Wendy Williams On Divorce: “I Have A Whole New Life Planned For Myself & My Son”

Published: Monday 15th Apr 2019 by Sam

Wendy Williams is officially moving on to pastures new. And she’s speaking up and out about it.

As widely reported, last week the talk show maven filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter – her husband of 22 years amid an exposé that revealed he’d fathered a newborn child with his alleged mistress of ten years Sharina Hudson.

Naturally, given the media storm that engulfed the 54-year-old, all eyes and ears have been primed to see what she had to say abour the Hot Topic she’s at the center of.

Today, she obliged. Somewhat. See what we mean below…

Sandwiched between her latest Hot Topics segment on today’s show, Williams had a personal moment with the audience.

She opened up about creating a new life for herself and her son (18-year-old Kevin Jr) now that she’s on the cusp of completing her stint in a sober house for alcohol addition (said to have been brought on by her husband’s alleged infidelity).

Williams also revealed her sister is supporting her. Check out the segment below…

While we’ve long loved Wendy’s trademark straight-shooter style, it’s understandable why she effectively talked about her dramas in a relatively vague manner.

The paperwork is still hot off the presses and there’ll no doubt be a whole lot to sort through given how close she and Kevin worked together (see: joint ownership of show’s production company, his exec producer credit, and longtime position as her manager).

That said, we wish her the best on her new journey.

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  1. Guru April 15, 2019

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  2. Brent Christopher April 15, 2019

    in more ways than one, Wendy Williams is a very weak woman. she is publicly loud, overly confident, obnoxious & fake sure of herself — like that buffoon, Nene Leakes. they are actually birds of a feather. however, behind closed doors, Wendy has absolutely no control of her life, her demons, insecurities or romantic relationship. I always knew based on how she presents herself, that things weren’t aligned when the spotlight shuts off.

    • LUCKI April 15, 2019

      Most public figures aren’t what they portray behind closed doors. One cannot argue that Wendy isn’t good at what she does though. I wish her the best.

  3. Bettie clayton April 15, 2019

    Dis big nogger gone want some money.

  4. DaTrueff101 April 15, 2019

    I wish she didn’t say the subtle jokes and either addressed it in a serious tone or just said she can’t legally discuss her divorce and left it at that. When her moniker is “say it like you mean it,” I don’t think she SAID IT like she meant it.

    Good for her finally dropping him, clearly hasn’t been good for her the past 5 plus years.

  5. Gee April 15, 2019

    She said enough and I can understand why she is picking this battle very wisely because you just never know what else Kevin is going to try to do before everything is finalized. I am glad that she can finally stop with the poker face because it was not helping her.

  6. Divab April 15, 2019

    Well I’m no big Wendy dan, but I’m glad she put her big girl panties on and now she should really live her truth/life. About Kevin being co- producer and her manager she can fired the dirt bag Nd make him get a real job. Also I don’t believe it’s a situation like Mary j. Blige because this fool been cheating on her for over 10 years and allegedly have a outside new baby and most importantly been spending Wendy money 💵💰and I truly hope he judge will find 100% in Wendy favor and he gets maybe 10cents tops for all the years and spending up her money.

  7. Zaza April 16, 2019

    Good reden to bed rubbish… You will make it Wendz, his throwing a good love away if he doesn’t know it now, he’ll know it some day.

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