Nene Leakes Visits ‘Wendy’ / Talks RHOA & Says “Who?” When Asked About Kenya Moore

Published: Tuesday 17th Sep 2019 by Sam

Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams are back in each others’ good graces after years of estrangement. And today saw them celebrate mended fences with Leakes’ appearance on the talk show maven’s purple couch.

During their fun-filled sit-down, the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ star spilled on the show’s upcoming season, as well as sharing her take on Housewives past and present.

Yet, when quizzed on returning foe Kenya Moore she seemed to experience momentary memory loss, responding “who?” at the mention of the new mom’s name.

Check out the interview after the jump…

Though a smidge extra, we prefer “this” Nene to the version Wendy rightfully called out.

Suffice to say, with the dynamics on Housewives very much not in her favor at the end of last season, it’ll be interesting to see how she fares when the show returns in the Fall.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts September 17, 2019

    Who the hell is NeNe in 2019? The show would be so much better without her. She isn’t funny like she was in the earlier seasons. She’s jealous, insecure, nasty, and a user.

    I’d rather a roll of tissue hold a peach instead of this nasty attitude having troll.

  2. Clarkson September 17, 2019

    Women like Nene leaks give black women a bad name.

    Stop supporting these shows that show black women acting ratchet and ghetto and fighting.

    Black women making a fool of themselves on TV while the white man in a suit is counting the money being made from their foolishness.

    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      Girl, stop. The Real Housewives of Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Beverly Hills all act exactly like this. Stop putting down black women down. You’re always only going after black women.

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Stop being stupid.

        White women dont have an image problem.
        White women can fight and act ratchet and it wont change the way the world sees white women (classy, well behaved, kind, beautiful, etc) that’s white privilege for u.

        Black people especially black women have an image problem. Black women are known around the world for being rude, bad attitude, ghetto, trashy, fighting etc. These shows reinforce that image, . Even tho it shouldn’t be so.

      • SMH September 17, 2019

        Sad but true.

  3. L’ORANGE September 17, 2019

    Nene is so unlikeable it’s not funny and she is ugly. Double Negative!

  4. Nicky September 17, 2019

    Disgusting person

  5. Truth September 17, 2019

    She will be writing Kenya a social media letter insinuating that she is a victim like she did cynthia when just 3 days before she was in an interview calling cynthia weak while cynthia was laid up with her cute ass man giving her dusk lol

  6. stan September 17, 2019

    it’s the same old sh*t. why do we still pay attention to her?

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