‘The Little Mermaid’: Harry Styles To Portray Prince Eric?

Published: Tuesday 13th Aug 2019 by David

Harry Styles is…Prince Eric?

Full story below…

Reports published today claim Styles will slide into the fiction’s characters shoes to support Halle Bailey who is to portray the Little Mermaid in a live action telling of the fun and fantastical story!

If true, his union with the movie is set to attract the fans he garnered during his time as a member of the Pop Rock outfit One Direction and follow his performance in the movie ‘Dunkirk.’

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.



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  1. Ariana Grande August 13, 2019

    You can keep this movie if the cast is all over the pace. From what I’m hearing, he is more accustomed to play the princess! Harry goes hard for the D.

    • Danny Bey August 14, 2019

      You’re an idiot

      • Ariana Grande August 14, 2019

        DENIAL sis

  2. Ariana Grande August 13, 2019

    Also the side eye was SAVAGE. Clearly Beowulf isn’t the best artist manager. Halle Bailey got this opportunity on her OWN (awkward).

    • tyty August 13, 2019

      You are aware Disney want to work with Beyonce on more projects and giving her a budget to create original shows right…..

      • NotoriousTruthTeller August 13, 2019

        There hasn’t been any official source to back up that claim.

        You do realize that?

      • NotoriousTruthTeller August 13, 2019


        Nothing wrong with an interracial fairytale!

    • Interac August 13, 2019

      That side eye was something!!!

  3. Danny Bey August 14, 2019

    Y’all are late as hell with this news.

    But I’m so here for these two. You can tell Beyoncé has trained them Well in media training and not giving away too much and how to dodge and answer questions. This reporter was aggy asking all these details knowing damn well they can’t say anything about anything

  4. #Formulation August 14, 2019

    She seems unlikable

  5. Charli Cheer Up August 14, 2019

    Just last month there were reports that he was being eyed the role of Elvis in this biopic about his manager starring Tom Hanks. Now he’s being ‘eyed’ for Little Mermaid? he’s probably determined to get into acting this year with all the audition news surrounding him lately.

  6. E August 14, 2019

    Wow! Halle needs to learn to be gracious! She was over this interview before it even began. You’re going to have to work with people and be interviewed by people you may not necessarily surround your self with on a daily basis. So she needs to take some humble pie. I Understand not being able to answer questions and how Disney makes them sign contracts about privacy and non disclosure but the interview didn’t even ask her about the movie before Halle started eye rolling and looking away. That turned me off about her as Ariel. Hopefully they fire her and give the role to Zendaya instead

  7. Enoch August 14, 2019

    Ariel is not black.

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