TV Trailer: ‘Pose’ [Season 2 / Episode 8]

Published: Wednesday 31st Jul 2019 by Sam

‘Pose’ continues to strut from strength to strength in its seismic second season.

The Emmy-nominated FX series, which spotlights the LGBTQ ballroom scene of the 80s and 90s, has been met with rapturous applause since its debut and is earning it the more with its sophomore run.

Heading into this season, creators Ryan Murphy and Steven Canals promised a deeper delving into the various challenges faced by the likes Blanca, Electra, PrayTell, Angel, and co.

Ahead of the broadcast of the next episode (8), check out a preview below…

‘Pose’ airs every Tuesday on FX.

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  1. SMH July 31, 2019

    I absolutely ADORE this show. It gets better and better with each episode, and that’s rare nowadays. Best thing on TV right now.

    • Your Mother July 31, 2019

      Season 3 will be the final season unfortunately

      • SMH July 31, 2019

        Nooooo, don’t say that lol! But it’s expected if that’s true, I honestly can’t see them going past the mid 90’s time frame.

      • Ajm265 July 31, 2019

        So not true the late 90s and 2000s has a lot to offer when it comes to gay culture. The DL men saga has to come into play and how the H**/A*** epidemic affected straight women particularly black women. And this show has come into today’s age where the virus is treated like a common cold, the Dangers of hooking up online/app and how people still don’t realize it still plagues many communities.

      • Your Mother July 31, 2019

        The characters will all be dead by the 2000s area well most of them the show would be pointless if it time warps every 10 years we went from the 80s to the 90s already

      • Brent Christopher July 31, 2019

        RYAN MURPHY has CONFIRMED that the series will end at 1995.

        That will be reached by the end of season 3.

        He wants to end the series at the point which the H** meds increased.

      • Jasmine July 31, 2019

        I think they can do a few more seasons if they stopped skipping years.

    • Ajm265 July 31, 2019

      I’m wondering if there will be a spin off like American horror story. Not all the characters will be dead at the end of that period.

  2. Jasmine July 31, 2019

    This t***** show is trash

    • Jasmine July 31, 2019

      Shut it troll. Why do all the trolls on this site want to be me? I guess my comments must have CUT them deep. Lol. The power of a wordsmith

      • Jasmine July 31, 2019

        Stop impersonating me you bitter t*****!! I swear TGJ is behind this

      • Jasmine July 31, 2019

        You wish you were me little boy and rightfully so. I am everything you are not…married, wealthy, loved, happy, and intellectual. Keep seething and staying mad.

      • Jasmine July 31, 2019

        You’re a bitter t***** fa%*ot jealous that you aren’t a real woman like me cowering behind my name on these boards. How pathetic. I am the real and only Jasmine. I’m always on your mind you obsessed f%g

      • Jasmine July 31, 2019

        If you were me, the real Jasmine who was born a woman, you would NEVER call a show trash because the cast are trannies! I am a big fan of RuPaul Drags Race and a friend to the LGBT community. My ex-assistant, stylist, hair dresser, nail tech, maid, and three of my very close friends are all gay men! The troll(s) that paint me as some bigot on here simply have a misunderstanding of me and have been hurt by my sarcastic words in the past. I am a wordsmith after all so I cannot help it if my witty opinions cut deep. It is never my intention to be mean. U can go on pretending to me dear but always remember imitation is a form of flattery. It’s good to know my reigning influence on TGJ has carried on from 2009 to present day so much so trolls like you want to be me but you could never squeeze your crusty manly feet in my manolo blahniks. Keep running your mouth with unwarranted hatred towards me and wearing your Payless fashions dude.

    • Rashad August 1, 2019

      Yo these boards are getting to be pathetic. Tired of this jasmine character

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