claim land that isn’t yours and enslave people and say oh Don’t be mad it’s all good. Do you even know your history and where you come from?

      • Nobs February 12, 2019

        Honey 😀 work instead of complaining. Or go back to wherever you think you came from and go use those richess’ that you assume are yours.

      • MX February 14, 2019

        Black people always find a way to not see their problematic behaviour

  5. Julie February 12, 2019

    Yet Nick sleeps with white women.

    • SweetHoney February 12, 2019

      What white woman is Nick dating?

  6. Fancy BISH February 12, 2019

    Never cared for Fallon or Kimmel lol…I watch the Alec Baldwin Show tho on…start with the Regina King episode 🤳🏽

  7. keke February 13, 2019

    They did this in comidy skits tho like funny skits nothing racial!

    black people do skits of white people all the time and its okj!

    stop reaching black floks! we as a people cant be this sensative!

  8. MusicLovah February 13, 2019

    Not trying to justify anyone, but isn’t Nick Cannon guilty of doing white face?

    Lastly, Nick Cannon has lost all my support after seeing this interview with Bro Rizza Islam, which it became clear that dude has a chronic case of colorism.

  9. Edward Norton February 14, 2019

    I’m glad Nick Cannon comin at these dudes because they are hypocrites, they are always coming attacking Trump and co-signing on people getting fired for racial indiscretions. Personally , I am not offended if they say I was just joking, but when a conservative does something un pc , these hypocrites are all over it with self righteous indignation but now that it is in their face, “oh it was a long time ago” yeah like they gave a break to Trump for Access hollywood tape or Donald Sterling getting deviously secretly recorded and losing his team. Yeah Kimmel was all on that one. Not mad when hypocrites are exposed. If you got a glass house, don’t throw stones.

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