‘Little Mermaid’ Fans Call On Tituss Burgess To Play Ursula In Live Action Adaptation

Published: Saturday 29th Jun 2019 by David

The people have spoken….and the name on their lips is Tituss Burgess.

Full story below…

Disney is preparing a live adaptation of the ‘Little Mermaid’ story and is said to be in talks with fantastic Melissa McCarthy as they hope she will sign on to portray the sea witch Ursula.

The only trouble? Fans believe Titus is the man for the job.


Fans hope their calls will encourage the movie’s makers to look Tituss’ way and give him the role many believe he is more than prepared to take on.

Do you agree?

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  1. Truth Tella June 29, 2019

    I can’t see Disney casting a black gay man in the role of Ursula. After all Disney is marketed toward children and they are always saying the gay character is someone who’s in the background just like in beauty and the beast the guy who loved Gaston. I mean the guy who played Gaston Luke Evans is gay in real life but he’s masculine so he was easy to market. Ursula is actually inspired by a drag queen Divine. Divine actually played the mother in the original Hairspray movie with ricki lake and died 8 days before or after the premiere. I would love to see titus as Ursula and Zendaya as the little mermaid. That would be a major box office success. Look at black panther. I don’t wanna see another Disney princess who is white or see Melissa McCarthy play an iconic character such as divine… oops I mean Ursula. Melissa doesn’t have the vocal chops and she wouldn’t do the character justice. Disney needs to take more risks and stop playing it safe.

    • Shayla Queen June 29, 2019

      Ashy old h**

    • Drip June 30, 2019

      That not a bad idea! I wouldn’t mind seeing Mo’nique in the role either

  2. Caribbean Native June 29, 2019

    Best idea I’ve ever heard

  3. Meteorite June 29, 2019

    If anything Meryl Streep play Ursula

    • Kalorie June 29, 2019

      Yassss! Disney vision of the devil wears Prada!

  4. Adina… Adina… Say Adina June 29, 2019

    Considering Ursula IS MODELED AFTER A LEGENDARY DRAG QUEEN, it sucks that Disney wouldn’t entertain this. They’re taking from that culture/scene and not giving back to it when it counts. This is the best opportunity they have to break that ceiling because anyone with eyes can see Ursula is a whoooole DRAAAAAG and I’m here fore her!! I love Melissa, but no… not this one… make her Flounder or sum

  5. Josh June 29, 2019

    that is honestly the best idea anyones ever suggested

  6. Davida Burgess July 2, 2019

    Yes Tituss should play Ursula!!! Give it to him!!!

  7. Sherma July 4, 2019

    Titus as Ursela or BUST

  8. Peter DAVID July 8, 2019

    Am I the only person aware that he played Sebastian on Broadway? THAT is who he should play.

  9. Jeremy July 30, 2019

    Please tell me where I can go sign the petition for Titus to play Ursula. Im sorry but there is no else who can truly bring life into her character

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