TV Trailer: ‘Pose’ [Season 2 / Episode 5]

Published: Saturday 13th Jul 2019 by Sam

‘Pose’ continues to strut from strength to strength in its seismic second season.

The FX series, which spotlights the LGBTQ ballroom scene of the 80s and 90s, has been met with rapturous applause since its debut and is earning it the more with its sophomore run.

Heading into this season, creators Ryan Murphy and Steven Canals promised a deeper delving into the various challenges faced by the likes Blanca, Electra, PrayTell, Angel, and co.

Ahead of the broadcast of the next episode, check out a preview below…

‘Pose’ airs every Tuesday on FX.

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  1. Lana Del Fan July 13, 2019

    The last episode had me in tears through the whole thing!! This show is so good I can’t wait for next week

  2. Erica July 13, 2019

    Best show on tv

  3. Steve July 14, 2019


  4. Jasmine July 14, 2019

    Men in a dress will never be real women

    • Jasmine July 15, 2019

      Wow. The obsession with me on this board from this one troll is unreal. I would never say such a thing about trannies because I do not believe trannies want to be real women. Trannies want to be trannies. Hence, the word transsexual! If u are going to make a bigoted remark do it as yourself and don’t impersonate me!

      • Rashad July 15, 2019

        What the hell is wrong with you? defending yourself with another bigoted comment and generalization when you don’t know what a trans person is going through so don’t act like your angry, arrogant a%s does. The word “t*****” flying out ya mouth all ignorant on multiple posts. No different than still saying “colored”, “oriental” or worse. Wake the F up and stop thinking your homophobic and transphobic jabs are ok. I don’t care about this impersonation games ya’ll play on TGIF blog but stop with the hate speech.

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