‘The Lion King’ Melts ‘Frozen’ Record To Become Disney’s Biggest Animated Movie

Published: Monday 12th Aug 2019 by Sam

‘The Lion King‘s roar continues to reverberate.

Details on the film’s major milestone below…

As reportedJon Favreau‘s photo-realistic remake of the 1994 crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office – joining an elite list of titles.

Now sitting at a colossal $1.334 billion, ‘The Lion King’ has clenched another win. For, it’s become Disney’s most successful animated movie of all time.

In earning the honor, the Beyonce and Donald Glover led production tops ‘Frozen’s $1.276 billion.

There continues to be open debate about whether the film is technically live-action (its director has consistently referenced it as “photo realistic” animation), but as a live-action flick it’s now become Disney’s highest grossing “non-Marvel/non-Star Wars” live-action movie ever. [Source]

Congrats all round!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 12, 2019

    Haterz be squawkin’ in 5,4,3,2,1!!!! ????

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 12, 2019

      And you will deal with the fact that this is a great film that is not about Beyoncé – but her involvement makes it’s success a good look on her ? So as you were.

      • Apostle Denise Clark-Bradford August 12, 2019

        Indeed but her crazed stans need to realize that The Lion King franchise has been massively successful for 25 years. The movie would have done these numbers with or without her and that’s facts. Be blessed baby.

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 12, 2019

        Agreed ✌? – but Haterz be foaming at the mouth that she made a Boss move to even get a seat at the negotiating table ?

      • ??? August 12, 2019

        lmaooooooo girl sit your silly ass down, nobody hates on a bishhh that sells 949 albums, and nobody will forget about that massive FLOP album no matter how successful THEIR franchise gets lmfaoooooooo

    • ??? August 12, 2019

      lmaoooooo delusional ass, nobody is hating on a flopped roach that disappeared from the charts after only ONE WEEK lmfaooooooooooooooooooo #949yonce #TheDelusionsWriteThemselves

  2. meeee August 12, 2019

    but what that soundtrack doin?? anywho… missy is getting the VMA vanguard…long overdue

  3. 2bad2bme August 12, 2019

    Haters stay MAD! ????? And if you don’t believe it, GOOGLE IT BIH! ??

    • ??? August 12, 2019

      lmaoooooomad about a roach flopping with 949 sales? who’s mad about that? lmfaoooooooo #949yonce #TheRoachesStayReachin

  4. Apostle Denise Clark-Bradford August 12, 2019

    This isn’t surprising considering TLK has been massively successful and Disney’s most popular venture for the past 25 years. I saw it on Broadway many years ago and it was simply fabulous. I like Beyoncé but her fans will not attribute the films success to her.

  5. tyty August 12, 2019

    I didn’t think it would be this big congrats to all involved… ????. Let’s hope Ariel does big number too.

  6. tyty August 12, 2019

    Something about that frozen film never sat right with me felt like I was being brainwashed

  7. 7E August 12, 2019


  8. Clarkson August 12, 2019

    Fraudulent beehive claiming the box office success of lion king but denying that the gift is a beyonce album.

    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew August 12, 2019

      It’s a soundtrack to accompany a film with clips from the film all throughout the album. Beyonce is not in every track, even some songs she’s on she isn’t even the main vocal and again the clips from the movie are throughout the whole entire album. It is a soundtrack. And that is the entire fact of it all void of emotions or fan/not fan scenario.

      • Clarkson August 12, 2019

        The black panther album was curated by Kendrick Lamar and it is regarded as a Kendrick Lamar album , this is exactly what beyonce did with the gift. This album is a beyonce album. PERIODT

        Stop being fraudulent. If this trash flop album went number 1 and sold 10 million copies u beehives will claim it as a beyonce album but since it flopped u guys are denying it, the same way u guys denied everything is love when it flopped. Frauds

    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew August 12, 2019

      Nobody regards the black panther album as a Kendrick Lamar album, you’re literally the first person I have ever heard say that. Ever. It is a soundtrack like every album to ever go with every movie that’s ever come out in history.. it’s a soundtrack, not an album. That is facts supported by the material and history of music in films. If you choose to negate factual information, that’s your own personal right

      • ??? August 12, 2019

        lmaoooooo no bug, the grammy considered it a kendrick lamar album, and so did billboard. stop making excuses and own up to your FLOPS roaches lmfaoooooo #949yonce #TheGiftIsAnotherFLOPPEDyonce Album

  9. Danny Bey August 12, 2019

    Point to me where any Hive mentioned Beyoncé??? Y’all HATERS aka closet fans were the first to even bring her up and the only ones bringing her up ???? YALL KILL ME

  10. Fancy BISH August 12, 2019

    KING. ???

    • ??? August 12, 2019

      …of flopping HARD even with disney backing her lmfaooooooooooooo #949yonce

      • Fancy BISH August 13, 2019

        SCAR, if you don’t get the hell outta my comment box I will be forced to THRASH you ? ???

  11. Dc August 12, 2019

    How can a movie get this much money but the soundtrack tanks told y’all bey overrated af ?????

  12. Shayla Queen August 12, 2019

    How can the Beyhive attribute the film’s success to Beyoncé yet not attribute her “soundtrack’s” failure to her?

    • Shayla Queen August 12, 2019

      Considering the album is her creation and the movie is not.

  13. ??? August 12, 2019

    lmaoooooooo and where’s the post about the FLOP that she recorded for the movie? lmfaoooooo you roaches stay deflecting attention from her FAILS lmfaooooooo

  14. ??? August 12, 2019

    lmaooooo where’s lion king: the FLOP at on the charts this week? lmfaooooooo #949yonce

  15. Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 12, 2019

    This blog (whenever Beyoncé is mentioned) is such a telling insight into the mental health issues of certain posters. For anyone engaging those persons multiple accounts – just bear in mind you at not dealing with a mentally stable or rational human being.

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 12, 2019

    RIHSCEDULED first and only movie where she didn’t play an Extra, HOME, only grossed about $300 million while LION KING grossed $1.3 Billion becoming the highest grossing animated film of ALL TIME after only 3 Weeks out?

    And bey is the sole reason for it’s success also

    I think bey might finally win that OSCAR for playing Nala. The way she squeezed into that Lions Suit and challenged scar and rescued Simba from his Kidnappers, the Pig and that small Rodent was truly EPIC. She showed so much conviction in this movie. Hope bey is inspired to get back into her acting career So another movie can come out around B7

    Bey is truly becoming a certified actor after grossing $2.3 Billion so Far… And still counting cuz bey just signed a deal to produce and write even more movies under Netflix and Disney channel.

    Also the Gift Soundtrack went #1 world-wide.

    • ??? August 12, 2019

      Lmaooooo save your essays fatso, only thing people will remember is that the non acting roach FLOPPED off the charts after only one week and 949 albums sold lmfaooooo ? ? ? ? #949yonce #PeppaPigWillGetAnOscarBefore949yonce

  17. DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 12, 2019

    By the end of the year Lion King will pass the $3 BILLION mark.

    • ??? August 12, 2019

      lmaooooo but lion king: the FLOP wont pass 3000 sales lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #ClingToTheMovieToHideTheFLOP

  18. FMcL August 13, 2019

    Glitter was also a soundtrack, just saying!

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