Kandi Burruss Responds To Phaedra Parks Jab: “She’s Cancelled”

Published: Wednesday 17th Jul 2019 by David

Kandi Burruss is disappointed in Phaedra Parks and would like the attorney to think long and hard about her actions.

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ fans will remember that the former friends saw their once beautiful relationship end when Kandi accused Parks of fooling the public into believing that she was upset that her husband, Apollo Nida, was going to jail and claimed that she had been living in sin with a man nicknamed Mr. Chocolate.

Enraged, Parks and one of the show’s producers used Porsha Williams to spread a story which claimed Burruss engaged in date rape. Parks left the show shortly after.

Now Kandi is responding to remarks Phaedra made about her this month.

Read the remarks here and Kandi’s response below…

I just find it very sad that she has no remorse for what she did. It’s like she didn’t see anything wrong with that?

I feel like if anyone did what she did to me to her son’s in the future, she would have a totally different outlook on the situation.

And so I just think she should rethink it… But if she doesn’t, she’s canceled in my book anyway.



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  1. Casual July 17, 2019

    Seasons 8-9, Kandi and Phaedra were equally nasty to each other, and the things they both said about each other were equally dangerous legally. Time for Kandi to stop being the victim and move on.

    Apollo’s legal troubles spilled over the Phaedra, though Phaedra did not reveal how seriously on the show. Kandi had no problems laughing at her mother’s allegations of Phaedra’s guilt in all of those very serious crimes. Phaedra had to wonder at times if Kandi was trying to send her to prison. And do recall that Phaedra had a conversation with Kandi during which Phaedra actually asked Kandi to intercede with Ms. Joyce about all the shade, which was way more dangerous to Phaedra that Phaedra let on publicly. Kandi was totally unreceptive.

    The rumor Phaedra repeated was told to dumb dumb Porsha off camera, and it should have stayed there. Kandi and Ms. Joyce took shots at Phaedra on camera.

    Bring Phaedra back! I never thought Phaedra’s firing was fair.

    • Jasmine July 17, 2019

      AMEN. I remember all those incriminating things Kandi and her ugly mama said about Phaedra on camera. That midget Todd made sure to say”You had to have known what Apollo was doing” at the reunion on too. They are low down ghetto hood rats from ghetto Atlanta.

    • Franci Greenberg July 17, 2019

      Kandi instigated enough!!

    • Crystal July 17, 2019

      Yes ma’am nothing but the truth I can’t believe they took Phadrea Peach for that and then Allow Kandi to do a play called s** dungeon I really believe that she really engage in that kind of activity minus the drug’s but I’m sure Phadrea Parks will and most definitely will be back Mark my words

  2. Jasmine July 17, 2019

    Phaedra apologized already. Vicki from RHOC did something very similar if not worse and she said it on the show yet she is still on the show. Porsha only asked Kandi if the rumor was true and Kandi’s selective hearing ass interpreted it wrong and blew it way out of proportion! Must be some truth to it for her to be so bothered by a little question. Like the old saying goes…’When a rumor has truth and legs to it folks start acting a fool!’

    Another example of Kandi’s misunderstanding of things is when Kim said Nene’s house had roaches with video proof. Kandi understood that as a racist attack because “black people live in roach infested houses in the projects” even though i strongly believe:

    1. All black people did not grow up in the projects; and

    2. Kim’s comment was not racist at all. If u are filming a reality show in ur house u should have cleaned ur house or gotten an exterminator prior to filming. Race has nothing to do with sanitary conditions

    Kandi needs to s*** her homely looking ass up and stop over dramatizing irrelevant sh.it. Phaedra can say whatever she wants. She already fired. Kandi won already so why she still mad?

    • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019

      Shut it JasMAN the c***

      • Jasmine July 17, 2019

        Shut it Jawanna Mann.

    • Jasmine🙋🏿‍♀️David🙋🏿‍♂️Sam🙋🏽‍♂️& Rashad 🙋🏾‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 17, 2019


    • Casual July 17, 2019

      The irony is that the rumor Phaedra repeated to Porsha was started by Kandi and Todd. The origin of the rumor was clearly Porsha’s drunk text. Kandi and/or Todd told Carlos King about Porsha’s drunk text, and they probably probably laughed and said that if Porsha got drunk, you could have your way with her. I do not believe Kandi/Todd ever said anything sinister, but that’s not how CK gossiped that info to others in their circle.

