Kamala Harris: “There Is A Predator In The White House”

Published: Friday 5th Jul 2019 by David

Kamala Harris isn’t afraid of Donald J. Trump and wants him to know it.

Now riding high on the polls after outing Joe Biden’s chequered history with race during the first Presidential debate, Harris now has her sights set on Trump and has revealed that she is gearing up to prosecute him for his predatory crimes.

Her words below…

I know predators, and we have a predator living in the White House. When we look at this campaign, and we look at the task before us, it will be to successfully prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump, and I am prepared to do that.



Harris has been rising in the polls ever the headline-making debate and now stands amongst the small but powerful group of Democrats leading the way for 2020.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Brandon July 5, 2019

    Is the headline wrong for this?

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      She has yet to directly say anything about racial and social injustice for black people. She is married to a white demon. She is an Uncle Tom and likely a closet lesbian. Her old ass ain’t even get married till 4 years ago. It was a strategic marriage. She married her white massa and has been helping him quietly sell off assets. She ain’t fooling me. I despise Uncle toms. She ain’t getting my vote and if it is left between her and Trump I will gladly vote for Trump again. That ugly b|tch Hilary lost to Trump too. When are these evil heffers gonna learn the majority of the public don’t like y’all. Fall back and let a Democratic male leader win heffers. A male democratic candidate with a likeable personality will get all the Democratic votes plus the votes of the important Independant party (which I am a member of). This Kimora heffers won’t stand a chance against Trump. If Hilary could not win she certainly can’t win. Hell, if Sarah Palin was a democrat I would vote for her over this Kimora heffer. At least I can read Sarah and I know where she is coming from. I wish Michelle Obama would run.

  2. Tyty July 5, 2019

    Democrats are delusional if they think they will win in 2020 a hot mess of candidates.

  3. Bettie clayton July 5, 2019


  4. J July 5, 2019

    Don’t see any lies here

  5. China July 5, 2019

    She would EAT donald trump up in a 1 on 1 debate. Kamala is NOT to be Fu’d with.

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      She won’t be getting my vote. I would rather Michelle Obama run.

  6. Clarkson July 5, 2019

    She’s a cop lover. if she wins police brutality and police murdering black people will increase.
    Trump is foolish but America under trump is pretty stable. No wars no riots, no terror attacks from Muslims etc.

    • Riri July 6, 2019

      According to FBI and CIA and other intelligence agencies, the biggest threat to America are homegrown WHITE NATIONALISTS. Those are the real terrorists.
      I’m not worried about Muslims at all, but I wish nothing but the worst for the WHITE NATIONALIST can choke in hell.

  7. The Truth July 5, 2019


    I love her courage and bravery. She can challenge Donald … and the Republicans know it!

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      She is a joke

  8. danyboo July 5, 2019

    im confused, bussing is defined as, transport in a communal road vehicle. What’s wrong with taking the bus?

  9. jam July 5, 2019

    I still think Warren is the best candidate for black voters and other POC. She is my second or third choice though. She’d make an amazing AG (Attorney General).

  10. jam July 5, 2019

    some of these idiots talking about Trump being worse than her must be bots, uneducated or republicans trying to trick y’all in to voting for another four years from this orange piece of trash.
    Don’t buy into it.

  11. Keisha July 6, 2019

    Democrats pander to us black folks every four years for votes. Than they just cast us aside like Obama. Trump has done more for us than Obama in 8. It’s time people wake the f*** up. Kamala is a snake and she’s NOT black.

  12. RacismIsDead July 7, 2019

    Yawn…. That Grape Juice is trying to make Kamala relevant. The black community isn’t buying the “She’s for us” bullshhhhh….

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