The City Girls Clash With Joseline Hernandez

Published: Wednesday 22nd May 2019 by David

The City Girls are tired of  Joseline Hernandez’ antics and have vowed to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget should they ever see her.


Find out below…

Hazel E of  ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ feels that the charismatic duo stole portions of her jam ‘Actin Up’ to create their tune ‘Act Up’.

Yung Miami, one half of the duo, couldn’t believe what she was hearing and was even more insulted when Hazel criticised the ladies for using lyrics penned by Lil Yachty and, as far as she sees it, fooling their fans into believing that all of their tracks are self-written.

Upon hearing the Hazel’s diss track, Joseline took to Instagram to celebrate its release. This infuriated Miami to no end!

She issued this warning…

On my son I will beat either one of you hoes to death just cause bitches throw drinks and pull hair cross tables on TV don’t do shit to me! I’m from Miami I don’t see none of that commercial shit Joseline you on coke bad …. Hazel you wish you was signed to QC nobody know you or your music … what checks you signing you delusional ass bitch.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH May 22, 2019

    I ❤️ City Girls…PERIOD. ??JT and Yung Miami look like they’ll get your asss thoroughly jumped! Trina has that same look too…Trina will have a gang gang ready to fold you up ? People always try to test the pretty girls, but they’re usually the ones that will get you hemmed TF up! ? ?

  2. Faf May 22, 2019

    Joseline wants to be on tv so bad she made a Cardi diss and recycled it for every new artist on qc

    She used to love Nicki now she mad bc she ain’t pop as an artist

  3. Brent Christopher May 22, 2019

    Cardi & the City Girls have the careers that Joseline was always hoping hanging on to Stevie J would secure for herself. Joseline is so 2017’s headlines. I’m sick to death of her!

    The daughter looks just like her father… unfortunately.

    but at least Joseline’s new dude has se>< appeal.

  4. Yup May 22, 2019

    Just ghetto PERIOD!! Always got to be the stereotype, isn’t one locked up? It should be ratchet girls not city . Next

    • EJai May 22, 2019


  5. Ty May 22, 2019

    Both Joseline and hazel need to lay off the yayo washed up reality tv stars starting beef with girls who actually have careers. Joseline music ain’t it but she has the personality for reality tv if she wasn’t self destructive.

  6. Jujumanji May 22, 2019

    I’m so over people who shout out they city like that means something. You’re city’s reputation isn’t yours dumb dumb. “I’m from Miami.” So what? There’s people from Idaho who would beat the brakes off a bish. Lol grow up. P.S. we all already know that Joseline throws hands so lets not front on her with that. Hazel not so much.

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