Camila Cabello To Star In Sony’s ‘Cinderella’ Reboot

Published: Wednesday 10th Apr 2019 by Sam

Camila Cabello is playing no games as she aims to carve out a colossal solo career.

Having heated up the charts with global smash ‘Havana’ and received commendable nods for herself-titled album debut, the singer is now making a beeline for the big screen.

Details below…

THR reports that the former Fifth Harmony star has signed on to lead a re-imagining of ‘Cinderella.’

The Sony Pictures production is being directed by Kay Cannon, who also took the helm of ‘Blockers.’

Plot tea has yet to be poured, however it’s confirmed that it’ll retain core elements of the classic and that Cabello will play a sizeable role in the music component.


While we still feel Camila has a lot to prove musically, moves like this re-affirm that she and her team are smartly covering the right bases.

Chart success isn’t a guarantee (now and in the future), so establishing another potential pillar of her career (acting) at this juncture is wise; especially as this particular project has synchronized benefits for her music and her overall profile.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AB April 10, 2019

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  2. jam April 10, 2019

    for some reason, it is easy for me to dislike her. She is #1 from that group only because she appealed to all the young white girls. Idk if they will follow her forever, but I feel like she is about to grow out of whatever image she had and will struggle…

    That being said, seems like Normani is the only one who may surpass her popularity eventually…

    • Jackx April 10, 2019


    • Irving Zarate April 10, 2019

      Normai Whodai…

      • Henson aims May 20, 2019

        Normani is a nobody

    • Ham bobe May 20, 2019

      Not really when Normani can barely get a hit on her own. Camila in her first year got two Grammy nods and a diamond single. Regardless of what stupid racist people like you think she’s proven herself to be a legit talent.

      When Normani can get a hit in her own let us know cause right now she’s just other singers for clout

    • Henson aims May 20, 2019

      It’s ironic that you say her fanbase is white it’s a known fact that the majority of her fanbase are Hispanic minorities.

      And as far as Normani goes, I’d believe that if she had music that wasn’t carried by a bigger artist. The only reason she’s charting right now is because Sam Smith is basically carrying her up the charts.

      Camila already accomplished what Normani got on her own without the aid of a Grammy nominated singer like Khalid or Sam Smith. You come across as a very ignorant person: you’re a very stupid little girl:

    • Fatmani May 20, 2019

      Sweetie I don’t take pathetic professional first world victims like you seriously. You come across as one of those stupid racist black people that just randomly hate Whites and other light skinned people due to some idiotic sense of entitlement you have.

      But if you think her gaining two Grammy nods and double platinum album is her struggling then it’s safe to assume that you have a mental disability. Especially if you think some nobody ghetto trash hood rat like Normani is gonna be the one that surpasses her.

      If Normani is so great then why can’t she chart on her own? Why does she need a white singer like Sam Smith to carry her worthless b*** up the charts while Camila went double platinum on her first try? Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll hire Normani as her maid. That girl should be used to going on her knees at this point right?

  3. Jujumanji April 10, 2019

    Do we really need another Cinderella movie?

  4. Dee April 10, 2019

    Not necessary at all. The way it was imagined the first time was fine. Thank you . Next

  5. JOHNVIDAL April 10, 2019

    LOL She´s already done. These girls are so basic. The last new big things music gave us (maisntream) were Gaga, Bruno and Adele. And that was a decade ago already. Weak times.

    • Ham bobe May 20, 2019

      Is that why her album outsold Beyoncé’s lemonade and the Carter’s combined? Lol

    • Henson aims May 20, 2019

      If she’s already done then what is she doing getting multi million dollar movie deals and working with big name artists like mark Robson? We’re you dropped on your head or something? You sound like one of those kids in a special ed class they doesn’t know basic facts.

  6. Fatmani May 20, 2019

    Normani is shaking in her hooker wear. You can only dress like a trailer park w**** only for so long. Plus she looks fat. Camila is basically the one that ended 5h. Including fatmani

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