Bravo Releases Footage From #RealHousewivesofPotomac Alleged Assault / Michael Darby Responds

Published: Tuesday 30th Jul 2019 by David

Shame and disgrace befell Michael Darby of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ when a cameraman working on the series accused him of groping his behind without his permission.

His wife, Ashley Darby, worked tirelessly to convince viewers that the allegation was untrue and hoped the fact that her husband wasn’t jailed for the alleged crime would silence talk that he is of the predatory persuasion.

Today, her efforts have been shattered by the release of footage lifted from the very camera Michael’s alleged victim was holding when he was attacked.

On it the horrified cameraman can be heard reprimanding the businessman for touching him.

Damning, as Michael- who claimed the incident never happened when the story first broke- incriminates himself by apologising.

See for yourself below…


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Darby had this to say for himself in a statement released to ‘PEOPLE’.


On one hand, I was amused by the production company’s amateurish attempt to affect the viewers opinion by first showing video that clearly does not show any improper action by me and then try to couple that with another video which was taken 4 hours later by a different cameraman of a conversation with a cousin of a cast member — not the cameraman — who whenever I see him refers to a well-documented, harmless event that occurred in season one,” Michael said. “On the other hand it shows the level people will stoop to in order to get ratings.”

This was a serious situation where an employee of the production company tried to take advantage of my wife and I by making up a story to try to profit from it. The fact that the production company appears to endorse his actions by splicing together disconnected and unrelated events in order to also profit is really scary for people in my position.

Viewers were not convinced.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kim,Keisha&Pam July 30, 2019

    Where is the Monica GMA performance? & her interview.

    • SMH July 30, 2019

      Exactly, nobody cares about this mess.

      • Skarr July 30, 2019

        More people care about this rather than some dry ass Monica performance.

      • Bey Best July 30, 2019

        Skarr told y’all facts.

  2. Jasmine July 30, 2019

    Y’all late as usual. This is Sunday and Monday news! If production was lying then why don’t Ashley quit the show? They ain’t lying

  3. Like It Really Matters July 31, 2019

    Andy is really messy, Monique even went on twitter and said that audio was edited and that wasn’t what was said…smh the things people do to tear another down

    • Jasmine July 31, 2019

      Sure and there was no lawsuit ever filed and the video of Michael Darby grabbing Katie’s ex fiancé was staged and Candace, Candace’s fiancé, and Robyn lies when they heard Michael saying he wanted to give fellacio to another man.

      Mo’nique never said that. I checked her twitter and did a search on google. U clearly made that up!

  4. Maxx July 31, 2019

    Dorry people. I lean towards believing Ashley & Michael over Bravo….PLEASE REMEMBER RATINGS EQUAL MONEY & MONEY BEATS THE TRUTH. Sooooo…did the video sound suspect…HELL YES….but could it have been edited to seem that way….HELL YES. Until I see REAL RECEIPTS THAT ARE BEYOND A DOUBT INCRIMINATING, I AM GOING TO MAINTAIN THIS MAN IS INNOCENT. Labeling someone as a sexual offender is TOO DAMN SERIOUS TO JUST GO BY A NETWORKS EDITING TO MAKE PROFIT.

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