Jennifer Lopez Dishes On ‘Hustlers’ Oscar Buzz, Super Bowl 2020 Rumors, & More [Watch]

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Jennifer Lopez is undeniably the hardest working woman in show business.

Shortly after wrapping season 3 of her hit NBC reality competition series, ‘World of Dance,’ the diva jetted across America on the wildly successful ‘It’s My Party’ tour.   Upon its completion she hopped right into promo mode for the highly-anticipated flick, ‘Hustlers’ (in theaters September 13). Tackling radio, Web, and television, Lopez has left no stone unturned as she’s visited ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Michael, Sara, & Keke’ to Buzzfeed, ‘Variety,’ and more in the movie’s support.

Most recently blitzing through her hometown of New York City to dish on the Lorene Scafaria-directed female empowerment film, the 50-year-old was reduced to tears as hosts praised her performance.  In addition to addressing the overwhelmingly positive reviews, she responded to rumors of Oscar buzz and those pesky Super Bowl 2020 murmurs (which she only heightened with her recent NFL endorsement seen here).

Look below to see highlights from J. Lo’s crazy week:

On Oscar Buzz:

On Super Bowl Rumors

[main photo source:  Meredith Corporation/SiriusXM]

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  1. Urg September 11, 2019

    Of course she should win an Oscar. Her whole *music* carrer was a damn acting role. Just ask Ashanti and Christina Millian

    • Fancy BISH September 11, 2019

      She slayed On The 6 tho…I don’t care what she had to do, she ate those songs ?

      • Urg September 12, 2019

        U mean them other girls vocals that is On the 6 slayed that album. Did she even pay Chanté Moore for the reference track ‘if u had my love’? Jennifer Lopez is the female Milli Vanilli

    • china September 12, 2019


  2. Clarkson September 11, 2019

    I told u fools she was getting oscar buzz for her performance but yall didnt believe me instead u decided to argue with me.
    Pls I am not ur level. Many of u dont understand entertainment. U watch love and hip/ bad girls club and u think u know all about entertainment, bìtch sit down.
    This is prestigious classy entertainment, TIFF, movie reviews , venice film festival, etc . U can never

    Hustlers is certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. critics are praising jlo’s performance. She may get a Best supporting actress nomination but she won’t win.

    • Oh plz September 12, 2019

      Blah blah blah….STFU. A MF who confuses “quiet” and “quite” will never be taken seriously. Go back to school asshole.

  3. Fancy BISH September 11, 2019

    I actually got emotional for her during that first interview ? You can’t deny homegirl works hard! ?

    • Like What September 11, 2019

      Working hard at stealing, being fake and using her assets to get what she wants while literally using and screwing other women over. Not what I call something to be proud of. She deserve non of success with that kind of sociopathic/narcissistic behavior.

      • Fancy BISH September 11, 2019

        I know Ashanti got paid cause her mama don’t play ?

  4. Adonis September 11, 2019

    Awww 🙁 she’s gone old ?

    • Kevon September 12, 2019

      Everyone gets old s*** head

  5. china September 12, 2019

    SAY MORE. She has STOLEN from Ashanti/Christina Milian/MARIAH. She is not ACTING in hustler. SHE IS A HUSTLER. She’s a basically good DANCER. ACTING-not so much. SINGING – she can’t even hold a tune. SHE LIP SINGS A FULL SHOW LIKE BRITNEY. To live sounding tracks. JENNIFER LOPEZ HAS BEEN A FRAUD for 10 YEARS. The music Industry KNOWS SEAN PUFFY COMBS made her in the vein of Selena/Janet but without THE TALENT.

    • Clarkson September 12, 2019

      Shut up.
      We are talking about her acting in the movie hustlers.
      Not signing.
      I’m not even a jlo fan cause she has a lot of flops but give this woman her flowers, she’s made alot of money for Hollywood and the music industry, she deserves recognition.

      She will eventually get an oscar nomination and u Mariah fans will deal.

  6. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 12, 2019

    Alex don’t want her no more…

    • I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 12, 2019

      She spread legs to Alex who don’t want her and now she doing super bowl biitch pleaxxxxe……
      That pusssy stay Poppin though. …

      Jennifer must got some good p****……

      • I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 12, 2019

        Jennifer can teach a class to y’all bitchezzz on how to use that p****. ….and get that money….hunny

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