Movie Trailer: ‘Mulan’ [Disney Live Action Remake]

Published: Sunday 7th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Less than two weeks ahead of the highly anticipated premiere of the Donald Glover & Beyonce-led live action remake of Disney classic ‘The Lion King,’ the trailer for the newest adaptation of ‘Mulan’ comes roaring onto the Net.

The latest Disney princess to see her story spun to live form, ‘Mulan’ – set to hit theaters March 27, 2020 – will revamp and retell the story of a young Chinese woman who disguises herself as a man in order to join the military to defend her country and family’s honor. Chinese actress Liu Yifei stars as the film’s champion and leads a reportedly diverse cast of actors.

See the dynamite trailer inside:

Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan, Yoson An as Cheng Honghui, Gong Li as Xianniang, and Jet Li as the Emperor, the new ‘Mulan’ promises to be a fitting follow-up to its original.

Niki Caro was tapped to direct and the script was written by Elizabeth Martin, Lauren Hynek, Rick Jaffa, and Amanda Silver.

Roll on March 2020!

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  1. Urg July 7, 2019

    Another Disney live action remake woopi!!! Cant they come up with something new?

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN July 7, 2019

      You sound pathetic. Trailer looks great can’t wait to hear the dragon. I do feel like Disney is coming out with these live action movies too quick. They should do maybe 2 a year. The first one by the end of the 1st quarter and the second by the end of the year in time fir Christmas.

      • Danny Bey July 7, 2019

        There is no dragon. No songs, no Li Shang, no Shan Yu. They are going for sticking more to original Chinese story bc the Chinese govt gave them sh*t for changing so much with their first version’, which I’m here for. This film doesn’t need to be all that’s Disney-fied bc the original take is very compelling and will making for a great film

  2. Clarkson July 7, 2019

    Damn she is not playing. This looks like an action movie not a cheesy Disney musical.

    • Meme July 7, 2019

      I agree and that’s the problem. This looks way too serious. It’s missing the Disney elements.

  3. Ugggh July 7, 2019

    Did they bring in Eddy Murphy to play dragon? If not, I’m not interested

    • Caleb July 7, 2019

      I’ve heard the dragon won’t be in the movie because he was very unpopular with Chinese audiences.

    • Danny Bey July 7, 2019

      Mushu ain’t in it. If you want to hear Eddie Murphy playing a dragon, the cartoon is still on Netflix.

  4. Princess Tiana July 7, 2019

    this going to mostly be base dog the real story of mulan with elements form the animated classic but in a dope way.


    I know bish is asain but I expected mulan to be much more INTERESTING in the looks department. Very typical in tge looks area…

    That’s the only negative, everything else looks GREAT. Atleast they are remaking CLASSICS.

  6. eric July 7, 2019

    Looks good, though I wish for all of Hollywood to focus on creating new and original films.

  7. Liam July 7, 2019

    Ok this one looks ? Mulan is coming for wigs

  8. Jj July 7, 2019

    Frog princess please

  9. stan July 7, 2019

    tbh i’m kinda over disney live action remakes. this looks pretty well done, but i’m still on the fence about it.

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