Oprah Reveals Shocking Health Battle

Published: Monday 23rd Sep 2019 by Sam

Oprah Winfrey is a keen promoter of well-being, but during a visit to the Ellen show today she revealed that her own health had been in a dangerous place.

After exchanging warm smiles and pleasantries with her neighbour, the media mogul revealed she was suffering from a condition that caused colossal concern for her doctors.

Details below…

Sitting down with DeGeneres, Winfrey shared that a serious bout of pneumonia left her future in an uncertain place.

Now recovered, watch as she unpacks the story:

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  1. Are You Kidding Me? September 23, 2019

    She needs to ask to put the same heat she put on Michael Jackson, on her friend Harvey Weinstein.

    • Maxx September 24, 2019

      This right here! Until she does I really don’t have anything for her…not that she cares, but I care & a lot of others care. She’s crap to me

  2. Okay? September 23, 2019

    Happy she is okay!

  3. Danyboo September 23, 2019

    I think she blew Monique over and she feels too mighty to live in her suppose to be truth of healing people and standing up for women. When she can sit down and admit she was wrong to Monique then I can feel she can be what Oprah stands for, other than that Monique undoubtedly is what weight watchers stand for and in her fall Monique stands wayyyyyyyyyyyy taller as a black woman in this Industry over Oprah. Your money ain’t s*** when it comes to character. Everybody feels that way but she’s too unaware and unintouch to says she was wrong and she don’t want to use her power to lift a strong black powerful woman back up… and that’s why I can’t respect Oprah Winfrey.

    • get it Kid September 23, 2019

      What u just said is a bucket of b*******. When you enter into an arrangement with any company to promote a product that is beneficial to both parties, you must live up to what is expected. Monique is no different from any actor in hollywood, just because you got an oscar, just because your name had now been whispered at the top tier does not mean you all of a sudden have enough bargaining power to rock the f****** boat. There are still black men and women who a re trying to make it in the industry, struggling and paying their dues. Monique was just greedy and arrogant because of the people in her ear. The playing field is not the same for black actors in hollywood as it is for white, and she failed to realise that! She did not break the motherfucking mold, she just chipped it. It has taken years for us to reach this level and it will take years again before we can rewrite the black narrative. Play the game and win, not play the game and lose and Monique lost. Oprah is self made, she sacrificed, scraped and crawled until she was able to place herself in a position to show that being black is not a limitation, our route to success may be different from the whites but its a route we have to travel. Oprah and Tyler Perry will never be forgotten, Monique already has. So please dont try to speak for us, “Everybody feels that way” thats all you and probably the 10 or 12%, but the majority still see her as what we aspire to achieve.

    • Maxx September 24, 2019

      Exactly!!! That and the fact that you can try to put BS out about Michael Jackson AFTER the man is dead because 3 white men come to you & say it is soooo that you can push your agenda because you were r**** when you were young. Being r**** is traumatic & I am sure you thought you were helping someone, but you really HURT more people by trying to tarnish a black man’s legacy that can’t even defend himself. For that & you not going after Harvey Weistein & then you turn you back on Monique when she is a black woman hurting, you sick Oprah

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