Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty On 16 Counts In Alleged “Staged Attack” Case

Published: Thursday 14th Mar 2019 by Sam

Jussie Smollett is asserting his innocence in his widely publisized disorderly conduct case.

As reported, the embattled ‘Empire’ actor was hit with a 16-count federal indictment related to what Chicago prosecutors are calling a “staged attack.”

However, the star – who plays Jamal Lyon on the hit FOX series – is sticking by his story.

Details below…

Appearing at the Cook County courthouse this morning alongside his family and legal team, the 36-year-old formally entered a “not guilty” plea to all charges levied against him. He did so via lawyer Tina Glandian.

While it remains to be seen what Smollett’s defence strategy will be, it’s now apparent that he won’t be copping to suggestion that he faked the January beatdown – one he told cops was motivated by racism and homophobia.

He’ll have quite the mountain to climb, given that two brothers – one of whom is his personal trainer – claim he commissioned them to carry out the fakery. Yet, with their own credibility called into question, it’s anyone’s guess where this ever-evolving story will end up.

As reported, word is that his character may be recast or axed entirely from ‘Empire.’ He was already cut from the finale two episode’s of the show’s current season.

Jussie is due back in court on April 17th. 

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  1. SMH March 14, 2019

    Like Queen Latifah, I stand with Jussie. The Chicago PD has a LOOOOONG history of falsifying evidence & intimidating witnesses, so I don’t take anything they say at face value.

  2. Jeans March 14, 2019

    Jussie, please stop!

    • SMH March 14, 2019

      Stop what? Defending himself? How about you just stop getting your facts from social media.

      • Jeans March 14, 2019

        STFU ho!

  3. gina March 14, 2019

    but where’s the post about those 2 white actresses & CEOs that were arrested for bribing the ivy league schools & paying off people thousands of dollars to doctor their kids’ test scores so they can get in?

  4. Clarkson March 14, 2019

    Dude take a plea deal, apologize and move on with ur life. If this goes to trail, girl u are toast.

    Everybody has abandoned u, blacks, gays, women etc. Give it up. U are not the gay tupac or gay Malcolm x.

    • Jeans March 14, 2019


  5. The Chosen March 14, 2019

    Nobody is 100% sure this is 100% fake. Nobody. Is it part fake, part real? All real? All fake? There goes the doubt! This might be the most obscure case ever. The police don’t even have surveillance footage from a camera that was directly over the alleged incident….lmao. Then they went overboard with the charges. Free Jussie!

  6. Susanne Horton March 14, 2019

    I believe him and if he did do it someone put him up to it i can’t believe he would risk everything for a plot he makes the show all of the actors do I’ve been watching the show since day one and the Lyons make the show and to take one off they
    Will loose there ratings replace Him Jessie until hi trail is over then decide I’m a true Empire Fan

  7. Caleb March 14, 2019

    It has nothing to do with trusting the lying Chicago police department. Yes they are a pack of wild thugs. However, Jussie’s story was falling apart the day after he made his claim. First off if these two brothers really attacked him he would have more than a tiny scratch on his face and he wouldn’t have been on stage a few days later talking about “I’m the gay Tupac!”

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