‘How To Get Away With Murder’ To End With Season 6

Published: Thursday 11th Jul 2019 by David

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ is coming to an end.

Full story (and its brand new trailer) below…


The series stars Viola Davis and tells the tale of a successful lawyer and lecturer whose world is propelled into a dark and twisted territory when someone close to her murders her husband.

Now, fans have discovered that it is to come to an end.

ABC announced the news today.

Its president Karey Burke shared…

Viola Davis made television history with her unforgettable portrayal of iconic female antihero Annalise Keating. I am eternally grateful to her, Pete Nowalk and Shondaland for creating and bringing to life such a smart, sophisticated and groundbreaking series that has long been an integral part of Thursday nights on ABC.


Creator Peter Nowalk added…

Deciding to end this series was a brutal decision, but ultimately the story tells you what to do – as it did here. For me, Annalise Keating’s journey has always had a clear ending. Knowing I have 15 episodes left to finish her story, and the chance to give all the characters their own killer endings, is a gift rarely given to a series creator and I’m grateful to ABC and ABC Studios for the opportunity and creative freedom. I am so thankful to the brilliant cast, writers and crew for dedicating themselves to the most rewarding experience of my career over the last six years. I also want to thank our fans. The only reason this show exists is because of your loyalty and enthusiasm. I can’t wait for you all to see how it ends, with twists and turns and all the craziness we love to create every Thursday night. Buckle up.


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  1. Adele July 11, 2019

    This is honestly for the best after the last season.

  2. Perfection is so Mhph… ?? July 11, 2019

    Granted last season wasn’t the best, very confusing. But please, does anyone else feel like the creators works doesn’t reflect the view of someone ready to end their show? I believe the slew of canceled black shows are stemming from racism and the JussieGate. This is f-Ed up. Just like it was f-Ed up for them to pull all other majorly black shows from networks. #DoneWithTv

    • Perfection is so Mhph… ?? July 11, 2019

      If anyone needs a reference. Check out Erika Alexander breakfast club interview. White people in media power have no problem pulling the plug on successful black media.

    • FMcL July 12, 2019

      REAAAACH !

    • FMcL July 12, 2019

      Meanwhile, Shonda was unavailable for comment from the comfort of her Netflix corner office! Of course the show would end soon!

  3. Clarkson July 11, 2019

    Thank goodness. This is a silly ridiculous show. This show is beneath viola Davis, she deserves better.
    atleast she won an Emmy thanks to this show

  4. Danny Bey July 11, 2019


  5. Brent Christopher July 11, 2019


    I love this series, as it’s one of the few that I actually watch on a weekly basis.

    Though it has gotten a little trite, I am still very impressed with its storylines & execution.

    I just want Laurel killed off.

    Her son can stay to be raised by the remaining Keatinh 4.

  6. Xoxo July 11, 2019

    Thank God

  7. L July 11, 2019

    Don’t do this. Kill greys…

  8. J July 11, 2019

    6 seasons is really a blessing. I never thought it would last as long as it did since the ratings have been low over the past couple of seasons. But glad to see that it’ll get its proper conclusion! Well, hopefully lol

  9. missie July 11, 2019

    i’m upset

  10. Casual July 12, 2019

    I still watch, but ending w s6 is for the best. The writers ran out of juice in s3, s4 was a horribly disappointing letdown, and s5 somewhat redeemed the show. They need to bring it on home and end with a bang.

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