      Recall the infamous conversation between Phaedra, Sheree, and Porsha when Phaedra made the hand gesture about Kandi and Shamea. THAT was what Kandi was upset about. After years of being coy, Kandi had to finally own some pretty embarrassing truths about 3somes, being bi, and such. Phaedra, Sheree, and Porsha thought they were on a filming break when Phaedra said that and made the gesture, but CK left cameras running and mics on.

    • WGforreal July 17, 2019

      Kandi doesn’t need Fakedra. So keep doing what you do Kandi!!

  3. Truth July 17, 2019

    I love that Kandi is the much bigger and mature person. As for Phony Phae, she needs a psyho therapy something is mentally wrong with her!

  4. Becki July 17, 2019

    Oh Em Gee Phaedra is slimy conniving old witch she’s been doing this s*** for years and years and years and years only way she can make money is to hustle other people out of it !!!I’m really glad that it came back and bit her right in the ass because candy is way smarter than her

  5. Pretty and thick July 17, 2019

    I wish kandi would shout the hell up about this because it’s really getting boring already. Both of them said things to each other that really made no sense. Both of them should have been kicked off the show not just one. Kandi really ain’t bringing nothing to show anyway. She mad at porsha because of a lie she didn’t start anyway somebody put that in her head and because she thought she had friends she believed what was said. so kandi at this point needs to stop playing like she the damn victim because like very real didn’t she do the same to porsha not to long ago. Let it go and move the hell on.

  6. Nicky July 17, 2019

    Here’s a thought. Get a life! Why are people consumed with others drama? Lmao! Makes no sense.

  7. Calling you h*** out July 17, 2019

    Since y’all tryna justify Phaedra why can’t yall justify any other woman lying on someone about r***?

  8. Carmen Tomlin July 17, 2019

    KANDI!!!!!! Please get over this ! We are sooooo……. Tired of hearing you act sooo…. Hurt over this ordeal…we get it but you went and profit off the damn deal… What you need to do is pay the lady! Without Ms. Parks there would be No dungeon tour. Cuz you never thought about a dungeon…

    Right???? 🤔🤔

    • Calling you h*** out July 18, 2019

      Are u gonna be cool with a co worker that told hr you r**** somebody?

  9. Mary N. Jackson July 17, 2019

    Bye Kandi you came up with it mighty fast and made money off it so bye bye

  10. Franci Greenberg July 17, 2019

    Kandi instigated enough!!

  11. Cynthia July 18, 2019

    All of them are adults acting badly, for the almighty dollar.

  12. Tweety July 18, 2019

    Kandi is a freak. She sells s**. . . . She boast about being about that nasty lifestyle. So if you put it out there, you leave room for rumors like that. She is so over the top annoying. Bring Phae back!!

  13. Enough already July 18, 2019

    So over Phaedra. She is irrelevant. Can’t and won’t support a person that committed such heinous acts against another person. Can’t and won’t support anyone or entity that supports her. She’s dishonest, unethical and just downright mean. It’s disgusting. If it walks like a duck , quacks like a duck then it must be a duck!! In trying to ruin Kandi she ruined herself.

  14. Andrea Malcolm July 18, 2019

    Phaedra should be ashamed of herself

  15. Rosalyn Thomas July 18, 2019

    Hello, Kandi! Sweetheart it is time to move forward.It is time to forgive Phaedra for what she done.Phaedra is not the first person that has wronged you & trust me, she won’t be the last.When you hold unforgiveness in your heart towards someone, you’re not hurting that person, you are giving that person power to control you.Let it go.What are you gaining, by holding on to it. As adults, we must handle situations differently, because our children are watching us. I know you was hurt by the betrayal, but grow from it.Some people will never say they are sorry for their actions & that maybe the case with you & Phaedra. Whatever it is, don’t let it hold you hostage to it.You are a great human being, who have done exceptionally well for yourself.With that being said: It’s a new day,let it go.Rememeber this: The good news is: The bad news ain’t true..Yes, I said it the way I wanted to say it. You got the victory!!! You are not a victim any more, you are a victor.Be encouraged!🙏🙌🙌❤

  16. Jay July 19, 2019

    Kandi keep your head up you are a BAD BLACK SISTER with much success and accomplishments jealousy is in their hearts for you that’s why you are so relevant still in their lives

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