‘The Lion King’ Roars At Chinese Box Office / Breaks Record

Published: Monday 15th Jul 2019 by Sam

‘The Lion King’ is taking its throne in China.

Released in the region one week ahead of its July 19th arrival worldwide, the live-action take on the Disney classic is pouncing in a major way.

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Its three-day debut window (Friday-Sunday) saw the Donald Glover and Beyonce flick amass $55 million. 

The figure sees ‘The Lion King’ notch the highest grossing opening of all of Disney’s live-action remakes, besting ‘The Jungle Book’ ($46.5 million), ‘Beauty And The Beast’ ($45.2 million ), ‘Aladdin’ ($18.8 million) and ‘Dumbo’ ($11 million).

Its slay out of the gate is not only indicative of ample buzz for the film in the region, but is especially notable given how many huge US franchises tend to struggle in that market; a market which tends to favor its own localised smashes.

And with ‘The Lion King’ projected to deliver Disney’s biggest numbers for a live-action release in the region, the studio is going all out. For, they’ve even set to release a new version of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ featuring Beyonce and Chinese superstar Jacky Cheung.

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  1. Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 15, 2019

    Not surprised at all

  2. Xtina4life July 15, 2019

    Still won’t help those 59% rottentomatoes reviews lol. May make money, but sure gots bad reviews. This should or had a perfect 85 to 95%. They messed the movie up.

    • MsYonce July 15, 2019

      It is 60% on Rotten Tomatoes there are good no one cares about the critics the movie is breaking records. They won!!!

      • Xtina4life July 15, 2019

        You can say yes the won, but screwed the movie up was at 60, but back at 59 more negative reviews keep rolling in.

      • MsYonce July 15, 2019

        It went down to 59% now its at 62%but like I said the critics doesn’t matter because they don’t determine if the movie will be a success or not. Also its really on the US critics that’s been giving mix reviews. The critics gave Aladdin a score of 56% and it’s about to hit 1 billion and the audience score is 94%. . Like I said they are good! The movie will be a success like alll the other remakes. People are doing the most about these remakes and all of them has been extremely successful. They shooting off at the mouth and Disney is still winning so it doesnt matter

  3. Gavinluvsbeyonce July 15, 2019

    Well Beyoncé is a global/international superstar so I would expect those numbers to be great elsewhere. And that duet with the Asian I would support that. ?


    Opening night was a flop in China.. only made $13 million. Not surprised. China is big on economy, made in China and they only made 13 million opening night…. anyway back to Whitney

    • DC3 FOREVER July 15, 2019

      Only????? For one night that’s great. Quit trying to find things to hate on it’s not possible


        Black panther was huge
        this supposed to have the so-called legendary Beyonce…. Bigger than the circle of life.
        …an opening night it only made 13. She was not right for this film.

  5. #TheTruth July 15, 2019

    I never really understood why people care about critics.
    Everyone has an opinion, why value more someone else’s ? Being paid to give your opinion doesn’t make it better.
    If a movie sounds good to you, go make your own opinion.

  6. WRTW? July 15, 2019

    Critics are complaining about the CGI effects of the money and nothing about the voice acting. Beyoncé did what she came to do the rest is above her. The movie will be highly successful and will secure the queen her first Oscar and golden globe.

    • Brent Christopher July 15, 2019

      Beyonce will NEVER win an Oscar or a Golden Globe. Now that Grammy’s are awarded authentically, you notice she never wins any of the REAL, noted categories anymore. She only received the golden statuette when they were being handed out like cups of water at a track & field meet.

      Beyonce’s Musical contributions to this project are so sub par!

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