Kylie Jenner Named World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Published: Tuesday 5th Mar 2019 by David

As her sister Khloe finds herself at the heart of a Jordyn Woods-fuelled media crisis, Kylie Jenner has good reason to celebrate.

Find out why below…

FORBES has decided to name her as the youngest self-made billionaire in the world despite opposition from critics who say the star is anything but.

Fueled in part by the Ulta expansion, Kylie Cosmetics’ revenue climbed 9% last year to an estimated $360 million. With that kind of growth, and even using a conservative multiple from the booming makeup industry, Forbes estimates Jenner’s company is worth at least $900 million. She owns all of it. Add in the cash Jenner has already pulled from the profitable business, and the 21-year-old is now a billionaire, with an estimated fortune of $1 billion. She’s the youngest-ever self-made billionaire, reaching a ten-figure fortune at a younger age than even Mark Zuckerberg (who was 23 when he hit that mark).


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  1. Meme March 5, 2019

    I personally don’t think she’s self made. If my entire family were millionaires and they threw me in a hit TV that open doors for other business ventures I would be a millionaire too. But whatever. Congrats to her

    • Fancy BISH March 5, 2019

      If I was her, I would let my driver drive me around Los Angeles all day blasting Gangsta Boo’s Where Dem Dollas At 🤣 💴 💰 💵 🤳🏽

  2. Ty March 5, 2019

    Personally don’t believe she is Anywhere near a billionaire she is very successful but I don’t believe the numbers. But I like her so congrats on her success.

  3. IG: mixedboy March 5, 2019

    Seems SELF-MADE to me. Doesn’t matter if she made income off KUWTK or her family has money (which none are billionaires). She could’ve just sat on that money and lived. She decided to invest those millions in herself and now she’s a Billionaire. If it was so easy all the other industry girls would be Billionaires too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • SMH March 5, 2019

      Clearly you need to look up the definition of Self made. even tweeted it for you.🙄🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. Wordonthestreet March 5, 2019

    Umm errr how can they keep saying self made??? This is hilarious bwahhhhhhhh! She started with millions and a full staff of highly paid advisors! She was as self made as those FAKE BOOBS and BUTTS her family has… Girl all the way Bye! lol

  5. SNF March 5, 2019


  6. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R! March 5, 2019

    This kid isn’t a Billionaire and NEVER will she be. Don’t believe the lies

  7. KA March 5, 2019

    Man those women go for the most fuggly looking guys, all for the peen but those guys are winning though, get them pregnant and have them looked up.

  8. Nicky March 5, 2019

    Self made😂😂😂😂

    People in the entertainment industry are not educated whatsoever

    She leveraged her fame, being on tv non stop, and high profile relationships to start a business

  9. LUCKI March 5, 2019

    There’s no way she’s a billionaire just off of her Lip Kits and other little ventures. Kris Jenner sold this story to the press. Kim is allegedly worth $350 million. I don’t see Kylie surpassing that.

  10. AnonymousTruth March 5, 2019

    Kylie Jenner did not remake her whole face for ya’ll to use a cover photo starring that Doberman looking [email protected]….

    • D March 5, 2019


    • Jujumanji March 6, 2019


  11. thanosoftitan March 5, 2019

    You can’t be self-made when you’re born into wealth and given opportunities not afforded to the average person. Fake news.

  12. Whoops 🤷🏽‍♀️🤭💅🏾 March 5, 2019

    Kris selling this story to Forbes again? Lmao give it up mamas. We said what we said! Sis ain’t no damn self made billionaire. 😂

  13. Jujumanji March 6, 2019

    This story is about Kylie. So why are my eyeballs being assaulted by Travis ugly mug?

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