Politician Blames Mass Shootings On Obama, Gay Men…And Drag Queens

Published: Monday 5th Aug 2019 by David

Candice Keller believes drag queens may to blame for America’s mass shooting epidemic.

Full story below…

Candice represents the state of Ohio and took to the internet to reveal why she believes Barack Obama, drag queens and “political correctness” are to blame for mass shootings.

She declared…

She argues that America’s supposed decision to steer away from of yesteryear’s path, and not violent young men with access to deadly weapons, lie at the heart of the mass shooting issue.

Her words were met with widespread condemnation.


What Donald Trump is blaming?

We must stop the glorification of violence in our society — this includes the gruesome and grizzly video games that are now commonplace.


Watch here.

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  1. XYZ August 5, 2019

    Murica, land of the dumb

    • Jasmine August 5, 2019

      Ohio is one of those states where backward blacks did not even vote for Obama! They vote hillbilly white trash in like this white trash ? demon! Her comment is idiotic and senseless just like it is idiotic and senseless she even got to become a representative. This is a direct shot at former President Obama, a direct shot at gay people when that demon mentions ‘drag queens, transsexuals, and gay marriage’, and a direct shot at black women when she mentions ‘fatherlessness’. That vile white trash demon needs to have her head cut off.

    • Jasmine August 5, 2019

      Impeach them at ugly trash ? white demon ho. She can take those thoughts on down to the unemployment line!

    • Amanda D. August 6, 2019

      I agree Jasmine. Yes indeed.

  2. Jasmine The Real Princess August 5, 2019

    I have yet to see a T***** do a terrorist attack ?‍♂️

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 5, 2019

      T***** Power

    • Amanda D. August 6, 2019

      I can’t wait till u THINGS get bored of pretending to be my girl Jasmine. You are just annoying to everyone. PURE TRASH WITH MENTAL ILLNESS!

  3. Clarkson August 5, 2019

    Straight people are trash. Periodt

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 5, 2019

      Says the Gay guy who lust over muscular black men

      • Amanda D. August 6, 2019

        Says the mental ward escapee.

  4. stan August 5, 2019

    oh look, white trash

  5. Casual August 5, 2019

    She is not *totally* wrong.

    • SMH August 5, 2019

      Really? Which mass shooter was gay, transsexual or a drag queen? I must have missed something…..

      • Casual August 5, 2019

        I wasn’t referring to the implication that gays, transgenders, or drag artists are the problem. I was referring to her overall statement, which touched on the breakdown of the family and certain American cultural traditions.

      • Jasmine August 5, 2019

        Orlando shooter at club Pulse was downlow gay. They found his communication on Jack’d and grinder and he frequented gay bars. I think sexuality has nothing to do with capability to be a mass murderer.

      • MissGuided August 5, 2019

        But ‘Murica has an evil history and was built on violence. Culture, traditions and family has nothing to do with mentally deranged, evil people who have been around forever. You can find some of the most childish and ignorant geriatrics in politics. Both Dems and Republicans need to get their s*** together…..FAST!!!!!

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 5, 2019

        1 downlow gay shooter out of how many the last 10 years? ☠️

      • Jasmine August 5, 2019

        What we are not going to do is fall victim to this white trash demon’s vile way of thinking. Sexuality has NOTHING to do with the capability to do mass killings. Gays are equally capable of mass killings and have done so many times! Every time you hear a mass shooting against trannies who do u think is doing the killing? Some straight person who hates trannies? NO. It is by some lowdown man who either enjoys sexx with trannies or was tricked into having sexx with a t*****. This gay vs straight narrative on here is senseless. These mass murders all have mental illness and evilness in them!

  6. SMH August 5, 2019

    Not surprised, the GOP is the party of finger pointing. They literally have no concept of accountability, everything is always everybody else’s fault.

  7. MissGuided August 5, 2019

    How about blame the f****** shooter?

  8. Holliewuudd August 5, 2019

    First of all, that trick need to be worried about what happened to her eyebrows.

  9. Me August 6, 2019

    B**** look like a man..tf h**

  10. Hits studio August 6, 2019

    Playing God in any form will never be a excuse to kill people…

  11. Hits studio August 6, 2019

    Since Catty Candice has the motive we should be investigating her for conspiracy PERIOD

  12. Jasmine August 6, 2019

    She’s right. Accepting the radical agendas of gays and trannys is hurting our families and country

    • Jasmine August 6, 2019

      Says the troll

      • Jasmine August 6, 2019

        Stop impersonating me you bitter troll. You wish you had my coins, my job, my loving husband and my life you queeny, loose bottom f*g

        She is 100% right why are society has declined.

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